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  1. To anyone thinking of teaching English in or around Munich.


    I spent most of 2011 living in Munich and had an awesome experience. I taught English as a freelancer. I worked for several different companies and would like to recommend 2 of them to anyone thinking about it. I would also like to warn you away from another.


    Penguin English Easter and Summer Camps. The owners where pleasant and trusted you to get on with your job. As a result you enjoy your time with the kid’s, they learn English and you get paid for the pleasure. They work from several different locations around Munich and provide you with ample equipment and stationary. They provide useful training, have a manual with 100’s of ideas, lesson plans and games to use and will be totally happy with you bringing in your own ideas that work for you. During summer and Easter when the English work might be thin on the ground this is an ideal job for someone who loves working with kids.


    Biku Language Institution is an Austrian based company that runs week long projects in Austria. Your travel and accommodation is paid for. The programme is relaxed and the kids love taking part. They will pay for training, have a rough programme guide, welcome new ideas and you work with a large team of continually changing and enthusiastic staff. If you don’t mind being away from home and love getting to see new places every week this is an amazing opportunity.


    Just4kidz English Munich Easter and summer camps was a different story all together. Unless you are completely desperate for money and can’t find anything else I would strongly advise keeping clear of this company. Both the above jobs would welcome applications from staff and have enough work for you to get by.


  2. I have just used Thomas Zitzelsberger from Expattax. I was struggling with being paid for work as a freelancer due to the complexity of the German tax system. Thomas Zitzelsberger arbitrated with the company and there accountants and I received my payment. I would highly recommend him for any tax problems. He was, friendly, very efficient and knew what he was doing. I found him looking on Toytown where he was highly recommended by users for all tax problems and he can be contacted with the details below.



    Thomas Zitzelsberger


    Spitzelbergstraße 12B

    81476 München

    Tel 0049-(0)89-780 18 197

    Fax 0049-(0)89-780 18 727




  3. I have worked in Germany for 2 weeks during this summer as a freelance trainer. I have not been paid for the work because I do not have a German tax code. Please understand I have tried to get the tax number and was not trying to avoid paying tax. I presumed being from the EU and after working in several other countries it would not be necessary. I did spend 3 weeks visiting various offices to get the correct document to be paid. It was extremely arduous because of the language difference and I have been unsuccessful.


    I am now back in the UK and wondered if there was any way of forcing my employer to pay or getting the tax number from here?


    I am owed a significant amount of money and would consider paying to get my payment.


    Does anyone have any suggestions?