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  1. Vegan coming for dinner

    well - I don't consider myself "vegetarian", or "vegan", or "carnivore" - I just watch what I eat for purely egoistic motives simple, mostly plant based, and not very much food makes my old chassis feel the best, so I stick to that.   I do like medium-rare filet mignon on occasion, but will get punished for it the day after with a flare-up of arthritis.
  2. Atm charge

    maybe it was one of these "CardPoint" machines? https://www.test.de/Geldautomaten-von-Cardpoint-Teure-Gebuehren-Ueberraschung-5486337-0/   There is supposed to be an information about the extra charges - but some operators hide that message on the bottom of a screen after you entered your PIN - which is legal, but still bad.
  3. Current state of Postident with foreign passports (2017)

    if you have the "right" kind of Aufenthaltstitel with eID function, according to this FAQ document, it might work via the VideoChat. Even "certain foreign passports" may work. Give it a try, and post your results, please   https://www.deutschepost.de/de/p/postident/faq.html  
  4. landlord stole my stuff

    totally correct observation - because I spent those years left side of the pond, and found another forum more suitable for that living arrangement.   Now I'm back in Germany, so this TT forum maybe my new home. Haven't decided yet. Not sure if I like the format, or the style, here. We'll see. I didn't start out as somebody from Jamaica, and then came back as somebody from Mexico, though   Anyways - back on topic - I am intrigued to know, what OP actually is trying to get from this Fred? Sympathy? Entertainment? Help? Advice? BTW - just another question - where exactly is he (and his wife and baby) staying now? Can't be Wismar, that place thinks he left for good. Can't be Berlin either, he was just there for a brief medical procedure. Maybe that's the purpose of this story - find housing? 
  5. landlord stole my stuff

    true, even Mexicans may be called Bob - but explain to me the transition from Jamaican to Mexican over the last six years?
  6. landlord stole my stuff

    oh.... boy....   So, left Wismar to get a CT scan in Berlin? Like there are no options for that in Wismar, right? Had to take the whole family to Berlin? Why, exactly? Ah, I see, "small stuff and a passport"....yeah, like that's not available anywhere but Berlin either. Got into a bicycle accident in Berlin? How many people were riding the bike? Just you, or the three of you? And where did you get the bicycle from, anyways?   I also find it very strange that in between February 2013 - when you arrived in Rostock, coming from Jamaica (supposedly) - and now 2019, over six years later, you still can't speak enough German to get your act together?   Anyways, I wish you the best of luck, whoever you are :)  
  7. landlord stole my stuff

    truth can be stranger than fiction ;)
  8. landlord stole my stuff

    OK - this is fun  more "mistery" between the lines: even if "Bob" was scheduled to travel to a special clinic in Berlin, why would his wife and two month old Baby have to travel with him? the title reads "landlord" stole my stuff - that makes it sound like "Bob" was renting the place from somebody, which he is not (if the family are refugees, the place has been assigned to them, they don't pay rent).   ...and then there is ancient history... from back in 2013, when "Bob" joined TT  oh yes! Back then he was "Robert, visiting Rostock, and from Jamaica" he even published his phone number there (doubt that still works, though) to hook up with some lady.   Looking at his user-name "Jamex", maybe he is a Jamaican-Mexican? Who knows, pure entertainment!   Sorry, "Bob", whereever you're from, it's probably not Mexico, maybe not even Jamaica - maybe sell your "story" to a TV station?
  9. I get a feeling this is turning into a competition - who is biggest know-it-all. I'm really extremely lazy to begin with, not competitive at all. Plus I have absolutely no stake in this thread. I don't need to live in Austria, buy a car in Germany, or find new ways to get my family's health insurance figured out.   So, peace-out - you're on your own here now. :)
  10.   nothing personal - since I am currently personally going through kind of the same procedure with my husband, I can contribute to the knowledge transfer here with very current information. Just in case anybody wants to read (intensive knowledge of German required) $5 Abs. 1, specifically Nr. 13 a and b. It's called "Auffangversicherungspflicht" (no age limit involved) - but who am I to tell you anything. https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/sgb_5/__5.html
  11.   well, actually, I do - but OP is not an "ordinary" non-EU national, his wife is German. So, when he applies for his Aufenthaltserlaubnis in Germany, based on family relations (§28 AufenthaltsG), his Aufenthaltstitel will automatically include permission to take up any job (§27 AufenthaltsG). This is a mute point, though, since OP doesn't want to take up employment.
  12. well, that's exactly why I suggested OP find a job. With job he/she would qualify for Aufenthaltserlaubnis - and get into public health care at the same time ;)
  13. ähm?? several odd "misconceptions" going on here....   If you are 62 (like myself) your normal retirement age in Germany would be 67 - you could simply get a job (not a "mini-job") and be automatically accepted/forced into "gesetzliche Krankenversicherung".   If you really don't want to work, and prefer Austria (for that reason) to get into some EU-country's public health care system, then just move to Austria, and be done with it.   Why you would need a car registered in Germany is a mistery to me? They do sell cars in Austria too. Also, Austria (like Germany) has great public transportation - you really don't need to own a car.
  14. Difference when you dress up and down

    ok - this Fred is going off topic into the weeds anyways, so... what I was referring to when I stated the fact that I am tall for my age, is a set of statistics about human adult height, organized into gender, country, and birth year categories.   Looking at that chart, I (female, born in 1956 in Germany) should be just a tad over 164 cm tall. I am at 175 cm height. Has nothing to do with the amount of showers I take.  but, yes, as I age more, I would expect to shrink - maybe I can find some statistics about the average shrinkage per year into the future?
  15. Difference when you dress up and down

      yes, amen to this I am tall for a woman my age - 5'9" - and I used to be "cute" (in the guys' heads turning way, not just in summer), because I thought that's what you have to be, if you want to be successful.   Wrong!   To be successful, you have to be respected, or better still, admired, for everything you are - not just based on the season and the clothes you wear. When you work in a field that is dominated by men - especially in the early days, back when I started in I.T. in 1978 - being "cute" means you make coffee, answer the phone, take meeting minutes, and run errands for the guys.   Once I realized how this works, I started using the "dress for success" mantra to my advantage. I cut my hair short. Ditched all make-up. Bought most of my clothes, especially shoes, in the guys' department. Started wearing neck ties in the office. Took up swimming to widen my shoulders. Practiced walking with firm, long strides. Made sure I spoke with a decicive, deep voice - never saying "maybe we should...".   Ha! It worked like a charm.   I am successful (and enjoying it!) in my career, and people (of both genders) come to me for personal and/or professional advice, they call me a "genius", they say "how come you know so much about everything". I am happily married, have a beautiful (no, not cute at all) grown-up daughter, and still get obvious attempts from guys young enough to be my grandson to "hook up" (which I find amusing).   So, yes, most definitely, the way you dress will make people treat you differently. Use that to your advantage!