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  1. Air Berlin and now Germania

    Flying for less than 40 bucks return clear across Europe is unsustainable, whatever the cost of fuel.
  2. If You were Stupid Enough to Vote for Me You're Stupid Enough to Buy this Book
  3. The Vent - No Chat!

    YOU GODDAMN FUCKING CUNT! I put an ad in the company intranet saying we were looking for an apartment to rent for our daughter, a student.  Yeah, right, good luck with that, it's nearly impossible.  But you, my colleague, called me and said friends of yours had an apartment, newly renovated, 720 bucks a month warm to rent.  You said they lived in Frankfurt and you were doing this for them as a favour. We arranged a time to meet, came over to the apartment, looked around, were pleased with it, and said we'd take it.  You said great, I'll let them know it's gone. We shook hands on it.  You even gave us a speech at the end how nice it is these days that a young woman can get a start in life when it's so difficult these days, the market is so tight, yadda-yadda-yadda.  But when the phone call from Frankfurt last night to arrange the signing this coming Thursday never came, we knew something was up.  This morning, from Frankfurt, the reveal: Yeah, well, she should have known that we were looking for an older person, because it's mainly older people in the building and we don't think she would fit in.   You waste our time, you tell us our search is over, we make plans over lunch about the move, what we're going to have to buy to furnish it, we had even cancelled two other appointments to look at flats that day for this one, you tell us in no uncertain terms that the flat is ours, and then your so-called friend says it's fucking NOT? I know where you work, lady.  I have your number, and it will be easy to find your office.  I am going to show up to your door tomorrow afternoon and just ask you in the friendliest of tones if you have anything to say.  I would love to make a scene, call you a stupid fucking bitch to your face because you deserve to be called in public exactly what you are, but I know that would just get me fired for harassing a colleague, legal hassles, the whole nine yards.  I'm looking forward to our encounter anyway.   For what it's worth, we also have the number of your asshole friends in Frankfurt.  When all this has blown over, I'm going to call them up and say hey, remember me? I hope the older person you rented the apartment to DIES IN THE EASY CHAIR and nobody finds the body for weeks, so you'll be stuck with the cleanup. Cunts. Cunts. Cunts.  
  4. Employer offering voluntary buy-outs

    You're still young, I don't know, but pushing 60... damn, I wish I'd get offered something like this.  Would grab it in a heartbeat.
  5. Perhaps his Laden is voll geramscht
  6. Audrey Geisel, widow of Dr. Seuss   Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It's fun to have fun But you have to know how.   No fun anymore...  
  7. Would the gift tax hit me?

    OK, will get ahold of my guy tomorrow.  Thanks, Panda!
  8. Would the gift tax hit me?

    Oh shit.   I received a low 5-figure euro gift from my parent in February this year, but thought I could wait and just report it with this year's taxes, which I still have to submit.    I suppose there are penalties if you miss the 3-month deadline?
  9. caveat onlinicus emptor
  10. Consider this a €1,000 course fee for an important life lesson on why it's not a good idea to lend money.
  11. My prediction and it's a sad one is that if they stay on summer time all year long you are going to see the traffic accident and death stats for pedestrians and cyclists, especially children, take a big jump up.  Fucking hell, it's dark as hell here the last two weeks of October before it changes back to winter time, kids are going off to school like it's midnight.   
  12. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    My sister Feronica lives in a willage.
  13. America's Child Brides

    Daily Fail, Daily Hate Mail, etc
  14. She needs to talk to a lawyer, the sooner the better.  If she needs cash to pay for that, then you could arrange to wire her the money, bypassing the joint account.