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  1. Coronavirus

      We biked along the Isar last week and to our horror, the banks weren't dotted with people. They looked like a Jackson Pollock canvas of people. Most without masks. Ugh.   Last Friday I finally caved into my kid's request and took her to the only book-able Freibad. Could have been the single most reckless thing Ive ever done as a parent. I dont know what SWM means when they say they monitor the number of people let into Freibads. Except for the rather deceiving line at the entrance and the constant red booking blocks on their website, the place was just as crowded as it was on the Isar. Most people didn't bother (or couldn't be bothered) to wear masks in the mandated areas.   If coronavirus does not turn out to a hoax like what those Berliner protesters claim it to be, then dear people, brace yourself for another round of lockdown. 
  2. Coronavirus

    Not sure if this question has been asked. I am wondering if anyone's had to deal with this. My daughter's dance classes are back to 'live' sessions and I've just learned that the teacher doesn't wear a mask or one of those transparent shield thingies in class. Since the kids are active and moving about, none of the kids are wearing masks either. The class takes place in a fairly sizeable room but it's not a sports-hall. So far, one window has been left open during class and that is the only ventilation (as far as I know). Last week, the teacher apparently walked up to one of the kids to correct her posture.    I know everyone's become more relaxed about the whole corona thing but to be honest, I am a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. On top of everything else, the teacher rents out a floor to a Kinderbetreuung group. So, technically, this teacher is exposed to quite a large group.    So far, I've learned from two parents they don't abide by social distancing so this whole thing probably doesn't bother them.    I am aware the incidence rate in Munich is now very low but it still doesn't feel right. Are 'sport' teachers exempted from wearing masks??