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  1. ringing doorbells

    I kind of warms the heart to know that stuff I used to do in the twilight with friends 50 years ago still goes on
  2. Only in America...

      At work, rest or play, Mars Bar helps make your day.     If you're a Canadian of a certain age, you'll be able to say without help from Google who pushed them for years.
  3. Only in America...

      C'mon, then it wouldn't be TT
  4. Grundrente

      You're allowed to keep your opinion, though
  5. It's the default setting in the software, probably.  Constantly changing it in text messages.  
  6. Grundrente

      A short read on the case example page of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung site would appear to contradict that:     Christoph Temmel worked for 35 years as an electrical engineer in a small company in Bremen. He was able to accumulate an average of 1.0 earning points per year - which currently corresponds to a salary of around 40,551 euros per year. In return, he receives an old-age pension of around 1,197 euros per month from the pension insurance fund. However, the electrical engineer will not receive a basic pension supplement: People who, like Temmel, have been able to accumulate an annual average of 0.8 earning points or more are not entitled to the basic pension.   thank-you,    
  7. What made you laugh today?

    I wanted to do something good for the environment so I signed up for OnlyFans thinking I don't really need an air conditioner.
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

      Flea-bitten Hamburgers have to make do with picnics for the time being, but step over the border into Schleswig-thingy and you'll be able to enjoy your sit-down meal on the terrace. Don't mind the biting cold.
  9. I thought stonks only go up I read that on wallstreetbets
  10. Marmite vs. Vegemite

      That's because they are probably of similar taste and smell
  11. Coronavirus

      Stormy Daniels sure as hell did
  12. Jokes

    How do you make God laugh?   Tell him your plans.
  13. The new R-AUS for the EStErklärung

    Thanks Panda, that's very helpful!
  14. The new R-AUS for the EStErklärung

    I'm going to have to deal with this sometime down the road.  The pension(s) I will get from Ausland will be taxed an automatic 15% at the source.  So do I declare the gross amount or net?
  15. Coronavirus

      Tomorrow I'm seeing the doctor who arranged our AZ first vaccinations last week.  I doubt this is what she's going to tell me.