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  1. Odd news

    Appartement was broken into. All are asleep. Slowly wake up and whisper to each other - "there's someone in the kitchen".   The intruder is busy emptying the cupboards and fridge; and cooking.    Police eventually turn up and escort the intruder out. Finished the pizza and fish fingers though.   I heard this story first hand as I know one of the flat sharers- but here it is in German :    https://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article201776082/Hannover-Einbrecher-kocht-in-WG-Bewohner-denken-er-gehoert-dazu.html   Thank goodness he was only hungry and we're only left with a weird story and a curious smile.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Oct 15th in Hamburg (yesterday) https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/385336-brexit-info-british-honorary-consul/ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/open-evening-for-uk-nationals-in-hamburg-tickets-74411578033   The main takeaway from last night's meeting was that the skinflint UK government doesn't increase UK pensions if the pensioner doesn't live in the UK. Special case has been the EU. But that'll go too after 3 years.   So if you're not yet a pensioner but expect a UK pension later, don't expect it to keep pace with inflation after you start drawing it. (ie start saving for old age)   UK pensioners living in Germany will also need to pay for their own health insurance (7.5% of gross income)   Other topics last night were mainly what to do if you have ignored Brexit up to now.  
  3. Young kids play on Bobby Cars.   Try these "whisper wheels" (as your present)  : https://www.big.de/de/produkte/zubehoer/big-bobby-car-zubehoer/big-bobby-car-whisper-wheels-800001260/    
  4. ... 3 years of this stuff culminating this week (for me) in :    ..."great and unmatched wisdom"... ..." Kurds were not in Normandy"...   Can someone please tell me how I can put this guy on ignore (permanently)?
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I followed a car with a serious wheel wobble and knew that I had to inform the driver about it. Passed several green lights before it then turned onto the leisure centre car park.   I hopped out and warned the driver about the wheel and she was grateful for the news.    As I got back into my car, she came over to ask if I had only come into this car park to warn her. I told her, yes - your car is a real hazard.   She was then really surprised  that a complete stranger would do such a thing.   I'm flummoxed - because I expect us all to take care of each other. Maybe I'm just naïve. 
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    awwww, come on now, just a little prick
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

    beanz meanz....
  8.   Not wishing to be too pedantic (and certainly off topic), but that's not what the Germans allow...   Ones ashes may be put in a bio-degradable urn and this is lowered into the sea. Flowers & petals may be thrown onto the sea surface.   Only very few people are allowed to touch the urn. It will be sent directly from the chapel to the (duly licenced) funeral boat. Been there;  thoughtful memories every time we sail over his spot.
  9.   Doesn't that belong in the adult section ?
  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

    So as I am flogging some more bits from around the cellar, (ancient IT museum pieces BTW), I logged into eBay this morning to check on the auctions.   Home page of eBay has a line of recommendations for me.... Under the heading     Health and Care products (others) : Penis extensions & pumps, herbal "viagra" pills,      I haven't been anywhere near such stuff on eBay and didn't even know that eBay sold the likes of.   Well at least they are "new" and "originally packed" and not "lighty used"  and up for auction.   Or I am I becoming prudish in my old age ?   (50, when your narrow waist and broad mind swap places)  
  11. A picture (diagram) is worth a thousand words...   Just sayin'  
  12. Tip of the day

    Put the sink in an island, a centrepiece of the cooking area (in the new extension)  Then the guests can help with washing veg etc without getting in the way.   We've got a 3Kg cast iron tray that fits the oven. Great for roasting spuds (potatoes), No way the dishwasher would hold that without damaging itself. 
  13. Tip of the day

      Franke : Here are some 1100 different sinks...   PS: use the filters (weitere Filter) on the left to reduce the choice to less than mind boggleing 
  14. Tip of the day

    Designing a new kitchen ? Moving in to a new place and wondering how to get the kitchen to look ?   Make sure the sink is large enough to hold the oven baking trays lying flat. (Or even your grill / bbq trays)   That way they can soak after a spillage and be easier to clean.  
  15. What made you smile today?

      Karstadt allows you to read them as long as you're wearing something, not just women's clothes.