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  1. Funny photos of cats, lots of 'em

    Just heard that a National Geographic photographer has gone missing in Africa.
  2. Name the celebrity

  3. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Well, I live on an acre and we did get a lot of rain.   I do hate mowing weeds but it was better than going to work for a few weeks.   I got to drink more beer too.      
  4. Wisdom from pop music

       one things not said too much, but I think it's true    they just get married 'cause there's nothing else to do...        Rolling Stones  "Sitting on a fence"       a mirror is a negative space   with a frame and a place for your face   it reveals what the rest of us see   it conceals what you'd like it to be...       Blue Oyster Cult   "Mirrors"      
  5. Nice person of the day award

    During a recent Black Lives Matter demonstration in London a great man by the name of Patrick Hutchinson carried an injured white man to safety through a dangerous crowd. He prpbably saved the man's life.    Mr. Hutchinson, you are a nice person.