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  1. Seeking depression support group in Berlin

    Oh wow, let me see, where do I even start. Depression is not a “dark phase” and it's not something you go through when something bad happens. That's something else. I don't have the medical background to say for sure but I believe the term is “bereavement”. Depression is a medical condition with no known cure, which strikes (“episodes”) periodically, and usually for no apparent reason. Bipolar depression is a completely different condition, but since a lot of symptoms are shared, support and therapy (but not medication) can be the same. “Before you go talk to a doctor…” <- let me stop you right there: NOPE. This kind of “advice” is unhelpful and extremely dangerous; in the case of depression it can cost lives. If you suspect there's any slight chance you might have depression, go find a doctor. Finally, commercial links on a post about mutual support are IMO extremely bad form. So please, we don't need “contributions” of that sort.
  2. Seeking depression support group in Berlin

    Jeremy, the two things are orthogonal and complementary. If you go to a group and they know you don't have a doctor, they'll probably recommend you find one. (Maybe share theirs.) If you ask your doctor whether you should go to a support group, they'd probably say yes.   A group is about sharing experiences with other who have the same problems, and reminding yourself you're not alone.