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  1. 58 minutes ago, JeffAF said:

    Are you colour blind? There is no diversity in Eastern Europe. They are all white.



    Really?  Jeez, I wonder what happened to all the black slaves those whites have profited from in the past...


  2. 13 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    The population of West Germany is four times higher, and the number of AfD voters is two times higher?

    Well, you prove me right, LOL :)


    Of course, there are AfD voters in the West. But their basis is in the East, without the East they won't survive for longer, so I personally expect even more "Ostpolitik" by AfD.


    Yes, the percentage of Afd voters is higher in the East. Not the point. The point is your repeated suggestion also in previous threads, that every Nazi or xenophobe in Germany must be an ossi. If something happened in the west, in your opinion, it must have been an ex-ossi.


    The Afd got 2/3 of their votes in the west. Gauland*, Weidl, von Storch, Meuthen, Hoecke  - they are all wessies. If you meet an Afd Voter in the west, he is a wessie.


    *Gauland was born in the East but didn't get the "DDR-experience", since he lived in the west since 1959.


    BTW, What do you think about Austria? 26% voted FPÖ, do they belong to the western world? Or  Ösi / Ossi - no difference? 


  3. 9 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    I wonder: how many immigrants from the East live in Low Saxony? More than 5%, methinks.



    Did you know that at the Bundestag election three weeks ago, there were twice as many Afd voters in the west than in the east ? 

    They can't be all ex-Ossies...





  4. 12 hours ago, JeffAF said:

    More right wing bullshit from you. It's obvious that the only slaves in medieval Europe were Muslims and blacks. When did Muslims or blacks take white slaves? NEVER! This is another one of your fake news stories like Breitbart or Infowars. Nice try.




    In your world, "BBC" probably stands for "BreitBart Company" or similar, but what the hell...


    " Unlike the Atlantic slave traders, Muslims enslaved people from many cultures as well as Africa. Other sources included the Balkans, Central Asia and Mediterranean Europe. "



  5. 29 minutes ago, maoyikai said:


    White slave trade went on beyond medieval times:


    From one of  my favorite stories as a child:


    "However, to cut short this melancholy part of our story, our ship being disabled, and three of our men killed and eight wounded, we were obliged to yield, and were carried all prisoners into Sallee, a port belonging to the Moors.

    The usage I had there was not so dreadful as at first I apprehended; nor was I carried up the country to the emperor's court, as the rest of our men were, but was kept by the captain of the rover as his proper prize, and made his slave, being young and nimble, and fit for his business. At this surprising change of my circumstances, from a merchant to a miserable slave, I was perfectly overwhelmed; and now I looked back upon my father's prophetic discourse to me, that I should be miserable, and have none to relieve me, which I thought was now so effectually brought to pass, that I could not be worse; that now the hand of Heaven had overtaken me, and I was undone without redemption: but, alas! this was but a taste of the misery I was to go through, as will appear in the sequel of this story."


    Robinson Crusoe, ca. page 18.




  6. 7 hours ago, JeffAF said:

    loooooool fake news! When have white people ever suffered through slavery? Yeah maybe a few slaps here and there but if you read any history you would know that slavery was outlawed unless the slaves were black...


    White slaves were traded around the Mediterranean for centuries, The Ottomans got theirs mainly from Eastern Europe (Slavs...) and the North Africans through piracy. It ended around 1830, after the invasion of Algiers.        



  7. 4 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    Czech republic and Poland brought petty criminals to Germany, but East Germany brought murderers.


    Well, luckily there are still good Germans like you, who can look at foreigners and outsiders without prejudice.


    You sound quite young, so maybe you don't remember these cases in Schwandorf ('88), Moelln('92) and Solingen('93). If you don't, look them up, they are easy to google. West German Nazis managed to murder just fine on their own. 



  8. 50 minutes ago, yourkeau said:

    There was a killing of Vietnamese student back in the 70s, if I remember correctly, it was in East Berlin. The government refused to recognize this is hate crime because Nazis do not exist in idyllic socialist state. This resulted in further attacks on Vietnamese Flüchtlingsheime (refugees of war most of them were, not Muslims, not terrorists), especially in Rostock.


