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  1. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

      Just because it hasn't worked before doesn't mean it never will.  Just a suggestion, anyway.  I'm sure you know best what's right for you.
  2. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    You know, there is counselling available.  Talk about it with your doctor.
  3. ISP Contract Troubles

      Cut out the details, you're left with that.
  4. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

    You're right, they only tax 50% of the capital gain.   The 25% is on the total sale price and is the holdback that sits at the seller's lawyer's office until the CRA gives a clearance - this can take months -  at which time the lawyer pays the CRA out of the holdback.  The holdback is actually more than 25% if you've been claiming capital depreciation on the rental property. 
  5. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

    That makes sense.  The Canadians don't care how long you own it, you pay about 25% on the profit.   But since they are going to be expecting me to be reporting the rent income as usual, I still have to inform the Finanzamt of the sale, right? Copies of purchase and sale clearly showing dates, along with ...errr... which form?  I guess Anlage SO, as described in your post above, with... Mantelbogen ESt1A in line 98 that you have additional details to tell them, i.e. that you will send them by snail mail the copies of the proof that more than 10 years gave elapsed. Marking line 98 will mean that your tax return will be processed by an actual person who will "know" about the 10-year-rule and not automatically by a computer, which may not have been programmed with this rule.
  6. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

    Hi Panda, That would be very good news indeed. Is this a very recent change in the way they treat profit on overseas rental property sales?  I find absolutely nothing on it anywhere, searches turn up old stuff or useless info on Switzerland and Austria, lots to do with the USA but not sure if the same applies to Canada, which is where the property is.      
  7. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

      That's really interesting.  So if the overseas property sale results in a profit, but you reduce or somehow eliminate your wages for that year, you pay less or even zero on the Progressionsvorbehalt?   It's too late for us to set that up, I think.  But I'll check.   Questions: I'm guessing not, but will ask anyway: Is there any way to defer the Progressionsvorbehalt to subsequent years?  The property was held for more than 10 years, so the tax question is out of the way, anyway.   Also: what deductions from the profit will the Finanzamt accept?  Maklerprovision, for example?  Flight to overseas property location to put it up for sale?  
  8. Deutsche Immobiliensaktiensgeschellschaftsbundvereinsigung
  9. Got an email a few weeks ago from Netflix saying they were having trouble with my account, the payment was not going through, and to ensure continued access would I please provide my bank information again under the following link.    Except it wasn't from Netflix, and that should be obvious to anyone these days.   Your bank, your internet or phone provider, your Netflix account, your iTunes account, basically any organisation you have dealings with online, will NEVER contact you and ask to for sensitive info.    Do not respond.  Contact the company being questioned with detailed information on who is impersonating them online.  The better ones follow it up.  
  10. Yes, do leave - and while you're at it, work on not being such a crashing bore.
  11. Jeez, you really work hard.  Can't you tell I don't give a shit what you think?
  12. So many advertisers deserted that fucking site.  I love it.
  13. LOL It's been a slow day, thanks for the laugh.   BTW, speaking of fake news and asshole right-wing hate sights, I guess you've heard why Brightfart doesn't have advertisements anymore.  Because hundreds of thousands of users wrote to advertisers asking why they were supporting hate, and slowly all that ad money dried up.  So great to see that real people can spot shit when they see it.