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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    From here... https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/ensikumav/BJNR144600022.html   Big new word:   Kurzfristenergieversorgungssicherungsmaßnahmenverordnung
  2. What made you laugh today?

    Hint:   Hourly rate for a 'room' is usually a hint of this
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

      But they ask me to install the app called NS.   Maybe after 30yrs I've become more sensitive, but it feels wrong to have an app called that...   I'll be on the train. Better for my co2 balance that I have to explain to my family
  4. I've just posted a silly photo

      Ouch! Sailing to Rotterdam at the moment and expecting to fly back. Better take the train then!   ** Bloody Android messing up the quote system
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Beg to differ...   My boat's autopilot follows a series of waypoints. So it takes on the route that I program. If this is what a Tesla does (turn left at the next lights, then right after Rewe) then I'd call it an autopilot.   If it only holds course and speed, then it's a high end cruise control with lane keeping assistance.    
  6. BREXIT positives and negatives

  7. What made you smile today?

        Just now at the traffic lights...   Car in front stalls and won't restart. Guy behind me sounds horn incessantly.   Woman gets out of car in front and approaches car behind (still sounding horn)  :   "I tell your what, why don't you go and start my car, I'll sit here and sound your horn for you in the meanwhile."   (translation errors are all mine)  
  8. How to dispose of wooden shipping pallets?

      But of course, this is Germany. Anything left on the pavement may be classed as rubbish. So if you leave it too long (say 24hrs) then you'd be guilty of "flytipping" or illegally disposing of rubbish. And the Ordnungsamt may come and fine you.   Some areas are very sensitive about this. Others work on the idea that a single pallet or coffee machine will be passed on and not classed as rubbish.   Can be read about : here
  9. How to dispose of wooden shipping pallets?

    I think if you left it outside after breakfast, it'd be gone by lunch... They're very sought after.       PS - mark it "zu verschenken"   Pallet furniture
  10. Travel insurance for travel abroad

    Ho hum. Then lose the Schengen from the URL and use de instead of com.   That way you get worldwide cover (well, 200 countries) and Stiftung Warentest's   test winner   https://www.europ-assistance.de    
  11. Odd news

      OK, I give in. Thought it enough that there was a world record, and someone broke it. Now you introduce me to a whole tournement of pumpkin.   At least they don't have a "all you can eat" version. No one can get through that much...   No, please don't show me I really couldn't take it    
  12. Travel insurance for travel abroad

    I think a telephone call to our resident experts (  @john g. @Starshollow )    may help here.   What do you expect from "travel insurance"?   replacement in case of loss/damage to baggage - may be already on your house contents insurance (read your policy) quick replacement: if your bags disappear on the outward journey, as you'll need clothes immediately health cover - possibly also on your current policy but probably not if travel out of EU.     is repatriation included?    USA travel definately need to mention this to travel health insurance people. Cancellation insurance to pay for the flights / hotel accommodation ? 3rd party (if you damage someone when abroad) ? I drive a boat abroad and need cover for that (it's not mine and replacement costs are in the $millions)   I'm not an insurance professional so all my comments are heresay.   I  ended up getting europ-assistance to cover me last year (not for the boat though) Haven't had a claim yet - so can't comment about that.  
  13. regulations for replacement trees

    Ideally, you have to replace them with the same type and in the same location.   However, as you say that the location won't work and the Behörde  specifies what you should plant,  why not go back to them and ask if they can go somewhere else? Often enough, you can donate to a local park (this works especially if they find you've chopped something that should have stayed). The "fine" is manyfold tree replacement - but on the edge of town or so...   That said, I only have experience up north here in SH. Hamburg may well have its own environment rules.  
  14. Odd news

      Now, breaking a world record is one thing. Knowing that there is a world record  - as in - "max distance you can paddle a pumpkin" is something else.   This chappie managed to grow a 400Kg pumpkin - which is in itself a great success. He then proceeded to hollow it out and prepare it for the 38 (US) mile trip down the  river.   Kudos points well earned (and some knee protection for next time)     and it's not even Halloween yet    
  15. Older IT Workers in Germany

      Start now doing things you enjoy - making the time to do them. When retired it isn't so easy to start new things.   On the other hand:  we started a cycling group taking oldies from retirement homes out for a rickschaw ride. That keeps me active and meeting new folks (club has 25 members...mostly new to me)   Joing evening school to learn a language or whatever is possible too - and you'll have time in the mornings for that!   Giving your time to perform voluntary work give a purpose back in life too.