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  1. Exchanging UK license

      Matches mine. Nowhere on my German license (from 1992) does it show that I passed my tests in the UK back in 1980. Only dates are when it was issued in DE (4a) and when the Germans first accepted my UK license (10).   BTW when I photocopied my original paper UK license (back in '92) it said FAKE all over it. Hadn't noticed that on the pink original - only the B/W copy !!   It has never been a problem - any insurer that needed to authorise my no claims bonus wanted to read a letter from the UK insurers (in English no less)  - never my actual license.    
  2. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Well, this certainly flummoxed me.   I'm glad we've got fridges these days (even if some vaccines need to be transported at -80°C) Can't imagine getting Amazon to deliver vaccines using kids... Or am I just hoping it still doesn't happen ?    Germany's constitution  (Article 1 ) states: The dignity of a human being is inviolable. That means: Dignity may not be violated under any circumstances. ... All people must be protected by the state. Human dignity is the most important rule in the German Basic Law.   So you can'r legaly infect one to save another.     Full story
  3. Odd news

      When you find a rock in your back yard... and discover it's worth $100 million...   Sri Lanka: World's largest star sapphire cluster found in backyard       But honestly, is a specialist in gemstones really called a "gemmologist" ?    
  4. Alternative titles of threads

    How to avoid a serious topping mistake and so make the perfect custard
  5. What made you laugh today?

      Out loud please :      What's black and white and red all over?     A newspaper     *pls excuse my spilling...    
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      OK, I'll ask... Did I lose that too ?
  7. Handy am Steuer

    They write that they "dropped the charges" (Verfahren eingestellt)   Archive the bit of paper for the next 10 yrs (just in case) and sleep with a clear concience.   Well apart from actually doing something known to be daft and dangerous !!
  8. Why are you happy today?

    My first engagement since end of 2019...   Sailing for the next 3-4 weeks Med -> Atlantic -> English Channel   Now just a few hours to fill in the necessary paperwork for the flight to start the trip, for any potential states along the way and for the finishing state.   Good job I don't need too many woolies for the night watches. I need the baggage allowance for the paperwork !!   Bye for now  
  9. Coronavirus

      Well, my cynicism came out on top. I got the codes (EU certificates) from the Apotheke   as I reported above   But as I am to travel to France this week, I installed the French Covid App as recommended by the  FR Government website.   Tried to load the German (EU !) certificates into the French app and Guess what?   Wrong format - please try again...   8 out of 10 for effort   (they call them EU certificates and they are certainly easy to obtain) 5 out of 10 for results  (run on the German app - not on French app)   Anyone else tried DE Certs in non DE apps?
  10. Odd news

  11. Coronavirus

      It's perfectly sufficient. But :  mine has been in the drawer since 1995 when it was handed to me. It's only seen the light of day for 5 or 6 jabs since then. This year then twice for Covid jabs. It is looking a little jaded and the staples have rusted, leaving stains on the paper.   If I had to carry it to show every restaurant for a month, it'd fall apart.   An electronic version (like a chip card) or an app on a smart phone is more convenient even if it shows only .Covid jab status and not if I've had a yellow fever or cholera jab.  
  12. Coronavirus

      Oh well, my cynicsm was well founded then. And yes, I had a career in IT so fully expect servers to be under spec'd   World Cup when in DE, Any of the early vaccine appointment programs etc.   Maybe on a lucky streak and time for a lottery ticket ?
  13. Coronavirus

    Got the vaccine at an Impfzentrum in S-H already   Today (first day of the digital vaccination program) I visited my local Apotheke with Perso and yellow vaccination book containing two stamps from the two  Covid 19 vaccinations.   Apotheke looked at my Perso and typed into his computer. 5 mins later I'm handed two "EU Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates" which are DIN A4 pages with details about me and the time/date/mfg details of vaccination written in such a way that I could fold them into 4 and they would each resemble a book.   BTW it's in English and German !! (Writing cunningly organised so that the 4 page "book" reads from left to right...)   Oh yes, the QR codes on them were accepted by my Corona Warn App and correctly note that I will only be fully vaccinated later this week.   Germany (or at least S-H) got it right on the advertised date...   (Have to admit that I'm somewhat surprised...'cos I'm a cynical bugger at heart)
  14. What made you smile today?

    Stopped at an ice cream bar in Arnis with some high tables (Stehtische) outside, overlooking the Schlei. They're so high we adults can lean on them.   Kid on the next table was given a step ladder so she could stand with parents and eat ice cream too...   Some places really are Kinderfreundlich
  15. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      And countless one shot wonders too: VHS Betamax Wankel motor ISDN Variomatic Drive (DAF) Sinclair C5