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  1. Bernie Madoff, who swindled thousands out of millions, has died in prison
  2. Fascinating stuff!  I'm going vegan. 
  3.   Perhaps in reference to Michael Rockefeller, who in Papua New Guinea in 1961 did manage to get eaten, so they say.
  4.   Having lived in Hong Kong, can confirm
  5.   It would have been sent automatically if a British national, living in the UK and getting state pension benefits.  I bet his benefits were pretty OK!   Colonials like me would have to apply a few weeks in advance - and hold out til 100.    
  6. Jeez, only another couple of months and he'd have been 100 years old.   Then he'd have received a card from the Queen.
  7. Meet up in Hamburg

      Please do curb your enthusiasm
  8. Congratulations, you are the winner of a weekend for two in Stuttgart!   What's second prize?   The whole week!
  9. Middle finger decals on cars

      You'd be right, too -  especially if their license plate begins with PI
  10. Middle finger decals on cars

    If you give someone the finger, you could be in for a legal hassle. But if you stick one of those on your car, no big deal. It's all explained here. As a rule, a sticker does not constitute an "insult" unless it is directly directed against a specific person or group of persons. The affixing of such stickers to a private vehicle can be considered a personal expression of opinion, which is protected by the provisions on freedom of opinion in Article 5 of the Basic Law.
  11. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

      This is the hardest part, not knowing whenever it will be, and in the meantime there are milestones to make that you might miss. How long to wait before they say, OK, it's time to bury our mother's ashes, for example.   I'm sure someone will point out in a most helpful way that we're all in the same boat, but really: planning for the future is very important - it gives you some sense of anchor that you can depend on somewhere down the road.  Staring into a void for too long cannot be healthy. 
  12. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      What? Some buttholes? What! Some buttholes!   But some what-holes?   Somewhat buttholes.    
  13. Recovering money that I lent to someone

    Sounds like your former colleague was in desperate straits and mining every last contact available. I mean, come on - nearly 20 years ago and no contact since then?  Chalk this one up to tuition in the School of Life Lessons.  
  14.   and thus the seething multitudes of Facebook and Twitter did spread the evidence of wrongdoing throughout the land, yea verily and with gusto did they re-tweet and Like and adorn their utterances with colourful icons and hashtags in abundance
  15. Daylight saving time - Germany

    On my last flight to London it took me a week to get over the jet lag!   They should eliminate time zones.