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  1. Baseball legend Hank Aaron, dead at 86. "Hank Aaron was not only a home run king, but a king of justice. In the face of racism and vitriol, he broke through barriers with grace on his way to becoming one of the greatest baseball players of all-time. We've lost a true trailblazer and American icon." - US Senator Cory Booker  
  2. Brexit, New residence permits

      Ma chère baboo, please, you are taking this far, far too seriously.  
  3.   No surprise there at all, considering everything they did was based on lies.  It's good they're now in the past and that their most hateful and cruel policies are getting rolled back.
  4. Brexit, New residence permits

      Okay, I meant tolerate their presence, not subscribe to their whacko ideas.  J-squared doesn't get banned just for posting shite, does he?
  5. US Presidential Election Fallout

    QAnon message boards lit up during Trump’s farewell speech after some believers noticed there were 17 flags around the stage. The number 17 is code for QAnon followers, as the letter “Q” is the seventeenth letter of the alphabet. H+H + 1 = 17 as well, you know. Just saying. 
  6. Brexit, New residence permits

      We're an inclusive bunch though.  We tolerate QAnon supporters, and they're on fucking Pluto. 
  7. Conspiracy theorists

      It's just as likely that they will see today as the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century and claim that the first full day after the removal of the world's one and only savior from the pedophile cabal was planned by the deep state years in advance look right here this proves it   (edit) deliberately incoherent, just to keep on topic with Q
  8. US Presidential Election Fallout

      The war your orange monkey god tried but failed to start was a CIVIL war.
  9. US Presidential Election Fallout

    In exactly 24 hours Biden's inaugural speech is scheduled to begin.    Our champagne has been chilling for weeks. 
  10. Bauplatten help.

    Duct tape.  Always. 
  11. Looking for work in Germany after Brexit seems to have a lot of info on the job-seeker visa, but you have to do a lot of reading.  Like, on the first page half-way down it says six months.
  12. Worst jokes ever

      Maybe I should have been paying attention these past 270 pages.   It made me laugh, and that's where I'd have posted it, but it really is one of the worst, so came here for the first time. . 
  13. Worst jokes ever

      Wife: Dear, if I ever got Alzheimer's I'd kill myself. I would never want to be a burden to you.     Husband: That's the fifth time you've said that today. 
  14. Coronavirus

      Clearly a result of tobacco industry lobbying. They already lose enough customers through consumption of their own product.