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  1. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

      I wasn't expecting the door slamming to accomplish much...thanks for the input, genius...   Anyhow   I digressed...
  2. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    I am having a similar problem with the guy downstairs chain smoking on his balcony.  After reading through all the responses (90% useless and coming from idiot trolls), I think I will install a smoke detector, contact the Mietverein, and ask a lawyer.  That is if talking to the guy doesn't help (he is actually schizophrenic).  He doesn't seem to get the hint when I slam the door when he is smoking..   I smelled cigarettes on my clothes at work the last week, so it is getting out of hand.  The apartment smells like stale smoke.  For you captain Obvious' out there, I do shut the door.   This post is more of a plan than a question, so I will update it when I get more information.