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  1. Thank you UpToWick, I appreciate your quick response.
  2. Situation: I paid for travel/health insurance before I left Germany for the US. I planned on only staying 3 weeks and it is good for six weeks. I had to put my mother in a nursing home (agonizing), and my father cannot be left alone, so I am finding a caregiver for him. I will be extending my stay. I called my insurance to extend and they said that you cannot get insurance if you are already there. This really complicates things. I basically need coverage for another six weeks. I see a lot of posts about travel/health insurance outside of the EU, but have not found a person with my situation. If there is someone out there with some helpful advice I thank you in advance!
  3. Landlord claims I damaged his doorstep (without evidence)

    Dear blueballade   Please do not spend money on an attorney. You are experiencing very common behavior in this country. This aggression is usually just hot air. If you make a mistake in the future (which in this case you have not), then just own up to it and pay for it (with your insurance).    Experiencing repeated unpleasant and unnecessary aggression, I finally purchased the best legal insurance money can buy. It makes me feel much better. If only I had this when my I received a letter from my neighbor about my plants.    As a newcomer, instead of learning basic German sentence structure, I immersed myself in German plant law.    I am by nature a rule follower. So I acknowledged the attorney's letter by confirming the hedge would be removed promptly, since the height of it was over the allowed limits.  Because of my legal studies, I did the only thing allowed to me. I erected the largest garden house the law would allow (much larger than my hedge, which was the issue).    All very unfortunate, as I didn't even need a garden house....
  4. Vaccine Consultation, Is this a Scam?

    The insurance company called me back. The answer was no, a praxis is not allowed to bill when asked what is written in an Impfpass (that was my first question, the year was illegible). They are allowed to bill, however, when you ask about a vaccine that was given (I asked if the year underneath represented the year for the next Tetanus shot).    Thanks for the replies. It was interesting to hear about the experiences of others. 
  5. Vaccine Consultation, Is this a Scam?

    It is definitely not worth my time. But I think all of our health insurance goes up if we allow bogus claims under our cards to continue. I will follow the rules, but not participate in something dishonest. I called my insurance company just now and they are getting back to me. They have only heard of an Impfberatung accompanied by a vaccination, which is required. 
  6. I went to my child's doctor today to get some clarification about a date written in a vaccination pass. Underneath was also a year written but no notes. The last entry was 2016. We have been going to this office since 2013.    What is strange is that after it was cleared up what date was in the pass, as well as what the year meant (returning in five more years for a tetanus shot), I was asked to produce my sons health card because I had received an Impfberatung (Vaccine Consultation). I didn't have it with me, and was asked to return next week with it.    All of this exchange was under 30 seconds with a receptionist, not a doctor. I have never been asked this before in all the years we have been going there. The woman was really annoyed with me like I should know this. I asked her if this was something new, which left her green. I am wondering if this is a scam.    I called the insurance and they confirmed doctors can and should give a consultation with a vaccine appointment. But a question at a front desk about a date and future vaccine seems a strange thing to bill.    Has anyone encountered this before?