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  1. Hey Guys....i can help you on all this as we offer full expat and international tax advice. We are also able to file tax returns for you - and make sure that you get all the allowances that there are going!


    Please PM me with contact info and i will get back to you right away.


    Regards - Flug


  2. Funny is it not - that lots of people ask on here for advice (not just this site) but not one person actually bothers to follow through, and then they whinge and moan that they didnt understand what the bank was giving them etc etc


    Dont think i will even bother to help next time!


  3. I work for a German Finance & Investment company called Gemini Partners, based in Prinzregentenstr. The company is fully licensed and regulated here in Germany. We deal with both German & International clients covering a spectrum of financial assistance. We deal with general savings, pensions (including transfer of UK frozen pension), Health Insurance, General Investments Funds, Stocks and Shares, Tax Advice (how to make the most of what the German Government offers you to claim back!). We also have a department that deals in tax efficient investment properties.


    We offer a free advice service where we give your overall finances and tax position a full health check up and can advise if you are paying too much here and there - see if your current investments are performing, check if you are paying too much for your insurances etc. The outcome being on most occaissions that you will end up with more cash in your pocket to do what you like with.


    There are many companies here that are not registered in Germany and will only offer you offshore savings products that are not licensed here in Germany, and any advice they give you may not be completely compliant with German Legislation, and certainly carries no liability insurance for bad advice.


    If we can be of any help - please let me know.


  4. You would only pay for any capital gain on the cash....so in an account that does not give any interest (ie just about every normal checking account in Germany)you would have no Capital Gain. This is not a gift from a 3rd party - as I take it you will give it back to your friend when he/she gets here??


  5. I have been told that The Arc will be opening to show the Super 14´s Final (Crusdars V NSW Waratahs) this Saturday 31st May - kicks off at 0900. Be good to get a good crowd of supporters down to get the atmosphere!

    The lure of Bacon Butties and a good game of rugby on a Saturday morning is good enough for me...anyone else gonna be joining us?

    Let me know!


  6. Evening,


    Just wondered if anyone knows how to get rid of a car here in Munich.

    Its an old uk one with no MOT...but runs great so must be worth something to Jo Scrappy...or whatever thay are here.

    Would be quite happy just for someone to pick it up!


    Any help or suggestions appreciated!


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  7. wheel,

    Sleep Apnea is not just about snoring - its about bits in your throat (usually a flap of skin and also overgrown asophligus) actually blocking you airway and causing you to stop breathing! This results in the body naturally ringing alarm bells - and waking you up...usually with a very loud noise as your body clears that airway! Sleeping on your side does not really help.


  8. I already have a cpap machine - and you are right it does work wonders! Problem is - it makes a noise no two ways about it! My girlfriend is getting fed up with sleeping with Darth Vadar...it does nothing for the bedroom antics! I lost two stone last year...which has helped.

    I spent €7000 in a specialist clinic in Brussels and only came away with a CPAP machine and no cure!

    I have had colleagues and friends of friends who have had the laser op and it has revolutionised their lives (and those of their partners!)

    I have been waiting for ages to get it done in the UK but am fed up with being f´d about!

    Hence the urgency of the post on here!


  9. Getting fed up with waking both myself and the mrs with my sleep apnea. Have been waiting over a year for surgery in the UK - and can wait no longer!

    Any one of you - or someone you know had the laser surgery to correct the problem in or around munich???

    If so please help me out...it is seriously starting to wreck my relationship!