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  1. Car rental in Germany

      It was both - If I were to take the car outside Germany, then I had to pay this fee, which also included the said insurance.
  2. Car rental in Germany

    Europcar will charge around 19€ as cross border fee.
  3. Telc B2 Book Recommendations

    Damn, somehow B2 TELC version for the said book doesn't exist   The closest I found is,
  4. Telc B2 Book Recommendations

    That's awesome. Did it also have solutions for letters or emails in the multiple model exams? 
  5. Telc B2 Book Recommendations

    Yet to find books focusing on B2 TELC model exams with full solutions (also the writing part). Recommendations?
  6. Telc B2 Book Recommendations

    Great to know that. The themes of the email are still the same as letters, i.e. request or complaint, or this too has changed?
  7. Questions for those who have achieved =>B2 exams

      Thanks. If I am not wrong, in this book there are no solutions provided for the writing part of the model tests (e.g. letters). Or? 
  8. Telc B2 Book Recommendations

    Hi All,   I have been trying to track books targeting the B2 TELC exam. Mainly interested in books containing several model tests, as I already have other material for preparation (e.g. grammar, etc.). Can someone please recommend the best option here?   Also, has there been a change in the test structure for TELC in 2019? (happened for Goethe B2 this year, and some of my friends were shocked to find that out at the test center.)   Thanks!
  9. Questions for those who have achieved =>B2 exams

      Can you recommend a book with several model tests for Telc B2? (other than the free online sample test)