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  1. Buying property in Germany

    Morning all! Does anyone happen to have a contact for a good Gutachter in Hamburg (Mitte/Nord/doesnt really matter so long in HH)?   I've combed through the threads on TT and normally there are tons of referrals for all sorts of services but haven't seen one for a Gutachter/ Surveyor.    Would be ultimately grateful! Danke danke!!!
  2. Buying property in Germany

    This is a bit of a departure from the last few threads. We've been looking for a house to buy in Hamburg (corona-made-us-realized-we-need-to-move-closer-to-the-mil) and we've been actively searching for the past 8 months or so.   So far, we were close to making an offer on 1 (had the Gutachter appt confirmed and everything) but the makler called us the night before and said someone else beat us to the front of the line...another house we actually made an offer on was offered to a friend of the neighbour's - a friend who suddenly showed up on the list of interested parties . We suspect the first house was also sold to someone who knew someone who knew someone's someone's someone.    So, it has been a no-go on 2 out of scores of houses we've viewed  - during corona times. The stress    We are determined not to feel discouraged but we can't help feeling we've not tapped into all possible avenues. Our biggest setback I think, is the fact that we dont know many people in Hamburg (we're primarily moving up there to be closer to my mother-in-law who  lives an hour north of HH) who know people who are friends with people who are selling houses in the areas we're looking at.    My question is, is there some kind of resource or secret house search network we could tap into?  We've canvassed all standard immobilien websites and are already subscribed to some makler-lists. We are seriously nice people who could use a break in our house search! Perhaps someone has some kind of insider search tips for us? Any help would be much appreciated! 
  3. What are you cooking today?

    I just discovered maangchi!  Such a joy to watch her <3
  4.     Nice find! Must have been quite a sight, carrying an easel & walking a dog at the same time.    I figured since the DVDs came from a TTer, they should go back to the folks here.   It would be hard to put any Zu Verschenken box outside our (cluster of) buildings. We've a neighbour in the adjoining building who's taken upon it herself to be the Ordnung policewoman. Some years back, a German neighbour did a last minute clean-out of her apt & left a box of stuff to give away in the Müllraum. She got quite a scolding from our self-appointed policewoman!   Anyway, does this mean none of you kind souls will take the DVDs off my hands? 
  5. A Toytowner gave us these English DVD sets ages ago. We basically forgot about them and since we don't have a DVD player anymore, we're passing them on.  PM me if interested or if you need photos   The DVD sets: House - 5 of 'em Jeeves & Wooster x 2, Black Adder, Big Bang Theory, Spongebob and others Taker takes all please.  Pickup in the Schwabing area.