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  1. Rent office space as employee

      That's an idea worth following up - perhaps after you've been there a while.
  2. Simple German translation questions

    To describe someone in German as a hamster suggests they actively go and get/buy things.   A Messie however doesn't get rid of anything, which leads to problems when their flat is full.    
  3. Simple German translation questions

    A messie can't get rid of anything. Thus their space is filled with everything, including and especially rubbish/ trash hamstern is not derogatory. More of a total collector. Perhaps even over doing the collection...as in 100 toilet rolls, just in case.  
  4. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    And another thing...   I drive a EV. I'm used to finding the chargers 1 signposted 2 in the carpark and not in the petrol area of Autobahn stops   So Meck Pomm: 1  Need a sign on the Autobahn that this service station actually **has** a charger( sign only for LPG)   2 needs a sign after the off ramp showing where the chargers are (In the petrol area)   3 and in case all that  fails, a loop back possibility, so that e-drivers like me can go back (instead of having to reverse up a one way lane in the parking area to get back to the petrol area)   I've been driving the EV nearly 3 years now, so only rarely such surprises.   Still...grrrrr
  5. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    Vintage cheddar already 4months old, now reduced in price due to MHD.   But at the checkout, I'm told it can't be sold '2 days past MHD' So 4months and two days is too old oder was?!*#!   Do I have to go around the back and climb into the container/ rubbish bin for it for free??   No logic sometimes  
  6. Fighting a tow company's claim

      It's their fee. You could try to barter, but to be honest: why should they accept less ? Don't ignore - the next step is for them to sell their debt to an Inkasso office. The fee will soon double or treble. IMHO don't wait - simply pay up and chalk this down to  "I should have known better than to park in a private car park" BTW: had the tow company actually got your car, they'd probably charge you by the minute for storing your own car...     Welcome to TT (and Germany)!!   IANAL  
  7. What made you laugh today?

    Try sailing across the Atlantic, after a few days, everyone on board has a new label:   "The great unwashed"   (even if it does mean something else)  
  8. anyone for chocolate

      Yes, but I also remember the slogan "What has a hazelnut in every bite?"  Answer : Monkey-Sh**   Sorry @stayingtruemuc I'd love to take part - and my wife is a veritable chocaholic but we're north of Hamburg - somewhat out of the way. Good luck though!!  
  9.   Not your problem, but your neighbour's... House insurance may not be valid if the house not continually inhabited. Bit of a shock if he has to claim unexpectedly.   Just a thought
  10. What are you watching right now?

    4 phases of retirement.   Interesting 15 minute TED Talk with ideas I can go along with.    
  11. What made you laugh today?

    Grr... 'an eight minute walk'
  12. Tip of the day

      Some decades ago, a toddler was inside the car I was repairing. He pressed the door locks and couldn't open them again...   Luckily, this was a Ford Escort in the 1970's... and yes, the neighbour's Capri key fitted perfectly!!    
  13. Tip of the day

    What gets me, is that everything is software these days. Why should a stationary car, with keys inside the car decide to lock itself ?   Surely there's an algorthym for that... 
  14. Tip of the day

    As a car driver - always, **always** keep you car keys on you when you get out of the car. And if you have a car with no obvious "keyhole", get the book out and find out how to open the car with your key if the key battery fails.   Learning the hard way :  left the keys in the car while disconnecting the charger. Disconnected - and heard the familiar clack noise as the doors, to my surprise, locked themselves. The spare key (luckily in a handbag a couple of streets away)  wouldn't work. It had all the symptoms of a flat key battery.   As I knew how to get to the actual key hole on the E-Golf, I could get in and retrieve the keys after all.   Oh yes : once the doors had been opened, both keys went back to working remotely.   Note that this film shows a RHD car. Only the driver's door has such a notch / keyhole       
  15. Politics Gen XYZ

    But he thinks someone else should pay...his attorney.   /Quote Trump and Habba – as well as her law firm Habba, Madaio and Associates – are jointly liable for the $1m penalty, though the former president indicated to associates that he essentially believed it should be paid by his attorney instead of him, according to sources familiar with the matter. /Unquote   here