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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      So I'll need a German passport (not just the Ausweis) to travel to UK OR Pay up and get a new UK passport (mine ran out last week)   Methinks, I'll wait and see ...
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    So the company employing me for the last 20 yrs or so writes to me this weekend asking ever so politely if I'd heard of this Brexit thing.   They're offering help to with all those complicated legal things like a needing a residence permit, work permit and are worried that a "no deal" Brexit may harm our employer / employee relationship.   Six days to go (according to the postmark) and they warn me about Brexit    Good job I left both them and being British some 22 months ago....  
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Probably the Tribble gene in the cushions.  Left in the dark and with enough altitude, anything can happen.
  4. Worst jokes ever

    I confused the hell out of a office meeting once where we had to tell a bit about ourselves.   I said I had a black belt in Origami -- and the unwitting actually believed me !  
  5. Twat of the day

    But the "famous modification artist" (and Yahoo reporters  )  didn't know enough anatomy to describe the surgery to the client's outer ear.   Now I'm also not a Dr. but upon reading that an inner ear was removed (and knowing that that organ is somewhat conch shaped) I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to be deafened... for art.   Seems that it's the curly part of the outer ear shell that was operated away.   Outer ear (floppy bit holding spectacles in place) > middle ear ( space where those 3 tiny bones do their stuff )> inner ear  (where the movement gets coded and sent to brain)   But which is the twat for today ? Client (with modified ears) or "artist" (with bloodied scalpel )    ??    
  6. Questionnaire from Deutsche Rentenversicherung

    I'm over 55 and can confirm that studying in the UK counts towards my expected German pension. The meetings with the DRV allowed me to get all the documentation ready and any gaps noted and  sorted out before too much paperwork was lost in 30 yrs  of moving jobs, houses, flats, countries etc.   It was a bit of a pain getting it done 15yrs ago- but not half as tricky as doing it now. What if your school, college, workplace or whatever ceases to exist - or leaves Europe or something ?   My UK pension lost some value as I didn't keep contributing once working here. But I learned on Toytown that back payment is possible (for the last 10 yrs). I am currently allowed to pay class II contributions to the HMRC - and this allows me to "top up" my UK pension.   There are so many uncertainties with the UK at the moment (Br...it) that it would be prudent to log any details sooner rather then later, A bird in the hand, as they say...   Just sayin'  
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    So I wanted to add in the 'What are you watching now' thread that Homeland is a fine series available on Amazon with just a bit too much  emotional acting (always shouting or crying) but a good plot non the less....   Only to discover that there is a Homeland thread right here ! How much Toytown is there that I haven't  discovered yet ?  
  8. How much time do I have to cancel a work contract?

    The contract will have a 'Probezeit', the first 6 months where you and employer can check each other out.    Notice to quit in this time is often 2 weeks. The details are in the contract or in the case of large companies, in the Tarif worked out by the company and workers council.     
  9. Fiber optic wired internet

    Our local town provider will dig up the street (for a price) and lay LW cable for you. They are crossing the town - street by street. However, that's only in Schleswig Holstein.  Have you tried the small local companies?   Are you planning to fiber optically wire your house/flat? Do all your computers have fiber connections or will everything be 'conventionally' ethernet wired inside the home? Just curious😉      
  10. Politics Gen XYZ

    German humour 2: BTW, both taken from my local newspaper.
  11. Politics Gen XYZ

    German humour 1 (Are the Brits still there? )
  12. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

      Still available today.
  13. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    That's the stuff I get at Famila  https://www.famila.de/   (Schleswig Holstein)  Other flavours are detailed in the link from @Sir Percy B   Snowdonia Cheese Company. Black is the Cheddar, red for Red Leicester.    Had guests round at the weekend who were very taken with the variety of these cheese flavours. IMHO well worth the trek to find them
  14. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

      My computer degree workplace (sandwich course AKA dual studium) and subsequent  place of work for several years was a SW manufacturer for civil aircraft systems.   At one point I was sent to London to attend a training course for "software testing". As a young student, I expected to learn lots about this topic and eagerly awaited the first session.   Well, I was disappointed in the quality of the course... I approached the tutor in the first break and told him what we did in our company. He nearly fell over.   His course was aimed at financial and application programmers who often let their customers find the bugs first.   He agreed that with my half a degree and 3 months in the aeronautics business I could  easily run this course and get the attendees crying due to the fact the knew nothing about testing. The company already had a testing strategy years ahead of  financial / PC programming standards.   How we tested: We would receive a requirements spec. This would be converted to  detailed requirements documentation (DRD) and reviewed by a third party to see it it fits. The DRD then given to teams not involved in its creation to be split into software specs. They in turn would be reviewed by those who created the DRD and the original spec to see that it fits. Programmers then create individual software tests for each specification. Yes, that is before  the code was written ! The tests reviewed by DRD team and the spec team.   Only then would a programmer team create code (which of course was subject to change management.   If you think this was slow,, then yes it was. We even had floppy disks (as seen in museums these days). When we checked these out of the change managers office, he'd stop us if we wanted the last copy of some module. (There were always 3 copies) We had to prove that the last two weren't eaten up by a bad drive and we'd already tried another.   In Germany I programmed user software - not the safety critical stuff from back then. My employers here wanted quick results and the users would indeed find faults for me to fix in the next build.   Software, and the design of it can be designed and built rigorously. I am sure it still is.    Until the relevant authorities come back with the results of the investigation anything else is speculation.   Aircraft are still the safest form of transport - just when something goes wrong the consequences are tragic for a large number of people. 
  15. What made you smile today?

      But he'd have to get 2 things right for the rest of the employment contract. (Clocking in an clocking out)   Somewhat of a challenge there...