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  1. It is confusing, but actually meant to give the voters more influence.    You can simply put your X next to the party you like, and all 90some votes of you go to that party.   Or you can put your X next to that party, but see person ABC, who you like and think they're good, on the list of another party and put up to three X next to that person. Then this person will get three votes and the party will have 90some minus three.   Or you put your X next to the party you like but discover person XYZ there, someone you don't like - then cross their name and the party will get your votes but not this person.   When this system was first introduced someone who ran a disco was way down on the party's list, but lots of young people knew him, liked him and voted extra for him. So to his big surprise he came out at the top.
  2. Donating new/old clothes

    When do you move? Oxfam Mannheim is supposed to open again February 15.