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  1. Siezen or Duzen?

      whether that is "small stuff" depends on the situation - in my opinion.   I remember when my boss said things like "Karin, mach' mir mal Kaffee und dann beeil' Dich mit den Lochaufträgen von Firma XYZ, die sind schon überfällig". It took me all my courage (and half a year of feeling offended and degraded) before I dared to reply to that with "also, Harald, wenn ich Dir jetzt erst noch Kaffee machen soll werden die Lochaufträge von Firma XYZ nie fertig."
  2. Siezen or Duzen?

      Using "Du" without prior negotiation creates a "hierarchie". The one being addressed as "Du" is perceived as being of "lesser" status/value. So, depending on the situation/context, it could be a deliberate offense (if the one using the unwanted Du has a certain minimum grasp of German language and culture).
  3. Siezen or Duzen?

    simple, if you think you are being "inapropriately" addressed with a "Du", tell them in a professional/courteous way - something like "Entschuldigung, ich würde es bevorzugen, wenn wir beim Sie bleiben. Vielen Dank." Or, if you are in an argumentative situation/mood, you could say "hä ? sind wir zusammen auf der Schulbank rumgerutscht, oder was ? Für Dich bin ich immer noch Sie."   Outside the context of social media, fitness center, or Stammtisch/Verein the rule is still "Sie" for everybody, unless otherwise negotiated.
  4. Rent office space as employee

    have you checked out these guys? https://workspacein.de/coworking/
  5. Rent office space as employee

    ok - how about this: for the days that your 2-year-old can't go to daycare (because he is sick) you get a babysitter to come to your house?   Another question within that context: suppose you actually had an office outside the house, who would take care of your sick child at home then?
  6. Rent office space as employee

    how's about a furnished mini-apartment? https://www.immobilienscout24.de/expose/79633766
  7. Rent office space as employee

    if your new job is regular employment - not freelancing - creating the extra (tax)hassle for yourself by registering a business (saying you are self-employed) just to be renting some room as your office seems like "overkill" to me.   May I ask why you believe you will lack focus in your home? Are there other (noisy) people living there? Maybe you can designate one room in your home as the office and get yourself into the "working" mindset when you enter that room?   You may have better luck searching for something like  a "Hobbyraum".
  8. Fired from work

    who are you? who are "they"? where is this supposedly happening? do I smell rat here?   going to report this - @fraufruit agreed?
  9. Super Bowl LVII anyone?

    I guess they have a lot of different ticket options. I've seen "mobile only" game passes, or 50 days, or remaining season..., some with the option to watch any game again later (in case you missed it) I just picked the one wich had all the features that I wanted at the time.  
  10. Super Bowl LVII anyone?

      it depends on when you buy the pass.   The pass is valid through July 31st, so the later you buy, the cheaper it gets. If you are only interested in the Super Bowl, you have to actively cancel the subscription before July 31st (and then re-subscribe next time, somewhere in January again)
  11. Super Bowl LVII anyone?

      we tried using a VPN too. It worked, a little bit, but not good enough. Choppy image, a bit tricky to get connected. Not worth the trouble.   Which is why we invested 44,99 € this year and got the game pass.
  12. Super Bowl LVII anyone?

    so, last year my husband and I watched the Super Bowl on Pro7, because that seemed the only option we could get to work. It worked, kinda, but we didn't care too much for the (lousy, in my opinion) German commentators. And also, we didn't get to see the original ads. (OK, that's not that critical, but still).   Now this year we come better prepared! We bought the NFL GamePass, and we'll watch it live on our Fire-TV stick hooked up to the big TV. Yeah! There will be chili in the crockpot, and everything else that goes with Super Bowl Sunday. Only challenge could be being up and awake around midnight on a Sunday night/Monday morning. Boss will have to do without us on that Monday.   What are you guys doing? If you do anything, that is.
  13. Employer going back to 100% on-site work

      seems like size does matter here   Especially those companies with real international business, where there is not one but many different locations, would probably not "force" people to come work at a certain office location.
  14. Employer going back to 100% on-site work

    of course, it totally depends on the individual job and the personal situation whether you are more or less productive at home or in the company's office.   But, just a general observation of mine, I find it interesting to see that globally many companies sent workers home at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Back then the vast majority of those workers worldwide adjusted quickly, made home office work - some even enjoyed it from the start. Now, just roughly 30 months later, companies  worldwide want their workers to come back to the office - and are facing (unexpected) resistance. Companies have to resort to "force", "threats", "incentives".... because office workers (globally, in growing numbers) prefer to work from home.   Why do you think that is?   I don't think it is simply because we are a bunch of lazy slack-asses. I believe it is because the company's office may be a good place to "socialize" with co-workers on occasion, or during onboarding/training, but it is definitely not a place to get work done.
  15. Employer going back to 100% on-site work

      so, just my two cents...   around 50% of your colleagues are not located in Berlin. The company hired them because they were "hurting" for people - hence the "agressive" hiring. Have they sent any "official" letters to people, telling them to show up in Berlin, on site, on a daily basis - "or else"? If not, do you think they are willing to risk losing 50% of their employees? Where I work the company (actually my employer's customer) is "committed" to reeling people back in too (not 100%, but at least 80% of the time). They didn't send official communication around (yet), but they are pushing hard with all kinds of "incentives". I'm lucky - external, old, very valuable skillset, don't need the money - so I told them I'll come in once a month, for what they call "team day". No more. I'd simply retire if they don't accept that. They are OK with it. I didn't even have to threaten, or negotiate. I simply said "once a month will be fine for me". In reality, out of the past 5 months that this "new ways of working" rule was in place, I only came in twice - scheduling conflicts, bad weather, urgent project work.... not a problem.   In your case, I'd wait and see what the company actually tells you (you personally, and in writing) about where they want you to sit. Your contract allows them to assign you to other places, apart from your "regular" location. Depending on what they tell you, and how much you like the job, you can offer them something like "once a month, if they pay for your trip". Or you can simply tell them "thanks, but no thanks". In the current market situation, especially in IT, you should have no problem finding a suitable job close to home (or even 100% remote).   Good luck !