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  1. Dog-sitting/pensions in the Freiburg area

    Ours here is Hundepension Evi Engelfried in Viernheim. She is great!  When the US base was in Mannheim, she also had many American customers as she speaks very good English. 
  2. Dog-sitting/pensions in the Freiburg area

    Thank you. That's easier than I thought..
  3. Dog-sitting/pensions in the Freiburg area

    I cannot give you any address, but I can tell you a few things you can do right now. Make sure all the dog's vaccinations are current, including Zwingerhusten - sorry, I have no idea what this in English and Leo also didn't know . This will probably be asked by the Hundepension.It would be too bad if  you found a place and then couldn't take it because of missing vaccinations. Depending on the size of your dog, expect to pay between 20 and 30 Euro per day. You say you need it in a month, that is  the time of the Pentecost holidays in southern Germany, a time which many families use to go away, so that's actually high season for the Hundepensionen. I second asking your vet for a recommendation. Don't leave your dog with just anybody. Both dog and carer need to like each other.Also check your and your  dog's liability insurance, if other carers are covered. If you don't find anything and would go up north to Mannheim, I can recommend an excellent Hundepension here. Good luck.
  4. is very good.
  5. Looking for a breast cancer support group

    The German term would be Selbsthilfegruppe. Your friend could first check wth her health insurance, often they know about these groups and support them. A google search came up with this : Your friend can email them and ask if someone speaks English.   I suppose she knows about the Susan Komen support groups? At least she can ask if there is one close to Karlsruhe. I know they organize a charity run in Frankfurt each year, but that may be too far to go to meetings from Karlsruhe.   Good luck and all the best
  6. Compulsory school attendance

    The school year in Berlin starts in early August next year, but registering for school is usually done much earlier, in February for example here in Baden-Württemberg. So if your daughter is registered as living with you , she'll be asked to register for school early next year. Once you de-register her again from your place, she obviously won't be going to school in August. However, if you plan for her to attend school there anyway, she could take part in as many preschool activities as possible.It'll make it much easier for her later.  
  7. Requirements for Teaching Back Injury Prevention

    It sounds like Rückenschule, which is offered by some health insurances together with VHS (Volkshochschule). You could ask there what is needed and maybe even teach a course.