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  1. Hey all! I would love to go see the new Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1 in Munich either tomorrow night (Dec 2nd) or sometime this Wednesday evening (Dec 3rd). I'm also going to take a trip to Dachau on Wednesday during the day since I've never been there. If anyone wants to join me for either or meet up for a beer, let me know! I'll be in Munich until Thursday afternoon :)




  2. I know this is an old thread, but thanks Pandabaer! I came looking for a great hostel recommendation and I think Black Sheep will be perfect for my first visit to Cologne! Now off to search TT for things to do in the city :)


  3. Hi All! I'm headed to Dublin, but I'll be there in the December, so I think cycling around a park would not be the best idea. What is there to do, during the week (4 days), in the city? I'll be hosted by a local, so I'm sure he can guide us (thanks to a TT veteran :)), but I honestly don't know what there is to see in Dublin other than the inside of a bar and the bottom of a Guinness pint glass!


    Considering that it'll be winter and I'm guessing it will be COLD, plus I'll have another American girlfriend with me, we will be interested in doing things indoors that includes alcoholic beverages. Some culture, yes, but mostly Irish boys and beer/whiskey. Oh and delicious food! :) Is Temple Bar really terrible or really fun? Are there any ancient/cool buildings in the area?


    Suggestions are appreciated!


  4. Yeah I did some Googling and saw that only the truffles are sold there now. They give you the same kind of trip?


    Since they taste so bad, does anyone have advice on best ways to eat them? I have sometimes blended them into smoothies, but I probably won't have that option :)


  5. Wait, sorry to go off on a tangent, but are mushrooms now banned in Netherlands? Last time I bought them in a smart shop was 2007, and I know there was a lot of talk about banning them. Is it official? Or just for tourists and only in Amsterdam?


  6. As I get ready for my 2 month Eurotrip in November and December, I've been reaching out to my contacts all over the place. When a friend of a friend invited me to stay at her place in Vienna (someone I had never met), I asked our mutual friend if it was a real invitation and if she thought it was appropriate that I accept. She explained that she had met this girl while she was couchsurfing at her friend's house in San Diego, so was certainly being sincere about the invitation. I'll be there over Christmas with my sister, and the girl will be traveling, but offered (STILL!) to let us stay in her place while she is gone. I know the couchsurfing world having hosted them myself, and so I know in this case, it's fine and I absolutely appreciate the gesture. More money saved for Glühwein!


    Also, it all comes around in the end. In 2011 I met two Brits at the airport in LAX. When I told them I was moving near Munich, we started talking about Oktoberfest. I invited them to stay at my place and we would all go to Oktoberfest together. They ended up coming, even though we had only spent all of 2 hours together. Now, 3 years later, I'm going to stay with one of them in Plymouth after hitting up London, where I am also staying with a friend of a friend I have never met!


    So... anyone have a friend in Bratislava? That's the only place I don't have a contact so far haha.


  7. As someone who is now a contractor (and therefore does not receive insurance through my company) I was really hoping the Affordable Care Act would come through as a positive thing. It pains me to say it (as more of a liberal than conservative), but the whole thing is a giant expensive mess. Every time I tried to log on and get a quote, I couldn't. I also make too much money to qualify for the subsidized pricing, so I don't benefit from the law at all. I was hoping it would drive competition, and therefore pricing would go down, and maybe it will down the road? When I finally spoke with Blue Cross/Blue Shield about how much insurance would cost me in 2014, they gave me a quote of $430/month. My quote for 2013 was $160/month. I am a healthy, 28 yr old, non smoking female. NUTS.


    Pretty disappointing overall. I had to go through Kaiser, at $260/month for a crappy insurance that I can't even use outside California.


  8. Thanks Des. I am pretty clueless on the process so I appreciate the advice regarding the GMAT. I need to take it whether I choose to study here in the US or abroad. My plan is to take an actual course, so I have a structure for studying, take the test and then go from there. With my score in hand, I'll be able to narrow down the field due to Uni requirements.


  9. Unfortunately I have a relatively average GPA from my degree in the states (2.8). I will need to take the GMAT and score well, and even then am not sure I would get in to a "top" school.


    Anyone know anything about Pforzheim grad program? They are AACSB and AQAS accredited, have an international MBA and I fit all the requirements as long as I get a 550 on my GMAT. I have a girlfriend that lives in Ölbronn and is actually in her undergrad at Pforzheim (she is German). Schwabisch... a bit different than my Allgäuer people, a bit more friendly I would say from my experience with my friends there.


