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  1. Politics Gen XYZ

    It's going to be a beautiful network, so beautiful. A perfect network.  A lot of people don't know this, but it will run on electricity.  
  2. Sure, also check to make sure it's not some Auftrag thing like the OP got caught up in.  What a mess of shit. 
  3. Note to self: never buy a car in Europe in a private sale.  
  4. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    This advice goes for any flight you take these days.  Double check all the rules for your destination.   Pre-boarding doc check at FRA on the way to YVR recently you could have heard a pin drop as a woman was told: yes, you can fly with us, but only in 24 hours after you receive a negative PCR test.  The woman had showed up without, and was denied boarding.  For Canada, you must be fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of your Canada-bound departure time. 
  5. Things to ponder

      Thank you for posting this cool piece of rock Canadiana!
  6. Transfer money from UK to Germany

      I can only second that.  I had no idea that the proceeds from the sale of property in an overseas country heading into my bank account in that same country has to be reported to the Bundesbank.  Time to play catch-up football.    Another Bundesbank reporting question: since my bank has a relatively small daily electronic transfer limit, and I haven't been able to get over there for 19 months, I have been using Wise in a slow water-torture drip from my overseas bank to Germany.  Non of the transfers are near the 12.5k euro limit, but the total is in the six figures now. Do I have to report these transfers? I've seen differing information about this. 
  7. How is this actually possible?  Won't the guy's vehicle insurance providers freak out if they find he's been renting the thing out privately to random strangers?   I'd stall him by inviting him to get his insurance to assess the damage.  If he balks, it's probably because he'd doing this on the side - illegally.  I wouldn't listen to his threats.   
  8. What made you laugh today?

    Connecting Texas lawmakers with the Taliban is a little extreme.    One is an authoritarian theocracy armed by US weapons manufacturers that violently persecutes women and children in the name of religion and the other is the Taliban.
  9. What irritated you today?

    In Texas they call it Shari-y'all Law
  10. What irritated you today?

    Rape someone, then keep tabs on her. She gets an abortion, you get 10 grand.  I love the Excited States for their freedom and opportunity.
  11. Random pointless comments

    I personally think chocolate ice cream is awful. No idea why everyone loves it so much. Just my personal opinion, of course.  I liked strawberry, I was sad when I couldn't get it one time. 
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

      In Hamburg it's known as a Hafenrundfahrt
  13.   Germans aren't shy about telling the little bastards to turn it off, especially if the content is far-rights / neo-nazi.  I saw this little shit trying to impress his friends with such garbage get such a screaming at on the S-Bahn one time, Frau Ottoverbraucher just lit into him.  Satisfying to watch.
  14. E-Scooter Prices

      The only mistake I can see is permitting these god-awful monstrosities cluttering up every street-corner, bike path and roadside to be let loose in the first place.
  15. Yet Another Pension Problem

      Panda, your advice here is very much appreciated - thanks once again!