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  1. Admission is up to Is it up to the individual universities / universities of applied sciences (and up to each Master's programme).

    H+/-means some courses/programs may be recognized while others may not be.

    If you apply for bilingual Master's programmes, contact the program director / Studiengangsleiter to clarify which of the courses can't be recognized and ask for the specific bachelor's subjects in this university that you may pass before enrollment. If it's only one or two subjects "Zulassung unter Auflagen" may apply, so you pass the missing subjects in the 1st semester before official enrollment.

    Good luck!



  2. I had similar problems with my gym, emails were not answered.

    In the end, they accepted membership cancelation in written letter.

    I used the priority stamp for tracking and took photos of the letter, the envelope and the insertion in the mailbox. 


  3. I've recently renovated my apartment, next to Panzer Baracks in Böblingen Tannenberg.
    Bathroom, toilet, kitchen/built in kitchen, waterpipes an electrics, marble tiles, doors and entrance door (WK3) have been completely renewed.


    The apartment is approved and listed by the housing office (# 972628), just in case anyone is currently moving to Panzer Kaserne...

    My apartment is offered without real estate agents (you don't have to pay "immobilien fees" / "Maklergebühren" on top).


  4. You can sign a mutual sublease / exchange contract with caution (Untermietsvertrag - Wohnungstausch mit Kaution):


    * a rental price of 0€ / month is no problem in case of exchanges

    * inform your landlord in case something should happen during the 5 months

    * handover record (Übergabeprotokoll) to confirm the condition of your flat before exchange incl. pictures (floor, carpet, furniture)

    * deposit a caution at a bank in case any damage should occur (Kautionskonto/Kautionssparbuch)

    * register temporary address change at Deutsche Post (Nachsendeauftrag)

    * register for 2nd address (Zweitwohnsitz) at the Einwohnermeldeamt

    * acceptance record (Abnahmeprotokoll) to confirm the condition of your flat at the end of exchange

    --> damages or losses can be compensated with the caution (this should be written in your contract)


  5. You can ask your neighbors who lived in the flat before you moved in (name and current address of the "Vormieter").

    Some times you get the name from the company for registering at your telephone or electricity.


    If you can contact the person, you should clarify if the failure in the heating system already exist before and has already been reported.


  6. The Kindersportverein Stuttgart offer classes for toddler.

    They regularly start at the age of 2 yrs - but I guess it is no problem to start earlier as your daughter has gym experience already.



    1. Kindersportverein Stuttgart e.V.


    Reinbeckstr. 18

    70565 Stuttgart


    Telefon 0711-229646-20

    Fax 0711-229646-16



  7. 1) Your boyfriend may ask the landlord, if they accept subtenancy.

    Many landlords agree, if the apartment has sufficient space (2-3 rooms). Usually the running costs (Nebenkosten) increase as the number of persons increase.

    Then your boyfriend can set up a subtenancy contract (Untermietsvertrag). In this case he is your contractual partner and can fill the LMU form.

    If they do not agree, many universities (Stundentenwerk U/ASTA) offer flats/rooms for students (Studentenwohnheime).


    2) You need to open your own bank account in Germany. If you hand in the LMU form for proving financial support the clerk can guide you in choosing the correct account options (Sperrkonto etc.). Before opening a bank account you need to register officially at your boyfriends address in Starnberg (Meldebescheinigung). Some cities ask for a rental agreement - some accept if your boyfriend confirms that you actually live in his flat.


  8. For IT projects, Hays is a typical payroll company.

    I guess they charge 20%. Most consulting companies offer that service for freelancers too (ca. 10 - 15%) but they prefer a rather long term partnership.


  9. I used to calculate like this:


    With 40k yearly gross income and 8% church tax your calculated net salary is 23.927,46 €

    If you subtract the net salary of your pay bills (from the calculated 23.927,46 €) and get a positive amount, this is your approximate refund.

    (or even a bit more, if your income-related expenses exceed 920 €)


  10. I agree on matajari's post.


    Job opportunities at EnBW (leading power distributor in BW):


    ... or try a speculative application - the english website needs a facelift ;-)


    Besides there are some municipal energy suppliers (Stadtwerke)


  11. The tax calculator is good estimation for your personal tax rate (compared to the advanced tax payment listed on your pay slip).


    If your income-related expenses exceed the calculated flat charge (920 or 1000 € Werbungskostenpauschale) they will reduce your taxable income and you may get a (higher) refund.


  12. For a quick view there are tax calculation tools (Gehaltsrechner brutto-netto) e.g.,1518,223811,00.html


    You can compare the calculated wages after taxes with your income minus the taxes on your pay slip.


    Most employees get a refund if they apply for an annual adjustment of wage tax.

    Train tickets will be considered as income-related expenses (Werbungskosten). For more details you may consult a tax advisor.


  13. The tax for students is excluding the health care insurance but including income tax and social insurance.

    At the end of the year or end of the job contract you receive a final income letter with the totals of each tax relevant position.

    With that you apply for a annual wage-tax adjustment at the Fiananzamt. In most cases you receive some money back.

    E.g. your tax relevant income will be automatically reduced by 920€ (income-related expenses flat).


  14. You could ask your lawyer if the debts in the US can be considered in the divorce process (Zugewinnsausgleich).


    @cinzia: I agree, she is not lazy ... but selfish to leave for a new boyfriend and let the husband pay high amounts. I hope the kids are fine.


  15. The Düsseldorfer Tabelle is accepted as a standard on court. If she is officially living with her boyfriend, you may pay only for the children after divorce. Don't pay anything your name is not on, you won't get that back.


  16. According to my experience you have go through a legal process (via Amtsgericht). Otherwise in 3 years you loose your right of getting the caution back.


    But you need to have a signed contract (Mietvertrag) and a proof that you have payed the caution.

    If you don't have these, paying the lawyer for the letter sounds effective, if the caution is more than the fees.


    Good luck!