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  1.    one things not said too much, but I think it's true

       they just get married 'cause there's nothing else to do...  


       Rolling Stones  "Sitting on a fence"



      a mirror is a negative space

      with a frame and a place for your face

      it reveals what the rest of us see

      it conceals what you'd like it to be...  


      Blue Oyster Cult   "Mirrors"





  2. During a recent Black Lives Matter demonstration in London a great man by the name of Patrick Hutchinson carried an injured white man to safety through a dangerous crowd. He prpbably saved the man's life. 


    Mr. Hutchinson, you are a nice person.

    black-man-captured-carrying-white-counter-protester-to-safety-during-a-blm-protest-in-london (2).jpg


  3. I love it when someone insults or hurts me. It means I don't have to pretend to be nice anymore.


    I don't have trust issues, I just think that most people are full of shit.


    Dear Life, could you at least start using a little lubricant? :P


  4. For a lack of anything better to do this loon took it upon himself to mail bombs to prominent Democrats in the U.S. Robert De Niro even got one too.


    Your a twat Cesar! 



  5. I'm 55 and yes I'm starting to loose it a little bit. Actually it's starting to frighten me.


    For work I normally wear a nice pair of leather shoes with my casual but nice shirt and pants. My mind was somewhere else because the other morning when I got dressed I put on my sneakers! I didn't realize it until I got to work and boy did I look and feel stupid!


    Other problems have been leaving the house without my wallet or phone. Duh! I guess getting old sucks. :P


  6. Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.


    Drink beer, because no great story ever started with someone drinking milk.


    There's no such thing as bad beer, it's just that some taste better than others.




  7. Didn't really like the emotional meltdown Mr. Kavanaugh displayed during the confirmation hearings last week. Kind of makes me wonder if he is stable enough to be a Supreme Court Justice. 



  8. I seem to remember seeing a few both sex restrooms when I was living in east Germany about 15 years ago. There were no urinals only a row of toilets with partitions and doors. 


    In California gender neutral restrooms have become the norm in gas stations and fast food restaurants. In the nicer establishments bathrooms are still male and female separated.


    Don't like the idea myself. Men and women need their own place when taking care of that business.


  9. Our dear president has done it again. Yesterday he insulted NBA player Lebron James.


    "Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon," Trump wrote. "He made Lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do."


    Trump's his own worst enemy.





  10. When I came to Germany for the first time as a young soldier nearly 40 years ago I remember using the coarse brown toilet paper the first time that I visited a Gasthaus. Talk about culture shock, that's like wiping your backside with sandpaper. Is that stuff still used over there much?