  10. Thanks for all the replies. Good to know Kempten isn't a good choice due to accreditation. I'll make sure I look for EQUIS, AACSB and/or AMBA.


    @Panda: I spent the first 8 years of my adult life on the east coast. LA is not my scene, and I already lived in Allgaeu for 8 months, I realize its different. I prefer the country and mountains to concrete and traffic.


    @Jeanie: I know. This is why I am wondering if I am nuts for even considering going back. For some reason I feel like it will be different. In order for that to be the case, though, I really should move to a different region as you suggest.


    @moonboot: never heard of a distance study like this?


    I am also going to look up other country options. Switzerland and Netherlands have been suggested.


  11. Am I going nuts? I am actually considering this. After all my vents and bitching about Bavaria I am actually going to start applying to grad programs. Don't know where this idea came from or why I feel so drawn to it now, but I am obsessing over it.


    My job with current company will always be here. However, I am NOT getting a long with my current manager and its eating me alive. Life shouldn't be as miserable as it is right now so I am going to change it. Plus I hate LA. Ugh.


    An MBA with focus on International Business. I have read some mixed reviews so far on TT... Are Masters degrees from Germany respected as highly as the Masters in the US? I'm not saying I'll definitely go back to the US, but its the most likely option. With the global position of my current company and our partners, I feel like this degree will definitely be a direct career benefit.


    In addition... The MBA programs I've looked at (specifically, Kempten Uni of Applied Science) offer intensive German courses and then regular German for free alongside the other courses. I have only ever learned through Rosetta Stone, and it didn't help much when I was in a tiny village where dialect was SO strong. I would REALLY be looking forward to finally getting a handle on the language. Kempten also has a Tandem program where you partner up with a local to help teach each other language and culture and they help you integrate better into German college life.


    Kempten is only 30 minutes from my old village where I worked in 2011/2012. Therefore I would already have a couple friends (and... the ex boyfriend) pretty close by. So again, AM I GOING FUCKING NUTS? I don't know. We will see if I get into the program, then decide on whether or not I have gone completely insane.


    As for you, TT, any experience with this Uni?


  12. This ones for MikeComerford:


    Fuck you creepy guy at Starbucks.

    Fuck you customer for lying to me and buying another machine

    Fuck you customer for asking if I wanted to grab a glass of wine sometime

    Fuck you boss for telling me at 7pm that I had to get a new business plan to you by the end of the day

    Mom, darn you for saying I could have your couch and recliner for my new apartment and then changing your mind a week before I move.


    GAH. All in one day, pretty constistently scattered across the day so there could be no moments of zen.


  13. I had a Skype Valentine's date with my Allgäuer. Not the best way to spend a couple's holiday (my first one in awhile, too) but he will be here in 2 weeks so we can properly celebrate then! He sent over a pretty necklace, roses, and a bottle of champagne so I am a happy girlfriend even though I am physically alone.


    For dinner I made bacon. Just bacon. And a Miller Lite.


  14. fuck no. I realize everyone else gave some grown-up mature and reasonable advice, but I would flip the fuck out if I was in this situation.


    In fact I would have flipped out long ago. That chick is a bitch and she loves the fact that she still gets him to do things and I'm sure she loves that there are conversations between them you don't pick up. She probably just asks him to come over to see if he will do it and show you who has the real control. (Yes I am a pyscho jealous girlfriend so these are the things that go through my mind)


    My boyfriend told me he was still friends with his ex and that I had to be ok with it. I told him I would try, but I have it a little easier since she lives in Thailand and is married. I stalked her anyway and she is a goddamn model. Of course. Back on track, if I ever EVER found a picture of her (naked or not) or them together I would throw a giant temper tantrum.


    I get the whole "thats his past" argument, but fuck that. Get rid of that shit! Hanging on the walls? No. I would just take them down. Throw them away. What's he gonna do? If he gets really mad or wants to reprint them, then you know something is off and you can dump his ex-gf loving ass.


    Happy Valentine's Day!


  15. I have lost faith in faithfulness and therefore can no longer trust. therefore I can no longer love completely. or have a healthy relationship. or not be controlling. or suspicious. or completely BAT SHIT CRAZY. I suck.


  16. What a list of disappointment. As mentioned above there are several WAY more widely used German words used in the English language than those listed. I think the only words on that list I have ever actually heard or used in that context are uber, poltergeist and doppleganger. And I rarely speak about poltergeists!