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  1. Subleting parking spot

    Start by putting a notice in the mailboxes: Parkplatz zu vermieten XX€/Monat. If you're in Berlin, it will likely be snapped up by another tenant, for cash, hence not "income". If you absolutely need a contract, different and more complicated story.
  2. Buying a cell phone/"handy" as a foreigner
  3. Why do you think it might not be admissible? If you have a written or oral contract, it's legally binding and they are in breach. Your call, of course, but your legal insurance could be put to good use here. IANAL
  4. Electric Meter Number Scam

    Perhaps I've misunderstood: Are "the first chap" and the "woman" with the company from which you requested an e-mail? If so, legally you made first contact and it's no longer considered cold-calling.
  5. Lost luggage claim ticket and luggage
  6. Lost luggage claim ticket and luggage

    What do you mean by "ongoing"? If your luggage didn't arrive with you, they've lost it and you can file a claim:   Lufthansa, or more specifically Swissport, lost our 3 pieces on our way to our Christmas destination. This after insisting that we check our carry-on baggage into the hold! Luckily, they delivered everything to our accommodation about 5 days later. I submitted receipts for the stuff we had to buy (toiletries, underwear, etc.), which they paid out within two days of submission. If there isn't anything vital in the lost bag, submit a claim NOW!  
  7. All things Tesla

    "Doing good" and indulging in luxury seem somewhat contradictory, unless of course you meant "doing well".
  8. Office 365 renewal

    Open Office. Forget Microshaft.
  9. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    They're baaaaackk! Got a call on my mobile this afternoon, south-Asian accented man (German tel #) telling me he was from Microshaft. Me: Sie rufen Deutschland an. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Him: Do you have a computer, sir? Me: Sie rufen Deutschland an. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Him: (pause) deush...ah! (hangs up) 10 minutes later, his female colleague from Heraklion (JohnG, does Nicole have a side job?) called and spoke in very poor, recited German. Me: Does your mother know you're a criminal? Her: Sorry? Click.
  10. Seems like a reliable source...
  11. Out of curiosity, where did you read that? I know it was a campaign promise, but haven't head any more since the election. I hope it is indeed in the works.