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  1. If I were in your shoes I'd go to an assessor and find out its market value if you can indeed sell it for development, talk to people in the commercial real estate business as well, talk to a lawyer and find out about your legal rights as per expropriation. What you describe sounds like outright theft if the Gemeinde doesn't convert the land to use for the common good, ie roads, school, hospital etc.    note: I have no basis to give any advice whatsoever, it just seems like the right thing to do
  2. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

      You have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Am pushing 60 and for the past 20 years I've been more or less in a similar '"too-high" zone as yours and haven't keeled over yet.  As long as you keep physically active, stay off the junk food and don't overdo it on the booze, you're fine. 
  3. President Donald J. Trump

    Ah, savour the subtle warmth of the slow burn  
  4. Two down and four to go. If you ever get a chance to see John Cleese, don't miss him. 
  5.   Are you selling something?     I remember it as insinuating...
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    He'd deny knowing his own mother, if it weren't for the fact he came belching forth from the gates of hell
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    I wasn't told that he was a draft-dodging pussy-grabbing, golf-playing gold-bricking money-laundering race-baiting fuckhead, either. Oh wait, I was. 
  8. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      My dad's dumps were quite toxic and we only had one bathroom
  9. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Holy fuck, I gave Spidey a green 
  10. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      True, a woman should have the right to choose. 
  11. What made you smile today?

    My Christmas gift to you (I am bored at work and anxious to get home...)   Here is the above, translated by   I did not change a word other than Judea, which came out as Juday.   BETHLEHEM, Judea  - In the early hours of the morning the authorities were alerted by a concerned citizen. He had discovered a young family living in a stable. Upon arrival, social service officials, assisted by police officers, found an infant who had been placed in a manger by his mother, a certain Maria H. from Nazareth, who was only 14 years old and wrapped in strips of cloth. When mother and child were arrested, a man, who was later identified as Joseph H., also from Nazareth, tried to stop the social workers. Joseph, supported by shepherds present, as well as three unidentified foreigners, tried to stop the child from being taken away, but was prevented from doing so by the police. Also arrested were the three foreigners, who described themselves as "wise men" of an eastern country. Both the Ministry of the Interior and customs are looking for clues about the origin of these three men, who are apparently staying in the country illegally. A police spokesman said that they did not carry any identification, but were in possession of gold and some possibly prohibited substances. They resisted arrest, claiming that God had told them to go home immediately and avoid any contact with official authorities. The chemicals carried were sent to the crime lab for further investigation. The owner of the stable, the owner of the Bethlehem Inn Hotel, was also arrested and questioned. As he allowed guests to stay in his stable, he will probably lose his hostel permit for violation of the health and safety requirements of the hotel and restaurant ordinance. The fact that there were also live cattle (1 ox and 1 donkey) in the stable also requires investigation, as it is questionable whether farm animals may be kept in an area with mixed trade. The whereabouts of the infant will not be made known until further notice. A quick clarification of the whole case seems very doubtful. In response to questions, a staff member of the social welfare office stated: "The father is middle-aged and the mother is definitely not yet of age. "We are currently checking with the authorities in Nazareth to see what their relationship is." Joseph has admitted to taking Mary from their shared home in Nazareth for a mandatory census. But since she was probably already pregnant when she left, the investigators are checking whether there were other reasons for leaving Nazareth. Joseph is held without bail. The charges are as follows: mistreatment, kidnapping, endangerment and fornication, all involving minors. Mary is on medical and psychiatric examinations in the district hospital in Bethlehem, and she too can expect to be charged with negligence. Her mental condition is being examined more closely because she claims she is still a virgin and the infant is from God. In an official communication from the head of the psychiatric ward it says: "It is not for me to tell people what to believe, but if this belief leads to a newborn child being endangered - as in this case - then these people must be classified as dangerous. The fact that drugs, presumably distributed by the foreigners present, were there does not help to inspire confidence. However, I am sure that with the necessary treatment, in a few years all those involved can become normal members of our society again." Last but not least, this information reaches us. The shepherds present at the meeting claimed, stiffly and firmly, that a tall man in a white nightgown with wings (!) on his back told them to go to the stable and celebrate the newborn baby's birthday. "That's about the dumbest excuse for a stoned junkie I've ever heard." Translated with (free version)
  12. How much is enough for retirement?

      A fine long-term strategy, if you are aware that in the long term we're all dead. 
  13. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      John, I didn't realise...
  14. President Donald J. Trump

      Awww, poo widdow Twumpie, such a good pwezident