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  1. Would the gift tax hit me?

    OK, will get ahold of my guy tomorrow.  Thanks, Panda!
  2. Would the gift tax hit me?

    Oh shit.   I received a low 5-figure euro gift from my parent in February this year, but thought I could wait and just report it with this year's taxes, which I still have to submit.    I suppose there are penalties if you miss the 3-month deadline?
  3. caveat onlinicus emptor
  4. Consider this a €1,000 course fee for an important life lesson on why it's not a good idea to lend money.
  5. My prediction and it's a sad one is that if they stay on summer time all year long you are going to see the traffic accident and death stats for pedestrians and cyclists, especially children, take a big jump up.  Fucking hell, it's dark as hell here the last two weeks of October before it changes back to winter time, kids are going off to school like it's midnight.   
  6. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    My sister Feronica lives in a willage.
  7. America's Child Brides

    Daily Fail, Daily Hate Mail, etc
  8. She needs to talk to a lawyer, the sooner the better.  If she needs cash to pay for that, then you could arrange to wire her the money, bypassing the joint account.
  9. Named in 2017 as one of the NHL's 100 greatest players, Chicago Blackhawk's alltime leading scorer and Hall of Famer Stan Mikita has died at 78.   Perhaps his most innovative mark on the game, Mikita and teammate Bobby Hull were credited with inventing the curved stick. One day during practice Mikita's blade got caught in the doorway by the bench and cracked, creating an "L" shape in the stick. Out of frustration, Mikita found the nearest puck and fired a slapshot into the glass, which made a sound he'd never heard before. It was about a month later that Mikita perfected it and used it in a game for the first time.
  10. Big magic

      Mississippian, it's not a thought, it's an open-ended question on a public forum.  The OP should head over to 4chan to see what a reaction she gets.
  11. One wish

    Constant masturbation, bathing in acid, meth
  12. What causes football (soccer) violence?

    That's the minus brains part
  13. What causes football (soccer) violence?

      Beer plus testosterone minus brains
  14. Car rental Canada to USA

    The TripAdvisor post is from 2011, so pretty mouldy.  Check online, phone around and maybe you'll get a deal, but your best bet aside from train or plane as mentioned is public transport overland to nearest US location. You'll pay the one-way drop-off rip-off though.  I remember picking up a car in Edmonchuck and driving it to BC.  It had BC plates.  I thought I was doing them a favour bringing the car back to the best part of Canada, but nope.  Charge remains the same.
  15. On the Adult Abroad Simplified Renewal Passport Application it requires you to submit any passport issued to you within the past 6 years, however there is nothing that says you have to send an orginal birth certificate.    Are you renewing a valid passport or one that expired within the past year? Then use that form.    If things go completely tits up for you on this and you don't get your new passport in time, there is an expensive workaround. Last time I checked, this only applied for dual citizens entering the country by air.  You could fly to a nearby US destination and enter the country by land.