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  1. Hello All,   I am a Ph.d student in an industry and I am getting my full salary without tax deduction. In my contract it was written that I have to take care of my taxes by my own. I am here for couple of months but don't know what to do. I asked few fellow students about taxes but some said that they don't pay taxes because they are working as freelancer (we are not employed by company) and other told otherwise. I am disturbed as currently I am not enrolled in any tax authority and wondering if I am committing a crime! My company's HR people can't help me because we are contract employees and not getting salary directly from company. In addition, I am not a german resident so I don't know why should I pay a social security or pension like things which I can't get in future. I have health insurance and I pay it by my own. I will appreciate a quick response.   Best Regards,