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  1. Anmeldung in two different cities

    @vpberlin Thank you. For TTers, the forms for Berlin can be found here: Zweitwohnungsteuer
  2. Anmeldung in two different cities

      @PandaMunich Any thoughts?
  3. Objection to Company Transfer & Resignation

    Yes, eventually this is what happened. Contract conditions remained the same after the transfer
  4. My current German employer is selling our team (soft-merger) to another company in the US, and we have been issued a notice of transfer, which we must officially object to in case we would not like to be part of this -not that we have a *real* choice to do that. The current company will continue to exist in its legal form and everything and even develop some SW for the next couple of months, followed by a potential ramp down.   On the other hand, I have a 2-week termination notice per my current contract and do intend to resign with the last working day at the end of May. My question is (1) if I should resign now and object to transfer? OR (2) Do not object and resign on the 15th of May from the new company? For (1) above, the worry being that *advance* resign now could mean they just let me go in 2 weeks, even though I state in my resignation that the last working day would be end May. For (2) above, the worry being that I am not allowed to resign after transfer due to some crazy legal small print.   Please suggest.
  5. Bathroom renovation costs

    (I made a new topic out of my post earlier, as not much info can be found on this theme)   We are thinking of fully renovating our bathroom (~5 square meters, get everything old out, and install everything new). Does anyone have idea/experience of how much could it cost, ballpark? I am especially interested in knowing labour costs as one never knows what this covers (e.g. tiling, fixing, electricity? exhaust, etc.)   Also recommendations, pleasee ...   ps. The main fixtures, i.e. wash basin, tub, WC, mirror, etc. costs about 4k for a decent quality.