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  1. Loud banging from heating system

    Agreed. Same happened to us in a previous apartment where a valve had been installed backwards (!?!?). I would still start with the simplest, cheapest option (i.e. the €2 key from a hardware store and a few minutes of radiator bleeding) before moving to the more complicated.
  2. Loud banging from heating system

    It is normal at the start of the heating season. Bleeding the radiators should stop the noises. That's probably what the maintenance personnel did. It's an easy job and there are plenty of videos online.
  3. Consumer rules advice

    Digits crossed and thumbs pressed for you.
  4. Consumer rules advice

    Is the problem with Windows or the tablet itself? In any case, take the tablet, with proof of purchase, back to the store where you bought it. If I remember correctly, the minimum over-the-counter return policy is one year in Germany.
  5. That is indeed the going rate for a PCR test in Canada, no idea about the antigen test. I'm resident in Germany and fully-vaccinated, so didn't have to pay through my already irritated nose.
  6. I'm Canadian and recently had a PCR test here: Antigen tests cost €25, even for Brits
  7. The open market at Yorckstraße/Großgörschenstraße S-Bahn on Wednesdays and Saturdays may have them, as well as the discount shop at Kolonnenstraße/ Hohenfriedbergstraße. Discounters like Lidl & Aldi have such things from time to time.
  8. Travel to the US and back.

    Four weeks ago I flew Berlin-Paris Charles de Gaulle-Vancouver. I was a little concerned as I only had a scheduled 90-minute stopover at CdG and my flight from Berlin was delayed by 30 minutes. Breezed through CdG and reached my gate with no problem. BTW, returning to Berlin via Amsterdam last Saturday, I walked from the baggage carousel at BER to the S-Bahn station without being asked for my Imfpass, test results or anything of the sort. Makes me feel all warm and feverish, sorry, fuzzy inside.