    The Federal Republic also took some Vietnamese refugees during the war, but there were no such issues.


    Am I imagining? Maybe.


    I just learned reading in the '70s, so I can't remember which Vietnamese student you refer to. The Vietnamese Workers came in the early '80 and Rostock-Lichtenhagen happened in '92.


    In the West, you may not have had any issues with Vietnamese, but neither Moelln (1992) nor Solingen (1993) are in the East.


    Of course there is no excuse for what happened in Rostock-Lichtenhagen or for any other attack. And there are still problems and there are still idiots, but not all of them are Ossies (as you seem to think in the "Experiencing Brexit - thread).


    But what is kind of funny: your "We in the west are good and the Ossis are all nazis" thinking is basically just the mirror image of the BS i heard in school when i was young.   


  9. 9 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    Hopefully, not, because I'm not minority, although general unfriendliness is shocking.


    Regarding tourism: Saxonian Switzerland is full of tourists indeed, of all nationalities: Russians, Czech, Poles, Hungarians. Not a single non-European face. Because it's not safe for minorities.






    I grew up in East Berlin. On my last 'Heimaturlaub' to Germany (this summer), I spent a few days in the Elbsandsteingebirge with my Chinese Wife and our daughter. Saw a lot of other Asian tourists, met a lot of friendly people, was never concerned for the safety of my family. I think you're imagining a lot of things about the east.


  10. 13 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    From your description looks like some Saxonian asshole or other Ossi who came to Hamburg for a job and is surprised to see so many internationals. Next time say that you're Hamburger and he should go zurück to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. He will definitely be flabbergasted if you say him this.


    "We sind in Deutschland geboren" is bad tactics, xenophobia should be fought with its own weapon.


    Yep,  " a man(must be between 40-45 yrs)" - definitely an Ossi.



  11. Also, the Gastarbeiter Programme wasn't an open border policy where everybody could come and then suddenly engineers and doctors found themselves in a place where only low grade manual labor was available to them. The recruitment took place in Turkey, not in Germany and the requirements were clear: young healthy men for manual labor, higher education not necessary. Any Turkish Doctor who maybe wanted to work in Germany would not have gone through the Gastabeiterprogram.


  12. On (dubbed) DVD/Bluray, the German subtitles are usually a direct translation from the original subtitle, not a transcription of the actually spoken (German) language. It's probably easier/cheaper to make and I guess it makes sense when you run the German subtitle with the original audio track. As Plantwhisperer writes, your bets chance is original German Films.


  13. I guess when you’re an expat, stuff from home sticks outs to you and seems more prominent than it actually is while the local and other foreign things just disappear somewhere in the background. For example, I’m not really a music listener, but I’m constantly surprised how much German Music I hear around me here in China. Admittedly, some of it speaks probably more against the Chinese Taste than it does for German Music. I can’t blame today's Taxi driver for playing Kraftwerk, but whenever I come near a larger market selling CD players, my ears start bleeding because in some corner there is always playing a Modern Talking song and hearing “Ein bisschen Spass muss sein” coming out of a DVD shop in my relatively small town felt at least weird. Or the consulting company using a Chinese version of “Dschinghis Khan“ to fire the employees up for some team building training in my Wife’s company. She actually believed that’s a Chinese Song, until I showed her the original online. Trying to get off the hook at Karaoke with promising to sing when they find me something German also doesn’t work. Sure, there is much more English/American Music around me as well, but it just doesn't register that much between all the other stuff.


  14. Did the teacher tell you that the Gym class thing was meant as punishment? Did your kids have to sit on the Bench and watch the others play as punishment for bad performance in class? That just doesn’t make sense to me, since the PE teacher most probably has nothing to do with the regular classes.


    Maybe that was meant as giving them extra time to finish whatever project in class they were doing or to do the Homework they were supposed to deliver that day?


  15. Probably a mistake, just call the doctor to clear things up.

    The same thing happened to me on my last vacation back in Germany. My daughter had a small emergency, we paid 40.--Euro in Cash (We're not in the German system either). Two days later we received a letter from the clinic to the address where we were staying, asking us for the details of our Krankenkasse, otherwise they would have to bill us directly. I called, explained, faxed them the receipt and that was it.