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  1. 12 hours ago, seeking said:

    On my recent visit to India, a friend who runs a finance consultancy company asked me to be his representative in Germany. His company - for now, let us call it Lotus Consulting - helps / facilitates Indian companies acquire European companies, European companies acquire Indian companies part or whole. He will pay me my commission in India. I am open to being paid in Germany, too.

    Is it enough if he merely shows my name and address on his website, and makes me visiting cards with a Munich address? If I must register his branch here, would it be enough to register it as Lotus GmbH? Is there a minimum investment or such required to set up such a branch? Who is the right government agency to give me the details?


    As i run an indian company with german branch ..i see many options for you here


    1. Easiest (representative): You just act an a representative of Indian company here.Gewerbeanmeldung to be done in local rathhaus or landratsamt  . Bills are generated from India , if some sales happen and you get the commision . You have to show this commision while filing tax here as a private person. Youll be in gewerberegister , handelregister is optional.

    But company in Germany wont take you seriously.


    2.  Open a branch office of indian company here : You have to do geweranmeldung in local rathhaus or landratsamt . Youll get Steuernumber etc here . its  legal entity here then. You have to fill the tax of this whole branch office here. Bills can be generated from here. You can employe people.

    Branch will be in gewerberegister , handelregister registration is optional for dependent branch .


    3. Register GmbH :Which is 100% unit of Indian comapny . that requires some capital  . have to do taxation here, billing from here, can employee people .

    Comapany will be in gewerberegister , handelregister.


    hope it helps 




  2. 24 minutes ago, The Vindictive said:



    Are u really in IT swimmer. Six figure salaries are quite rare even for Project Managers or Software Architects. Only very very top IT management in the auto companies could earn six figures.


    Infact apart from Frankfurt bankers, I don't think six figure is a common salary for even middle management positions anywhere in Germany.

    Its not that rare in Munich area...


  3. 18 hours ago, geppelt said:

    Hi @YoRambo. Thanks for the reply! I have a follow up question, but in General, I am looking for specific laws to backup everything, could you reference them—I really cannot go into the meeting and say "well, YoRambo said...".


    Yes if you designate yourself as Managing Director , then you are seen as having Addition employement. But you can  be owner only and designate someone else as Managing Director. Managing Director need not to be a owner or part owner of the comapny.


    My status is 'Erwebstätigkeit gestattet"—my wife has never had any condition for working—so to be Managing Director of my own company would that require me to have a Freelance status/visa? I am asking, as I am more into the details, so it would be great if I could be the responsible person. Keep in mind that I am also fully employed, and my "main job" would take precedence over anything that we did on the side.


    I do not know the law..but i am telling it from my experiance.


    Why you need a Freelance visa?

    You register a company , Your company apply for Betreibsnummer ( having this number allows your company to hire people in germany). And then your company hire you or your wife as an employee (Managing Director). As both of you have permission to work('Erwebstätigkeit gestattet") , you can work as an employee anywhere.

    And as you have permission from your main employer for a nebenjob, you can be employee somewhere else.

    As simple as that.

    Dont try to do everything yourself ,get a steuerberater cum lawyer and let him do all this registering things...better concentrated on work which bring you business.


  4. 13 hours ago, geppelt said:


    1. With my status, am I allowed to start a company on the side?  - Yes you can
    2. It seems that I am able to "own" a company, as anyone, from any nationality and location, is able to own a company in Germany, so is it more of an issue of me being the "Managing Director" of said company, and therefore I am seen as having additional employment? - Yes if you designate yourself as Managing Director , then you are seen as having Addition employement . But you can  be owner only and designate someone else as Managing Director.Managing Director need not to be a owner or part owner of the comapny.
    3. If the above is true, would I be able to be part-owner in the company, and my wife be the Managing Director, as our Residency in Germany is based on my status, allowing her to work wherever she pleases in whatever capacity?- If her visa also states ' Erwebstätigkeit gestattet ' then she allowed to work as managing diretor in your comany or work any where else.If not then she had to get a new work permit depending on Managing director work contract from your company or  work contract from some other company .
    4. And finally, is this a question that the Bundesagentur für Arbeit could answer and/or approve? nothing to approve


    Thank you kindly for the feedback. Let me know if there is any additional information you need to provide better advice.

    Answers in bold above


  5. On 18.6.2018, 00:02:35, desdemona said:

    ROI is the profit divided by the original cost.

    In your case the profit if you sell your new build today would be 850-650=€200K.

    200/650 = 30% ROI.

    On 12.6.2018, 11:03:05, Camm said:


    Owned a new build in Munich area and it's gone up by 150k in 3 years. That's almost a 100% return on investment. Not sure how that is a bad.


    Better than renting( which is totally nuts if you can afford a deposit) or keeping the money in the bank at 0.5% return.


    In sayimg that the Ops figures do sound a bit off and I wouldn't finance it like that.


    ROI is return on HIS invesment

    Invested 150 K

    Cost 650K , Banks Money 500K

    sell 850K

    500K (850K-500K) goes back to Bank--Idealist case , if he didnt payanything back to bank (tilgung) and his contract is over

    In HIS pocket = 850k-500K = 350K

    HIS roi 350K/150K *100 = more than 100%


    Just the simple calculation , not included the side cost


    It is not the right time to buy...right time was between 2011-2014 when Interest rate were going down and price were reasonable.

    For Tax purpose ( if renting) and .. for same EMI... it is always good to buy at higher Interest rate and lower house price than lower Interest rate & higher house price...




  6. 10 minutes ago, quattro said:

    Hey everyone, 


    What could be the salary for a web developer (frontend) in Munich?

