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    And you need to trust the British government as opposed to the German government

    Yep, that certainly put me off a bit but a Tagesgeld Konto is the wrong place for that amount of money in any case.



    BoS are also a currency issuing bank as are the Clydesdale and RBOS, which is another reason why many believe the UK Government was so keen to shore up HBOS.


    ..and because Lloyds seem to be doing a nice line in Piracy Brokerage at the moment ;)


  2. I happened across a Tagesgeld Konto from Bank of Scotland offering 3.8% (variable). This rate is far better than the ca. 2% most other Tagesgeld Accounts are offering and is not a time-limited offer like most of those boasting e.g. 4%.


    I'm inclined to think there's a catch somewhere and my first thoughts were that it was a phishing website trying to cash in on the similarity to the beleagured Royal Bank of Scotland. I was under the impression Bank of Scotland ceased to exist years ago the merger with Halifax (HBOS) and subsequently Lloyds TSB, but it seems it is still an entity in its own right (and registered with the FSA and Amtsgericht).


    Anyone else here have an account with BoS in Germany? Or know any reasons to leave it well alone?


  3. Non-UK residents can still apply for a passport when visiting the UK. They'll no doubt slap on a hefty premium for the fast-track service but it may still work out cheaper(?).



    If you do not live in the UK, you may apply in person to renew your passport whilst visiting the UK. In order to do this, you need to make an appointment at a passport office and you must provide an address in the UK to which the passport may be posted. You should call our 24-hour Passport Adviceline 0300 222 0000 (see terms and conditions) to make an appointment at one of our offices. We can offer a Fast Track one week service or a Premium same-day service. Please note the Premium same-day service is not available for first passports, extensions to a passport, or to replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport. More about urgent applications

  4. A couple of months ago we lost reception of channel 4. Have they buggered about with their satellite positions/signal strengths? Also, up until a few weeks ago we used to get excellent reception for Five (and all its derivatives like Five US, etc). Now the picture breaks up every few seconds. Anyone else experiencing this? BBC and ITV are all fine (slight breakup in the evenings only if its really pi55ing down). Perversely, reception for BBC seems to have improved.


    On our side nothing has changed (dish position, receiver, LNB, cabling, etc). It is of course possible our LNB is slowly shuffling off its mortal coil, but IMO the changes have happened a bit suddenly for that.


    Any info appreciated!


  5. "Spanish-speaking immigrant communities" - the BBC's words, not mine, had you read the link.



    I can understand that a non-USer like Beg Tets would find fault with my taking credit for kidnappings, because I am from the US. If I had started the thread defending kidnappings in the US, blaming it on "Spanish-speaking, immigrant communities" (as he put it), I'm sure like-minded folks of Beg Tets would have jumped in to give credit where it's due: The US.

    Nope, you assume my level of interest matches your level of paranoia. Quite frankly I couldn't give a fuck. I'd read the BBC article earlier in the day and found your wanting to 'take credit' for abhorrent practices such as murder and kidnapping odd.



    True. Life is cheap over there I am really hoping this spineless government is now forced to take some measures to ensure the safety of the people on its soil.

    ...hopefully involving turning a blind eye to the intelligence services torturing information out of the chaps they managed to collar. The time for fucking about has long passed with regards to this kind of thing.



    You missed the point completely matey. I'm talking about the good people of the U.S whose decision on voting day could be swayed by an utterly cynical ploy to worry them into voting for McCain because they think he's an old warhorse. Open your eyes.

    I doubt it'll be even that complicated. It'll come down to the colour of the chap's skin and his middle name being Hussein.