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  1. Coronavirus

      If he ever says he was wrong it will be another lie, sounding as insincere as anything he is forced to read off a teleprompter.  Narcissists never apologise, never say they were wrong. 
  2. Jokes

      Why is every American receiving a $1,200 cheque?   Because Trump always pays off the people he's fucked. 
  3. Is TK insurance valid in Turkey?

    If you go to Turkey, you should get a private Reiseversicherung according to this site.  They're not expensive. 
  4. Funny response by rente folks

      John's response beat me too it, mine was nonsensical so I deleted it! 
  5. Funny response by rente folks

  6. Living in Munich but paid in USD - is it allowed?

      Yeah, you're right, though the text isn't littered with grammar and spelling errors 
  7. What made you laugh today?

        The hell it is.
  8. Living in Munich but paid in USD - is it allowed?

    How interesting.   Care to drop a link to your youtube-like channel? 
  9.   If you go back and read it you'll see it was a polite, private note.  A passive-aggressive note would have been an unsigned message stuck, say, on the front entrance for all to see.     We don't know all the details of how this all played out.  I guess you've already drawn your own conclusions. 
  10.   When I first read that I thought, damn, what a great solution.  Kind of surprised you're getting so much vitriol about it.  I mean, you did try to solve it the normal way, got nowhere, and so got creative.  
  11. President Donald J. Trump

    If on the one hand you call it an election, then say one party is preventing people from voting, it's not an election. At least outside of a banana republic. 
  12.   I was kind of getting at his cognitive ability...
  13.   I wonder if he's aware of his surroundings
  14. Buying an apartment without seeing it - Berlin

      I'm always up for a good horror story
  15. Buying an apartment without seeing it - Berlin

    What Could Go Wrong?  Have you got a day?