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  1. Hi Kasey!


    That sounds great! When and where would you like to meet? I'm very close to the center of BS, you?

    We moved here Feb 1. I like it so far but have ups and down being far from family and friends. So finding people that are in the same situation helps overcome it :)


    Talk to you soon,



  2. Hi mml222,


    Glad to hear another family is moving to Bad Soden. It's quite nice here. I don't think you can go wrong with either school. They are both great. As for tennisclubs, there are many. I'm not an avid tennis player however, I do know they are available.


    My son walks to the Bahnhof (train station/bus stop) and catches the Schule Bus (school bus). We are very close to the the Bahnhof so that worked out great for him. Are you moving close to town?


    Good luck on your move next month!




  3. I have tried both now. I haven't come to a decision on which one I like better. With powder, I see a little residue left inside the drawer where it doesn't completely dissolve. Other than that, it seems to clean just fine.


    I had no clue about the anti-kalk for the laundry either but, makes since with the hard water. I suppose I should start using this! In the US we had soft water and with that you automatically use about half of the instructed amount.


    Also, I still havent figured out what to use for keeping whites, white. Again, in the US we used liquid bleach. What do you all use?


  4. Trish,


    That sounds awesome! Good luck with the house in BS. We also live quite close to the center. Our son is currently in 7th. We came here more than 1/2 way through the school year so he sort of started in the middle of the curriculum. He is doing well though and should have no problem going into 8th next year. One thing I really like at ISF is they test the students weekly to make sure they don't fall behind. That is comforting.


    We moved from Troy, Michigan. My husband worked in Auburn Hills for Continental Automotive.


    Yes, absolutely...once you are here and settled, lets meet!




  5. Hi TrishaL!


    Great to hear you like Bad Soden. We love it here. As for the schools...we visited both and liked both. Two drawbacks on FIS lead us to ISF. One, the waiting list of course. Second, FIS in Oberursel seemed like a very good school however, it did seem to be more of a prep school and we could see a little competition with things like "who wears what" and so on. ISF has a dress code (shirts only) which is a good thing. We live in the heart of Bad Soden (couple minute walk to S Bahn/Bus Stop) and it is so convenient! Our son takes the schule bus to and from ISF. He really likes his school and hasn't had one complaint.


    When you did your visit last week, did you look at homes in Bad Soden? I do know it is an extremely favorable town and many people have a difficult time trying to find a place (they just go so fast).


    Where are you coming from again? I feel like I've written to you before...LOL


    Good luck with everything!



  6. ETP,


    Your the first person I've heard talk about've got my complete attention! Where do you attend class? I haven't been here long (Bad Soden) and I have no clue where to go to get back to it. I am so ready to start getting some exercise and rid this Brot & Kartoffel butt.





  7. Boy o boy...I'm glad I read this!! I thought it was this coming Wednesday at Cosmopolitans for some reason. We are leaving for Berlin on Saturday and won't be back for Wednesday the 11th. BUMMER!


    I don't work so meetups during any part of the day work for me. Are any of you in the same situation as I am? Husband works and you have the entire day open??? I will keep watching for another and keep me in mind for more invites.




  8. Oh bummer! I really, really want to meet all you ladies but with the Easter Holiday my daughter came in from Indiana until April 19th. Of course, I don't want to miss out on that special time with her!


    So, I would love to do this again once she has gone back home. I hope that you will be available! I'm homesick from my lady friends terribly...


    Have a great time on Wednesday and I will be looking forward to the next one!




  9. Hi ladies. Well, it appears there are several of us (im)mature ladies out there. I'm not very familiar with the area yet, but venturing out daily. I know how to take the train into Frankfurt now (shopping etc.) and have used the bus a few times. (I'm from a little town in Michigan and never had to use public transit = sheltered) :P




  10. Hello Ladies,


    I live in the area (Bad Soden) and have been trying to find other ladies in my age group (40+) to get to know and chat with. I know there are other English speakers out there, I'm just having trouble finding you... :)


    I'm interested in meeting up for coffee and chit chat.


    If interested, let me know!