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  1. Problem with sublet

          It’s old (maybe original), wooden flooring.
  2. Problem with sublet

    Changed now, if that makes a difference.
  3. Problem with sublet

    Im in Berlin, not Dusseldorf. I don’t know why it says that. Maybe I set it up wrong many years ago.
  4. Problem with sublet

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone here will have some advice. We recently moved into an apartment with our 3-year old. The lease is a sublet. We never noticed anything while viewing the apartment but since sleeping here for the last few days we have noticed a persistent strong smell of smoke that is not coming from inside the apartment. There is a bar downstairs where smoking is allowed inside. We think the smell is coming up through the floorboards. It’s worse in the two bedrooms. Does anyone have any advice about what to do? Is this something the renters were obliged to warn us about? Is the bar downstairs breaking the law by having inadequate smoke ventilation? Should we just cancel the contract and move out? We are naturally very concerned about our health and sleeping with smoke is not an option.  Thanks in advance for any advice.