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  1. Hi all   I have an HP printer/scanner and a Remington curling iron for sale, both used but in good/very good condition and working. Here are the details:   HP Deskjet 2540 All-in-One Printer: The printer is working, as is the scanner and the photocopier. It has two cartridges inside, but the black one is starting to run out of ink. The printer has the Wlan feature but, to be honest, I never managed to get it working. The cables work well and you can print/scan with them. I am looking to sell it for 40 EUR but happy to negotiate the price. I will only sell to people who can pick it up from my central Munich apartment. Remington pro soft curl tong, including box and instructions: Bought in 2017 and used only a couple of times, like new. I would like to sell it for 10 EUR to anyone who can pick it up from my central Munich apartment.   See photos for more details:   There are a bunch of other items on the photo album: those are all free. Check this post ( for more information on those.   Cheers, Barbara  
  2. Best banks for opening a joint account

    Hi all, were there any developments on this in the past 10 years, or is DKB still the best option? @HellesAngel: were you happy with them?      
  3. Hi all - I could not find an answer to this in the other "freelance while employed" posts so I'm starting a new topic. Feel free to redirected me to the right thread if this has already been answered.   I am regularly employed (public sector) and occassionally, on the side, I do some freelance writing work. EU citizen, single, employer OK with occasional freelancing.   I declared my taxes for 2016 adding the extra freelance income of about 2000 EUR to my ELSTER form. A few months later I received a tax bill asking me to pay about 600 EUR tax plus some solidarietatzuschlag. So, the extra tax I paid was about 30% of what I earned freelancing. So far so good.   In May this year, I declared my taxes for 2017, a year when I did a bit more as a freelancer (about 6400 EUR). I got my tax bill yesterday and I am being asked to pay about 40% of what I made freelancing in taxes.   I understand that my taxes are charged taking into account my total income: freelance plus what I make from my main job. So I do expect them to be relatively high, but I find the increase from one year to the next quite steep. The salary for my main job didn't change significantly so the increase from 30% to 40% tax seems to be only related to the increase in my freelance income.   My question is: is this increase expected? How are these tax rates decided? Pinging @PandaMunich for help...   Thanks very much in advance!