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  1. Niederlassungserlaubnis after divorce

    Based on my experience, a divorce wouldn´t change your NE status. Several years ago, my husband and I had some serious marital problems, JUST before applying for NE. I kind of had to tell the Ausländeramt, as he refused to go to our scheduled meeting (he can be quite the charmer- where´s the sarcasm font when you need it?).  He changed his mind, and we explained at our meeting- which was referred to the head of the AA- that we had been fighting. I was granted NE.  When I picked up my NE card, the head of the Ausländeramt literally TOLD me I could get divorced and it would not impact my status.
  2. Looking for English speakers in Wuerzburg

    On there is a regular international meetup
  3. Here is a list of English speaking gynecologists recommended by members of HENhaus on Facebook.
  4. The FIS is the only international school in the Nürnberg/Erlangen area. It´s exceedingly expensive, so I would try to get your employer to pay for it as part of your package.  As far as quality of education, I have heard mixed reviews. I have several friends who either have had or currently have children enrolled there. I´ve never heard anyone rave about it. One friend moved back to the UK and despite her child having good grades at FIS, had to repeat a year.