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  1. Immortality for Humans by 2045

    Great,... just Great...   What you are saying is that if I live to 2045,  I will be 100 yrs old.  (very unlikely with my current state of health)..  Then I shall have access to all the new health benefits,...Organ Malfunction?  replace it!...   Infection?... disinfect it! ,...  dementia?,...  Undement me.! I shall still be 100 yrs old.,...   Just as cranky,  just as miserable,..   just as impotent.  And all my friends will be dead.   I mean what's the point? As a tech nerd in the 70's  I have no idea what is going on in the  2020's,... I shall have even less idea what will be going on the the  2040's,...   Worst of all possible worlds...   Lemme die in peace...  I'm not afraid to die,...  it seems sort of the natural progression,...   the right way...     Dave the Barbarian...    Rather than months, I'm down to weeks now according to my Dr,'s  I've had a good life,...  everything else now seems sort of unnatural...   Hi Gaberlunzi!  hang in there old pal.   We are the last of the old school,   I'm catching up to you on the pain scale pretty quickly.     Dave
  2. Tor,  according to you birthday you're 14 yrs old!!


    1. manly386

      Oh Dear,  I guess my wife's gonna go to jail.  shame on her,  and with a man 60 years younger than she is.!! 

      Truths out,  I'm just a toy-boy.

  3. What made you cry today?

      Hi Acton:  I've nothing to complain about.  Lived a charmed life, blessed with loving parents, a loving girlfriend (to become my wife later), good health and a body that seemed to accept all the abuse I could heap upon it and come back in fighting form. A Policeman for 32 years, both in the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department.  on the side I dabbled in real estate and the stock market.  during those times 70"s 80's and 90's,  everything seemed to go up, couldn't help but make money. by the 2000"s I retired and got out of the market that's when everything tanked. but I was okay.  We had a son, Warren,  who had pulmonary atresia, and died at 7.  8 was his favourite number, he could speak it in several languages.  He died nov. 28, at 8:00pm in 1988.  He was seven and a bit.  I counted up the months he lived,... it was 88 months.  go figure. I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Probly because I was too chicken to have an annual colnonoscopy. Have Your Colonoscopy ! ! The cancer spread and now its in my bones, lungs, liver lymph, and I've developed colono-rectal cancer. My Dr. whom I trust absolutely told me  "Dave there's nothing more we can do, if all goes well you have about 5 months to live,  you have absolutely no immunity to anything, the chemo took care of that."  No visitors, no going out for walks etc etc.Fortunately I have a very caring wife, she does everything she used to do and all the stuff I used to do, frustrates the hell out of me 'cause I loved helping out.  ah well, such is life.  I have no complaints, I don't feel cheated, I'm 75 and enjoyed my life. I found TT by snooping around on my computer.  That encouraged me to travel, I never had before, too busy.  I chose to backpack through Austria, Switzerland and Germany.   Bavaria was my favourite, The people were very warm and helpful.  went to my first curry night in Muich.  Didn't know anyone but had a good time.  Ive been to Germany three times since 2000 and three curry nights.  Slept in train stations, rode the trains and busses, slept in hostels and absolutely enjoyed myself. It took me out of my Policeman's Hard Shell and turned me back into a human. I loved hunting, fishing camping and hiking.  Playing with my son and being a family man.  I truly was a fortunate man.  Dave the Barbarian   ps  I'd love to make it to 100 "greenies" before the end ! Dave
  4. Thank you John,   the sharks are amassing,  our family has sued us twice,  both times they were embarrassed.   I fear when I am gone she will capitulate.  Bastards...

    behind every crown lies a murder.     

    the rich,  and I am on there shirttails, want no one to try to succeed.   We did.  


  5. What made you cry today?

    What made me cry today?  My oncologist, a man I love and trust advised me that the chemo treatments were not working and there were no further meds available.  He's given me 5 months at best.  I cry for my wife, the good woman that has stood by my side for 54 years.  Apparently I must leave her soon,  We lost our only son, and now she is losing me.  She is so trusting and good she is easily taken advantage of.  I fear for her.   These are chaotic times and so much is happening at once.  Despite my pretense of being a Barbarian living in a tent, that was me only in hunting season.  We are more than extremely well off financially and I'm trying to teach her there are sharks that will eat her alive.  A police officer for 32 years,  I was trained to protect,  now I won't even be able to protect the one I love most. Christ, the world is both so beautiful and cruel at the same time.  To all of you younger people in TT.  Shakespeare had it right,  "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may",  don't go crazy,  but enjoy the world while you are able to,  It's a beautiful place.  Dave the Barbarian.     ps Hi gaberlunzi, send me an email !