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  1. Setting up a home-based cake decorating business

    @SaffieGerm11 Germans are great bakers and have some delicious pastries and sweet dishes but that doesn't mean there isn't a space or a place for you too!  People love to try new things. Let nothing stop you :-) xx
  2. Setting up a home-based cake decorating business

     Thankyou @thebrucer There is an audience for everyone, some of the best cake decorators I know aren't making that much money commerically and the ones that by industry standard are "mediocre" are always busy.  I suppose it's the difference between Harrods and Primark, Harrods have far less customers than Primark but it's about whether you want quality over price. :-) So yeah I may not be as good as this guy but I'm good enough! :-D
  3. Setting up a home-based cake decorating business

    Not sure why some comments here needed to be so snide. @the.frollein There are myriad reasons someone doesn't come back to a thread in my case it was a mixture of not getting notified about subsequent replies, taking courses to improve my cake decorating skills and also trying to find work to support my move.  I actually ended up moving to Germany in 2015, I had my baby 2 weeks after moving and then became very ill meaning I needed to spend most of 2017 in hospital but six plus operations later I am walking again and doing much better although it remains ongoing and I am registered as disabled now.  I am still very much interested in opening a cake decorating business and have made several attempts to get going full time.  @FunnyLookingForeigner doesn't know what he/she/its talking about saying firstly that "most women here can decorate cakes" erm no they cannot, people think they can until they actually try it -it reminds me of when people tell me that they can play the drums because they have good rythym then get on a kit and resemble an octopus trying to put on 4 pairs of tights and have about as much co-ordination too... yeah okay.  On top of this a lot of things are hard to find here so it's not easy or economical to make cakes like it is in the UK.  I have sold a number of cakes since being here and they are always well received, we moved last year so I am trying to establish myself a bit more by making cake accessories such as my own fondant and flower paste and other cake decorating items, sugarpaste models, plaques and flowers for people to decorate their own cakes, again just doing the odd one or two has resulted in postive results.  I am not sure why @HEM and FLF felt the need to be unnecessary but I would like to thank those of you who took the time to post positive answers, they are appreciated now more than ever, ironically I found this thread again as I was looking up information on Google and this popped up.  @ChrissyCupcake I appreciate your advice.  Thank you @SaffieGerm11 and @mumikoj I hope you got your businesses off the ground and they are working. @larissaTorten, yes I do make cupcakes and I sell and I am in Dortmund :-) Do you have a shop? Will you be going to cake and bake? Feel free to message me for a chat, maybe we can meet up and talk cake.   Take care everyone.  
  4. Setting up a home-based cake decorating business

    Hi everyone,   I intend to start a cake decorating business when I move to Germany next year as well as selling a few items online.   Does anyone know the legalities around this? What certificates do I need and can I transfer my health and safety certificates from England to Germany?   All information is kindly welcomed and appreciated.   Thank you in advance.