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  1. For the homesick Yorkshire folk

    I just stumbled on these and got an immediate hit of nostalgia for all things grim and whippety. Thought it might be fun translation exercise for some students but then again maybe not. After someone threatening my life in bavarian it makes a nice change   1. Initot   2. Giusit   3. Summatsupeer   4. Gerritetten   5. Iampgorrit.   6. Wotsmarrerweeim   7. Asseginiter   8. Amgooinoame   9. Asta gorrit reight   10. Asta gorrit withy   11. Purremineer   12. Ayampt eared nowt   13. Thalafter gerra newun   14. Eesezitintis burraberritis   15. Lerrus gerrus andswesht   16. Sumonems gorragerrof   17. Weev gorra gerrus imbux   18. Thamun gerrit learnt   19. Owseeno   20. Abberritinters   21. Lerrer gerontbus   22. Eenose nowt abartit   23. Ees gonna gerra lorra lolly forrit   24. Oowurreewee – wurri weeissen   25. Eesezeeandadit   26. Eedurnt purrised undert watter   27. Lerrim purrisaton   28. Ateldim burreewunt lissen   29. Assle clowte thee iftha dunt gior   30. Gerrarry tergithi andweeit   31. Eez gorris atoom   32. Thawanster wesh thi eeroils aht   33. Thakkan iftha wannts   34. Ees nobutta babbi   35. Tanted nowt dunnatit as I nose on   36. Cantha kumtowerhouse tuneet   37. Nathan wotaterdooin   38. Asta seenin ont telly   39. Corforus arpastate intmornin   40. Medadsgorrajag
  2. Caricatures of TT usernames

    We've had the cryptic Clues, anyone fancy contributing a scribble of a TT Username. Its Friday I'm bored because my lessons are cancelled
  3. Swear words need refreshing

    I was thinking without engaging brain on the u-bahn this morning about swearwords. All the best swearwords appear to be a combination of harsh sounds a lot refer to sexual organs but not all. If harsh sounds are a condition of swearing why cant we adopt other harsh words as swearwords like "Volvo" and "Tax Officer". some common swearwords have lost their impact we need some new ones