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  1. Jokes

    You had to have been there...   Sometimes these aural jokes don't make it onto paper and ink.   Try this (again, it needs a listener):   Q: What's black and white and red all over?     Ans: A newspaper   (sic)
  2. Residency for Brits after Brexit

    In answer to a similar request a while ago, I got my HR dept to send me a letter stating I was in an open ended contract and had been for 15 years(whatever).    I scanned that and sent it in. 
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Exactly.   Those still living in 'Vera Lynn' mode...
  4. Alternatives to Einbürgerungstest/Leben in Deutschland Test?

      German citizenship opens travel/work options across Europe.
  5. That could be years away...
  6. Odd news

    Shades of 2001 (remember going to see that at the cinema?)     Aliens have not landed ... probably the work of an artist.     Monolith found in the desert - Utah
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Wow.   I will soon be reliant on my German and UK pensions.   Small savings (and a house in Germany) are supposed to keep me fed, watered and clothed as well as paying for ever rising health insurance for the next X years.   Yes, I could take a low paid job if one of those pensions suddenly stopped being paid. But, that would be hell of a kick in the teeth-   Food for thought like that gives me indigestion
  8. What would you pay for these?

    You're creating and selling art.   If you look at the art market in Munich, you'll see that you can ask any price you want for your art.   If you call it a lamp (or charger) then I guess you'll have trouble with CE and MoHs (?) as well as recycling it (or proving that you would). As well as registering with insurances etc. etc.   Nice art !   Remember, this is Germany!    
  9. Recently moved to Germany - any advice?

      As with all things "Brexit", I feel it's better to get things done now and not  when any future deal/agreement/contract is not ratified/local offices not informed/still being debated.   It's not a big deal to get the German license as a swap for a current UK one.   Out here in the sticks, it was only a date at the local Rathaus. 
  10. Coronavirus

      I just throw the switch and the innocuous looking wall box (used to charge the car) gets a new connection - and pulses 100A through the metal fence around the grounds.    Fried zombie anyone ?
  11. Only in America...

    Just how bad are things in the USA at the moment ? Well :      Miles of cars(!) lined up at food banks. One in four kids without consistant access to proper food is an appalling statistic   This is a reality that needs shouting from the rooftops instead of the extreme wealthy saying it'll all be OK soon.   CNN opinion piece
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    There's a tick in the box  to prevent that, IIRC.
  13. Requesting suggestion on VW Polo 1.4

    You won't find me in a DIY workshop, trying to fix either an auto or a manual box. At the €1000 end of the car price bracket, I would swap the box with one from a scrap yard.   However, in my 40+ years of driving I never needed to swap either. They simply didn't break.    European drivers tend to buy manuals, the US favour the automatics.   A VW Polo, petrol, auto will be fine...and much easier for a new driver.   Unless someone can show me statistics  
  14. Requesting suggestion on VW Polo 1.4

      That's a new one for me... Automatic  box has fewer moving parts than a manual box. Plus, no clutch to wear out.   True: if there is a box problem, it's often a specialist shop to repair it.    Just keep an eye on the ATF  oil level and only panic if it changes colour.
  15. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

      Slice a crunchy, tart apple. Piece of cheddar on each slice of apple. Eat.   Repeat