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  1. Having two Mortgage brokers in parallel

    Hi @Frantic,   There is no reason why a mortgage broker cannot give you a quote based on the actual current rate of interest. All systems that brokers use (I am a mortgage broker) will have an expiry date on their quotes so a meaningful quote with the actual interest should not be a problem. Perhaps you didn't give the online broker your personal / financial / property details, as this would required to calculate the actual rate of interest.    Also, Postbank would not be a broker, but an actual mortgage provider, owned by DB.    There is no harm whatsoever in shopping around to obtain quotes, however, I would advise against signing any documents (actually applying for formal approval) with a number of providers as this can affect your SCHUFA / credit rating plus other complications with the approval.    Let me know if you have any further questions, Paul 
  2. Transfer of UK pension fund with Standard Life

    Hi Martin,   I agree with Gary, in fact I would almost be certain that he's correct. I don't believe that Standard Life cannot offer you an annuity.   And if they can't someone else should be able to.    I will ask a community of IFA's in the UK about this.   If you want, we can arrange a tax free transfer to a QROPS In DE where you can certainly take a monthly pension should you wish providing you're 62, but there would obviously be fees involved in the transfer.    Have a nice weekend, Paul
  3. Health Insurance Back Payments and Freelancing

    Hi Julia,   1. No, you can only join state health care (as a freelancer) if you have 24 months social insurance contributions paid in another EU country.    2. Yes, you "should" pay back payments for not having an insurance that complies with Germany's insurance law. In practice sometimes this doesn't happen.    3. If you can't enter state insurance then the only "real" option is private insurance and in the case of the company you just mentioned there are many more options out there that may be more suitable and more competitively priced than them.    LG, Paul
  4. House loan from overseas

    Hi @Jodes,   It is indeed possible, but quite difficult from overseas.    Banks have no concrete criteria (well most just would not entertain such an application), but some will look at it on as case by case basis.   There are many questions and variables, so please DM so we can make contact.    Have a nice Sunday,  Paul at CR.