    I have accepted an offer but I think the salary is too low for this city. 

    My position is - frontend developer and I have the following skills:


    HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, UIkit, jQuery, JavaScript, VUE.js, Vuex, Angular 1, WordPress, PHP,  Laravel, Web Services, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GIT.


    I have around 5 years of experience including 1 year of experience as a developer in Germany. Also, I have a bachelor degree from Denmark / CPH.


    Currently I have signed an offer for 52K.


    Add 'Settling for low salary ' to your experiance list


  7. Career or having and raising chidlren is not even a question . Having  children and raising them is one of the best thing in life that can happen to you and wins hands down over  career or any other thing.


    Seems it is your first child, so you are having some panic thought. Beleive me eveything will be ok once the child is there.


    Besides that you dont have to end your career altogether. If you can , work partime. And if you dont like your job (as you say) , it might be hte right time to make a switch after the maternity break.You are a well educated women , you can always make some career and paycheck out of it.


    Stay motivated and Congratulations 




  8. On 11.10.2017, 22:37:19, fraufruit said:


    He'd probably leave the tools in the flat or lose them.


    I had to call Himself at work twice over the years to come let me in. The worst was when we were new in the house and I was seeing my then 10 yr. old son in the lift to say goodbye as he went to school. Door blew shut. I was in my bathrobe and had very little German. Had to knock at the neighbor's and ask to use their phone to call Himself. I don't remember ever being so embarrassed.


    What is there to be embarrassed about?...one more First world problem


  9. 54 minutes ago, Thai said:

    Many Muslim women wearing Hijab say they get most molested by single Muslim men looking for wives. In that respect, avoid Neukoelln. You will live pretty safely in Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf etc.

     And it seems like here on TT single and married non-muslim men is acting the same toward the OP...


  10. 2 hours ago, zwiebelfisch said:


    I was surprised to find that you are right, there is evidence of ketogenic diets being good for some people with cancer.  This is indeed "amazing" in the sense that it sounds like quack medicine but appears to be somewhat true.  This is the best paper I could find: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5450454/



    Sadly it isnt a cure for any cancers.  It seems to have a statistically noticable effect but it isnt a replacement for mainstream cancer treatments.


    If anyone is interested this is a old but still pretty good analysis of the subject: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/ketogenic-diets-for-cancer-hype-versus-science/


    All these low carb ,keto ,scd,paleo diets etc are based on the same simple principle...eat like caveman/ancestors and remove all the food items introduced to mankind in last 100-200 years...and all the disease that that was discovered in last 100-200 year will calm down.


    These diets include mostly Meat , Veg, fruits, eggs, nut , legumes(in some) and avoids grains in any form , Table sugar , packed food . 


    These diets not only benfits cancer but also insomnia, neurological disorder, gastro-intestinal disorders etc


  11. 13 minutes ago, cb6dba said:

    Came across this while looking for other stuff...



    Is interesting, I like the bit where he says to go out and look it all up for yourself. If you take medical advice from a Los Vegas magician, you deserve to die.. It's just him explaining what he did...



    So true..perfectly said...whatever we like to eat, is just habit ...stop eating things you like and you wont crave it... i am experincing it, its like discovering new self...


  12. I was asking  , what are the Symptoms of ketonic state ?.


    I am in Low carb diet from 6 months... no grain , no sugar, no lactose  ...have lost 15 kg...but dont know , the lost 15kg is due to ketosis or the calorie deficit/ fitness i do .



  13. Hi Panda ,

    Thanks for all the info here. I have one question regarding Elterngeld.


    My wife received eltergeld from April 2014 till Febuar 2015...Now while filling tax return for 2014 , should i enter eltergeld from Apr-Dec 2014...ot the complete eltergeld from Apr 2014 till Feb 2015...


    and if only for 2014 , then how to calculate it till 31st December when say Eltergeld monthly cycle is from say 20th day of the month..i.e 20th Apr -20th May...20th Dec.



  14. I am for burqa ban for security reasons...it should not be allowed in public building or place..but am impressed with @zeino .. thats the kind of thinking needed for a beneficial change rather than banning a piece of cloth or personal choice ...


    i can vaugely figure out now...why the trump got elected..


  15. 7 minutes ago, arunadasi said:


    I would not even eat meat if it were already dead, ie did not involve the killing of animals. It's the idea of eating flesh that makes me gag, not the killing per se. The way a typial Western meat-eater might gag at the idea of eating maggots or worms.


    I don't think eating vegetarian sausage is "wrong"; I just think that if you crave meat, the taste of it, then just go ahead and eat it. I don't like the taste of it; even as a child I didn't. I used to refuse all meat except chicken, which I did like.


    Thats how the vegetarianism in India is...Many people havent tasted meat as kids ...so they dont have taste for meat..Thats it... killing of animals, eating eggs,wearing leather , silk is egal for them..


    What people discussing here is Western problem...people turning Veg/Vegan due to different reasons...but they have eaten meat at some point of time ..


  16. 2 minutes ago, Alexnf said:


    It is tricky. I have also done some digging. In Germany at least they should be allotted some space to move (4 sqm per bird) :  


    BUT it isn't obligatory to be outside the barn like it is stated for free-range (non bio) eggs (Code 1) :



    So unless it is stated (or you know the farm conditions) that is both bio and free range. You cannot be sure.



    And who said/discovered that hen given more then 4sq m will make the egg bio or not...its all marketing ...dont dwele or beleive too much in these gimmick ...when bio will be saturated then  some new fancy word will be  in  the market ...bio-bio,bio-max...blah blah...so,eat what you want to eat..dont beleive all these marketing gimmick and whats writen on internet about them...