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  1. Why are you happy today?

    Probably, as he flew faster, relativity took over, thus making him younger. (Just a bit)
  2. The Vent - No Chat!

    I want to attend a particular concert at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie (Elfie).   Tickets are only available after 10:00 on the 20th June. OK. So I log in and try. And try. And try. Message (should I actually get a response) : Max number of users exceeded. Please try later. 3 hours later .... Suddenly I'm through - but no tickets left. I try several different concerts up to April 2020 (!). All gone - only a few isolated tickets (not next to each other)   I imagined that only the one concert had ticket sales start today - but no the whole season starts today. What sort of queueing system is that.  And where are the tickets anyway?   Wasted hours on the phone (please hold the line) and the computer trying to get in and then find they've all gone.    Definately won't be paying someone on Ebay over the odds for the concert.   Why can't you simply open the sales for each concert 60days in advance (or whatever). Then your servers won't be overloaded with half the world trying to get bookings for a whole season.   Oh yes, I remember. This is Germany. Grrrrr    
  3. What made you cry today?

    I read this story in 'Stern' the other day.   Their slant on  it was parents were well off surgeon/dentist couple, large house and multiple Ferraris. Money missing from praxis, financial crisis spirals.   Difficult proving which parent went after the sleeping kids with a hammer and kitchen knife.    How can obviously intelligent people brutally kill their own kids just because the friends and neighbours notice that the house  is to be auctioned off by the bailiffs?   Prosecution even noted that a Dr should know that a modern car with catalyzer doesn't really produce enough carbon monoxide to kill. So did they really expect to live - and just get rid of the kids ?   Truly sickening - belongs IMHO in the scumbags thread.
  4. My business plan.

    Indeed. Local is the tricky bit as then you also need local sheep, shearers and knitters.    Some fake news along the line of 'Joop/Lagerfelt etc starting odd sock show in Milan' may help sales though.
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

      My MIL is almost blind. She asks alexa to turn on radio channels. As she's also quite deaf,  the TV is so loud when in use, there's no worry about anyone overhearing anything other then GZSZ. 
  6. Why are you happy today?

    I'd find that difficult too, as after 3hrs *max* I'd have crossed my legs so often I'd have to learn to steer with opposite pedals.   
  7. Only in America...

    A nautical mile is 1852 metres. A knot is a measurement of speed : 1 nautical mile per hour.   I'll leave rods, poles and perches to someone else...
  8. Fuses protect the equipment / wiring.   Earth leakage / RCD protect people by cutting the power before any harm is done.     As a kid, I got a plug to look like that... The 12v bell wasn't loud enough, so I gave it 230v AC.  Result : loud bang (ears rang though). Plus parental lecture...   BTW that was with the three pin bakelite stuff back in the sixties. Fuses in the cupboard, not the plug.
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Well this one got me floored and flummoxed :    Briton mails severed toes to Canada for use in notorious cocktail    
  10. What was your first car?

    In 1977, I purchased a Citroen ID19. It cost me £25 and needed an MOT before use.   Rather innovative, it featured inboard front disks, hydro-whatsit suspension. Each wheel was attached with a single large hex stud. A 2ft allen key was provided.   Non swivelling single headlights. That would have been really something.    To change a wheel, first put the car on max height using the suspension setting, chock one side of the body, then set suspension to minimum. The car happily the lifted the wheels of the chocked side.   Happy days til it blew a hydraulic component and my student bank account couldn't cover the parts. Sold to a man who drove 200 miles with a trailer to pick it up.    Not my picture, but shows shape of car.
  11. Complete FAIL

    And people here pay good money for a ride like that at Hansapark
  12. Data protection act and CV

    My company asked us to create a CV for just that purpose.  Team leaders were then tasked with ensuring that it was kept up to date by confirming annual updates.   Ended up as a huge, unworkable database...   Betriebsrat / workers council also didn't want this, but the management argued that so many people write so much stuff on FB et al, that the company "knows" what employees are doing offline.   If you write to your HR specifically stating no use of my CV for externals (incl. customers) then that should be the end of it.   Cut and paste of my CV would be unworkable for a customer offer. But using a line like "we have 25 certified engineers with a total of 250 years work experience" would make an offer more attractive. Can't see that being prevented.  
  13. Only in America...

    We have a cat at home - or rather, the cat chooses to live with us. He comes and goes as he pleases, living outside when it suits him and coming back inside when hungry (if can't catch any mice) or if he fancies a cuddle.   Personally, I've never even heard of de-clawing so had to read about it on the Beeb...   Cat declawing: Should it be banned, and why does it happen in the US?
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

      But you need to know what to look for. Lots of spamware out there advertised as 'just install me and I'll find all the latest drivers for you, automagically'   If unsure, only take drivers from m$oft.  
  15. Vacation from your old / current employer will be allocated on a pro rata basis.  So if you leave employment 9 months into this year, you're entitled to three quarters of your annual vacation. Plus of course any leftover from last year.   Either taken in cash if you work up to the last minute, or leave earlier and start the new job.