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  1. A 21-fart salute to ultra-libertarian billionazi and donor to causes destroying the planet David Koch   Koch money also funded initiatives to undercut climate science and to counter efforts to address climate change. As Ms. Mayer put it in her book, “The Kochs vehemently opposed the government taking any action on climate change that would hurt their fossil fuel profits.”
  2.   Wait a sec - Progressionsvorbehalt?  In a previous thread - sale of overseas property held as rental income more than 10 years - you made it pretty clear that there would be no progressionsvorbehalt applied.   To wit: No, the profit from the sale should always been treated like that, i.e. be exempt from German income tax, no matter where in the world that property, that you had owned for more than 10 years, is.   I just didn't know about that last step before, sorry. The last step in the algorithm being, that the Finanzamt will not apply Progressionsvorbehalt if an income were not subject to German income tax if it were German. So, since you do not have to pay German income tax on any profit you make selling a German house/flat that you had previously let, as long as you had owned it for at least 10 years, neither do you have Progressionsvorbehalt on such a non-German house/flat.   The reasoning is that Progressionsvorbehalt cannot generate a tax that isn't there in the first place. Progressionsvorbehalt is only meant to ensure (around the corner) taxation of worldwide income in which Germany didn't get the outright taxation rights in the double taxation agreement but only the right to Progressionsvorbehalt (usually given around article 20 of the DTA), but that would be taxable under German rules if it were German income, i.e. where an underlying German taxation rule already exists. No underlying German taxation rule --> no Progressionsvorbehalt   Formulated in tax-speak: Ein Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen (DBA) kann nicht steuerbegründend sein. = A double taxation agreement (DTA) cannot create a tax that isn't there in the first place.
  3. The speculation is rampant, suicide in quotation marks seems the order of the day, people are outraged the powerful peope at trial will never be named, the victims will never get justice, 27,500 comments frothing forth on one reddit thread alone on this topic and the body is still warm ffs. 
  4. New words or sayings

    It just never existed before afaik, never heard it.
  5. New words or sayings

    On trips back I notice people using terms differently, or new stuff cropping up.   When people snuffed it, croaked, shuffled off this mortal coil, we used to say oh, he passed away.  Now, he's passed.  Passed what?   Can't stand it when people want to say something is really good, they'll say it's the shit.  Man, it's the shit!   And what is it with issues?  Oh, that one, he's got issues.  No, they're problems. At least they used to be.   
  6.   Sorry, but the conspiracy theories are already flying and they're going to be endless.   I like the one where they did a switcheroo and he's already safely hiding in some country with no extradition treaty with the US.  Not that there's any truth to it, and quite frankly, that's probably one of the saner ones.
  7. Kiddie diddler and all-round scumbag extraordinaire Jeffrey Epstein offs himself in the slammer.   So they say...
  8. The woman on the right is out of reach, or he'd have grabbed her by the pussy
  9. Difference when you dress up and down

      A worthy project in itself, especially in summer.   Your winter project should be a trip to the shrink
  10. Difference when you dress up and down

      I'm afraid I'm going to need confirmation of that, too
  11. Difference when you dress up and down

      Literature was meant to be read a sarcasm. 
  12. Difference when you dress up and down

      If I read a piece of literature whose author runs off about how cute she is and how people react to her differently winter or summer, male or female, then yeah, I need to know whether that's true or not.
  13. Difference when you dress up and down

      You've got it backwards. If others aren't able to evaluate and then get confirmation, then all they have to go on is imagination. Your questions are all related to your looks, that is the point.
  14. Difference when you dress up and down

      I wasn't expecting you to take it seriously.
  15. Difference when you dress up and down

    Well, a photo - verified, not scraped from instagram - should put an end to the suspense
  16. Difference when you dress up and down

      Not interesting, but it should tell you something. You're self-obsessed. It's repellant.
  17. possible psychopath at work

      Sexual Harrassment Panda says report his ass
  18. Schadenfreude

    Well, thanks for setting that straight. 
  19. Schadenfreude

      You still don't get it.   Because he mocked a handicapped person live on stage, and because he's just an all-round cuntified cunt of all cunts, Trump eventually developing a disease rendering his having to sit in a wheelchair and drool the rest of his life would give me an enormous sense of Schadenfreude.  I doubt if I'd be alone.   Now take the blind guy.  Were he to have heard your laughing, and by some miracle suddenly regain his sight, his coming over and whacking you across the head with his white cane would be another case where Schadenfreude would be justified.
  20. Schadenfreude

    Oh doch. Feeling joy in others' pain. 
  21. Schadenfreude

      I reserve my Schadenfreude for those who truly deserve it.   The guy's BLIND for fuck sakes.  Walk a day in his shoes.
  22. Raisins and peanuts airlifted to site
  23.   I may be wrong, but from what I've seen it's the right-wing Trumptilian scourge that bandies the term snowflake about. Overreacting to their drivel is mistake number one.