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  1. Verdi demanding 15% wage hike

      Pretty obvious he means that had you filled your boots with Apple stock at a tiny fraction of what they cost now, and never sold, you'd be a gazillionaire.    
  2. It depends on your citizenship how they handle you coming back into the country. I was kind of in the same situation about a year ago.  Wallet got stolen, along with the Aufenthaltstitel.  I was soon heading out of the EU, and after applying for a new one in person they told me that upon return citizens of certain countries - Canada included - do not need anything to prove they are resident here and not just tourists. In any event they offered to print me up a short note and officially stamp it a couple of times just in case I ran across an ill-informed Polizist at FRA.  In the end I didn't need it, the oral explanation was sufficient.
  3. Random pointless comments

    Hi mod-people, can we bring back the reds? Someone really deserves a whole pile of them.
  4. English speakers in Bayreuth

      just resting
  5. What made you laugh today?

      sorry eh, nevermind
  6. What made you laugh today?

    I dunno, they're both Canadians
  7. What made you laugh today?

    For the 100% Canadian content, thanks, eh?
  8. Any Healthy Food Catering Service For Homes?

      until then we stand affixed with bated breath awaiting your most generous outpouring of fathomless wisdom and boundless creativity.
  9. What made you laugh today?

    Seeya Pal, Ah'm Movin'      (my shift is over, in other words...)
  10. What made you laugh today?

      Savory perhaps a myth
  11. What made you laugh today?

      Some parts are monstrous
  12. What made you laugh today?

      Sodium Packet And Mash
  13. What made you laugh today?

      Spewed Particles and Mush
  14. What made you laugh today?

      Slop People Avoid Mostly
  15. What made you laugh today?

      Slimy Pink Awful Muck