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  1. We're moving to Berlin in February 2020. It's proving difficult to find a spot mid-year for my son (8 years old) in an international school for him, so I'm considering the Willkommensklasse at a public school. I'd love to hear opinions on the Willkommensklasse vs. a private school given my son speaks no German at the moment.  Thanks if you can help
  2. International schools in Berlin

    Hi...I know this post is a couple of years old, but wondering what you decided regarding BBS?  Are your kids still there?  I ask because we'll be moving to Berlin in February and would like to eventually buy a place in Prenzlauer Berg so BBS makes most sense if the school is decent.  If you can share your experience, I'd be grateful thanks!
  3. International schools in Berlin

    We're moving to Berlin in February from Austin, TX.  We have a 2nd grader w/ 0 German at the moment. I've been checking out many of the international schools there, but don't have a sense of why some cost say 400EUR a month and others 700 for example. It doesn't seem by the thread here that there is a consensus on the best school to go to so would appreciate any advice. We'd like to eventually buy a place near Prenzlauer Berg so was looking at Berlin Bilingual School, but it doesn't seem many people are familiar with it based on this thread, so I'm thinking it may not be considered very good?  We were also checking out JFK, but it looks like the commute out there from Prenzlauer Berg/Weissensee seems pretty tough. Any advice on sorting through this mindfield would be great.  thanks!