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  1. OK, when I first got here, a fellow ex-pat warned me that my German co-workers would someday call in with "Kreislauf Probleme." I laughed at this thinking that my German co-workers--all between the ages of 25 and 40--were too young to suffer such infirmity. Well what do you know...within the last three weeks, 3 of the 9 (9 including me that is) have called in sick with Kreislauf Probleme, gone home sick with Kreislauf Probleme, or just complained non-stop about Kreislauf Probleme.   As a hearty American used to coming in to work and making it through the day, strep throat/ear infection/bad cold/slight fever or not, I just don't get it. What are Kreislauf Probleme (I know they're circulation problems), how do you get 'em, and why do only Germans seems to suffer from them?