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  1. Bachelors degree recognition

    Admission is up to Is it up to the individual universities / universities of applied sciences (and up to each Master's programme). H+/-means some courses/programs may be recognized while others may not be. If you apply for bilingual Master's programmes, contact the program director / Studiengangsleiter to clarify which of the courses can't be recognized and ask for the specific bachelor's subjects in this university that you may pass before enrollment. If it's only one or two subjects "Zulassung unter Auflagen" may apply, so you pass the missing subjects in the 1st semester before official enrollment. Good luck!  
  2. Enjoy the beautiful green view over Tannenberg!    Bathroom, toilet, kitchen, waterpipes an electrics and marble tiles, entrance door (WK3) have been completely renewed.   This apartment has 3 rooms: a bedroom, a study room and a living and dining room. Brand new bathroom with bathtub, shower, towel radiator, a washbasin and acessoiries. Nobilia built in kitchen offers lots of storage space and includes:  dishwasher, oven, ceramic hob, freezer, refrigerator and a illuminated kitchen countertop. Partly equiped living and dining room: 3 cabinets, a TV low board, a dining table and 3 chairs. A balcony, parking space and a cellar storage space are included.  The garden can be used by residents of the house.   The apartment is located in Böblingen Tannenberg, close to walking and biking trails.  Böblingen offers all kind of sports activities (Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Gym, Climbing etc.). An indoor swimming pool is a few blocks away.    Rental price for one person: 1.350 € utilities allin  except electricity. For each additional person the monthly rent increases by 50€.   Prerequisites for rental agreement:  Schufa credit report, current 3 salary statement, permanent employment contract   Distance by car: Panzer Baracks: 5 min. (1,5 km) Thermal bath: 8 min. (2,3 km) City center: 10 min. (2,5 km) Motor World: 12 min. (3,6 km) Public transportation: next bus stop 200 meter   Public schools and kindergarten available within a radius of 1 km. Companies in BB/SiFi: Daimler, IBM, HP, Philips, ...
  3. McFit and SCHUFA

    I had similar problems with my gym, emails were not answered. In the end, they accepted membership cancelation in written letter. I used the priority stamp for tracking and took photos of the letter, the envelope and the insertion in the mailbox. 
  4. I've recently renovated my apartment, next to Panzer Baracks in Böblingen Tannenberg. Bathroom, toilet, kitchen/built in kitchen, waterpipes an electrics, marble tiles, doors and entrance door (WK3) have been completely renewed.   The apartment is approved and listed by the housing office (# 972628), just in case anyone is currently moving to Panzer Kaserne... My apartment is offered without real estate agents (you don't have to pay "immobilien fees" / "Maklergebühren" on top).