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  1. Ageism and sexism in Germany

    It is not necessary that you have to go and work for a 100 year old company with millions of issues. Today you have the possibility to start your own product/business, if you meet the right group of people while you study engineering. You get to write your own rules, while making the world a better place. Put on that confidence cape and you will get to the place in which your worth is not defined by age or sex
  2. Ageism and sexism in Germany

     i am a  millennial female who worked in IT in Germany for about 10 years. I have studied computer science and got a Master degree in software engineering too. Last 2.5 years of my career was a disaster which ended up me having a crash and burn!. I joined a group of about 30 men and i was the only one woman there. The group was in serious dysfunction(which i was unaware of) and the boss at that time thought it is a great way to fix it by brining me in. Oh boy! The men used to do yelling contests in the middle of the working day and some times it  went on for hours. Some people found that entertaining, others  were just plain afraid, so took their laptops away and looked for some place else to work. There were sparks flying left and right and i have no idea how they managed not to throw punches.   And what did i do? I wasn’t happy witnessing this mess, so I spoke up. I told the boss it is not okey, he tried to brush it off- several times. This drama was a weekly affair and i couldn’t take it anymore. So i went to the CIO and told him about the situation.  He made some steps to disperse around 6-8 of the group members  to other departments. The boss got a downgrade and somehow they came to know that i was behind the disciplinary action, then i was bullied by the rest.  They wanted to keep me under check. I was isolated and got pushed and pulled around among in a few groups. At a later point it was too damaging for my mental health, so i quit. What did i learn? It is all about the quality of the people you work with…