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  1. Small claims courts in Germany
  2. What are you cooking today?

    Try: The Munich branch is near the bottom of the page. I spend far too much money in the Berlin-Schöneberg location.
  3. I would further correct it to read "...for those who think only of themselves."
  4. To be more pedantic, "Germans have successfully eliminated those in the 19th century." I'll get my parka...
  5. Financial options for expensive dental procedures?

    A few years back I had a crown done in Poland. It would have cost €1400 in Berlin, of which my insurance would have paid half. For the same money, my wife and I had a week's holiday in Poznan and I got a shiny new crown into the bargain. Very professional work, and the dentist spoke English well. I'll go back if I need more work. Check:
  6. With a property investment of €500K or more, you're eligible for a Golden Visa (permanent residence), not citizenship.
  7. " income and credit score would be good enough to get a loan for 100,000 EUR which is not much, I'd say." I was in Valencia two years ago and it was possible then to buy an older apartment in the city for less than €100K, in need of renovation/modernisation but liveable. If you're willing to look outside Valencia proper, you can find lower prices.   "I'm not ready to give up my US citizenship just yet." The new government has indicated changes to the citizenship laws, specifically allowing dual citizenship. This would remove a lot of the hurdles in the way of moving to Spain. This is what I (a Canadian ex-pat in Berlin) am waiting for.   Please keep us posted!
  8. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    I've taught for a number of law firms here in Berlin and can assure you that these two will be able to provide English-speaking lawyers specialising in labour law: (Prenzlauer Berg) (Hackescher Markt) IHO, an initial consultation fee is worth far more than the €3500 being demanded of you, not to mention the peace of mind. Act NOW and good luck.
  9. Switching radiators off properly

    Good information, but did you notice that you replied to a 7-year old post?
  10. Using Elsterformular for tax returns

    Reviving a dormant topic here. As a freelance English trainer, I've been making extensive use of Zoom in the last year. Do any of the tax experts out there in TT know how I should declare the licence fee in Elster's EÜR? Telekommunikation (line 49)? Gebühren (line 55)? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  11. Need a lawyer

    Unwitting newcomers excepted, of course.
  12. Need a lawyer

    Perhaps the misnamed optimista would get bored and go away were it not for those on this forum who insist on engaging with this troll.
  13. Six months for return of deposit is by no means unusual in Germany.
  14. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Just love pushing buttons! Wonder what this one does. Nice red colour...
  15. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Less to do specifically with Tesla, more to do with human folly:
  16. Language question for Native German speakers

    Pedant chiming in: It's called the causative form, meaning the subject (in this case "We) caused something to be done. It's essentially a mix of active and passive, not to be confused with passive/aggressive (Sorry dear, did you grunt something?)
  17. Facebook to change its name

    Certainly explains why my bolism has been so slow of late.
  18. Facebook to change its name

    Quick! Strike out all words containing "meta", lest we be thought of as anti-something and cancelled.
  19. buying a dsl router

    Can't say about O2, but I stopped using my Vodafone-provided router long ago. Been using a 2nd hand Fritzbox 7390 for several years with no problems. Easy to install and set up, even on Linux.
  20. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    Good advice for the wifully ignorant. I flew BER-CDG-YVR in July and that information was splashed all over the KLM/AF website and very clear on the Canadian government website. The poor woman who was denied boarding has only one person to blame.
  21. Wohngeld spiralling out of control

    For perspective, we're in a WEG in Berlin. The buildings date from the late 60s and there is a sizeable green space. Our building doesn't have an elevator or piped hot water. Our Wohngeld is €235 and has been for the 10 years we've been here. We normally get a little back every year. For a Neubau with elevator, €370 doesn't sound that out of line. It still wouldn't hurt to scope out some other property management companies. Although you can't attend the annual meetings, you should still receive a detailed annual expense breakdown and an agenda for any new outlays, plus a proxy form. Use your proxy right and contact other owners.
  22. How long to wait after making an offer on a house?

    It depends very much on local demand. If you make an offer on an apartment in Berlin, for example, expect a bidding war and a proportionally long wait for a response.For a freestanding house in rural Thuringia, the situation might well be different. Where and on what have you made your offer?
  23. Do German women stare at guys?

    Is this really the worst you have to think about? That goes well beyond first world problems. Put on your big boy pants, pull down the zipper and do what you need to do. I'll get my coat...
  24. Windows 11

    The description mentions Windows 11, the technical data specifies Windows 10 Pro. Fishy. I would take it back for a refund. Insiders apparently have access to the beta version of Win11.
  25. Loud banging from heating system

    Agreed. Same happened to us in a previous apartment where a valve had been installed backwards (!?!?). I would still start with the simplest, cheapest option (i.e. the €2 key from a hardware store and a few minutes of radiator bleeding) before moving to the more complicated.