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  1. Pretty hard to change lanes, with or without signalling, in a U_Bahn. I once saw a car driver in SF berating a streetcar driver for not steering around his illegally parked car. SFB
  2. Drivers and hand signals

    Isn't that why we have an abundance of overly complex laws, to relieve us of the burden of thinking for ourselves? Common sense...isn't.
  3. First step would be (unless you've already taken it) to find out if there are any Fernwärme pipes in your vicinity. I asked some years ago, but the nearest pipes to my building in Berlin were more than a kilometre away. If the pipes aren't already in your street, it isn't a simple question of just connecting your building/house.
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

  5. I can imagine that you'll need to register in order to get accommodation in Munich. But I can also imagine it will take more than 6 months to get a registration appointment. Good luck.
  6. What's your favorite German music?

    Einstürzende Neubauten - Dingsaller

    On your recommendation I, too, ordered a case of Camembert and was pleasantly surprised. Juicy and full, but not sweet. My only complaint is that the wine seems very volatile. When I open a bottle, half of it evaporates before I can pour a second glass. My wife agrees, smilingly and unsteadily.
  8. I don't know how common this is in Europe, but in Canada you would be crazy NOT to hire a building inspector before purchase. Look at: The website is only in German, but Deepl is your friend.
  9. House insurance after buying a house from previous owner

    "I do not speak German and would like to know if there any Home insurance companies in Germany that provide automatic translations into English." I suspect the OP did not understand or would not be posting here and asking for advice.
  10. Do you live in the Strausberg area?

    Strausberg is in fact 16 km from the Tesla grounds and has a direct S-Bahn connection to Berlin. Prices are indeed rising in all the outlying areas of Berlin, but probably still lower than Leipzig or Munich. It may look isolated on the map, but is definitely not a village. A former client of mine lives in nearby Fredersdorf, which is also no longer a village, growing rapidly with young families. Best to just visit the area and form your own impressions.
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

    School holidays a couple of weeks ago. Happens every time.
  12. Moving from Germany to Canada

    A rather blanket statement, I'd say. Canada can be very good for employment, depending on the sector. And southwest BC has similar weather to Brandenburg, mild and wet. It's also much less conservative than most of Canada, and by extension most of the US. The only real downside is the high cost of living.
  13. Does it have to be a high school exchange program? Have you thought about simply engaging a tutor? If so, let me know. My wife (Canadian, CELTA-qualified, experienced English teacher) tutors a lot of young people in Berlin, these days only remotely but who knows about the future?
  14. Has anyone else noticed that Deutsche Welle is no longer carried by Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland? Does anyone know why?
  15. Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland has dropped Deutsche Welle

    Thanks, but that doesn't answer my question.
  16. German news program with English subtitles

    Bumping an old topic. Does anyone have any idea why Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland is no longer carrying Deutsche Welle?
  17. I can easily lock up the back wheel with two fingers. More is superfluous.
  18. For that much money, I want a post-ride massage too!
  19. Having done my share of serious mountain biking and downhilling in western Canada, where crashing is part of the game, I would never use hydraulic brakes (BTW, not "breaks") in such conditions. It doesn't take a serious spill to rupture a hydraulic line and then, guess what, you have no Plan B for stopping. I have a mechanical (i.e. cable-activated) disc brake on my cross bike which works very nicely and is far less likely to fail after a crash.
  20. Small claims courts in Germany
  21. What are you cooking today?

    Try: The Munich branch is near the bottom of the page. I spend far too much money in the Berlin-Schöneberg location.
  22. I would further correct it to read "...for those who think only of themselves."
  23. To be more pedantic, "Germans have successfully eliminated those in the 19th century." I'll get my parka...
  24. Financial options for expensive dental procedures?

    A few years back I had a crown done in Poland. It would have cost €1400 in Berlin, of which my insurance would have paid half. For the same money, my wife and I had a week's holiday in Poznan and I got a shiny new crown into the bargain. Very professional work, and the dentist spoke English well. I'll go back if I need more work. Check: