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  1. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    They're baaaaackk! Got a call on my mobile this afternoon, south-Asian accented man (German tel #) telling me he was from Microshaft. Me: Sie rufen Deutschland an. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Him: Do you have a computer, sir? Me: Sie rufen Deutschland an. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Him: (pause) deush...ah! (hangs up) 10 minutes later, his female colleague from Heraklion (JohnG, does Nicole have a side job?) called and spoke in very poor, recited German. Me: Does your mother know you're a criminal? Her: Sorry? Click.
  2. Seems like a reliable source...
  3. Out of curiosity, where did you read that? I know it was a campaign promise, but haven't head any more since the election. I hope it is indeed in the works.
  4. Not just somebody, but Jonny. Can't be too surprised, can we?
  5. Package delivery to Ireland

    You may want to look more closely at DHL:
  6. type of grain grown in germany. getreide

    It's the German (and Irish) national beverage! Usually about 4-4.5 % alcohol.
  7. buying a new computer

    If you're interested, I bought a refurbished basic Fujitsu laptop with Windows 10 early in the year from: You can specify your requirements and see what they have available. I'm not a Microshaft fan, but am very happy with the laptop. Can't tell it isn't new.
  8. Is it a DISCRIMINATION at work place.?

    Irritated linguist here. "Mobbing", as should be implied by its core "mob", is by definition done by a group and normally involves violence. The correct word is, in fact, "harassment". In all other respects, yourkeau's comments are correct.
  9. Renewing residence permit but no response

    Get on the phone.
  10. computer printer - which to buy?

    My 2 cents: I've been using a Samsung SCX-3200 b/w laser printer/scanner for more than 10 years, with recycled toner cartridges. Still going strong, cartridges are cheap.
  11. Benadryl anti itch

    If you have an aloe very plant, slice open a leaf and rub the gel on. Otherwise, low concentration cortisone cream is available OTC and works well on bites.
  12. Microsoft - early Image Editing Programme

    Try this: