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  1. Is it a good idea to buy a Diesel Euro 4 car now

    Mike, I took your suggestion & sold off the RAV4 Diesel here in France for 9kEuros. Will need to find something quickly to buy now in Frankfurt. Is the best option to look for a quick purchase of a slightly used car (SUV <2 year old, <40k kms)?
  2. Is it a good idea to buy a Diesel Euro 4 car now

    Thanks a lot Mike. If I try to sell this car in a hurry in France, I won’t get more than 4kEuros; and if I would buy also in a hurry an equivalent 10-yr old well maintained mini-SUV in Germany, I guess I will spend much more than that. Therefore, my concern is the hassle & time needed to get it approved by TUV,  to get it registered here in Germany, and get a new insurance here. Is it possible to complete all this within the time allowed to do the same (is it 6months after moving here?), or do we see a risk? (As you said, your friends from Portugal could not pass the tests, so itbseems to be very high risk!!)
  3. Is it a good idea to buy a Diesel Euro 4 car now

    Thanks Mike. Do you see any risk in passing TUV test? The car has been regularly serviced & certified by local authorities in France every 2-years for emissions etc. Should we expect German TUV to have a much stricter approval process than the authorities in France?
  4. Is it a good idea to buy a Diesel Euro 4 car now

    Hey Toytowners, I need some help, and thought of tagging along this post, which has similar relevant info. I am living in Paris now & driving a 11-year old Toyota RAV4 Diesel automatic transmission, 4 WD here. We are moving to Hofheim (western suburb of Frankfurt) in a few days, and I am thinking of bringing my car along with me. I wanted if any of you has an idea if I would be able to use this car at least for 2-3 more years in Germany without much hassle in quickly getting in registered in Germany, and getting a new insurance here. Is there any time limit on number of days the car can be driven by me here with the French registration? Can I drive it for a few days with the French insurance, or is it also possible to get this car insurance in Germany a couple of days before I move?