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  1. Advice regarding lying Vodafone technician

    Frequently, but glory is fleeting.
  2. Advice regarding lying Vodafone technician

    A long time ago in a land far, far away. The morning after a particularly out-of-hand party, the doorbell rang. Out the side window I saw a middle-aged couple I didn't recognize holding a few nice little books. With the confidence of a lot of residual ... substances ... in my bloodstream, I opened the door and glared at them in all my naked glory. They stared at me and at the various equally naked people sleeping on the floor and said, "We'll come back later." Still waiting...
  3. Create a new conspiracy theory

    Are you suggesting we're more advanced than ants?
  4. Worth a try?
  5. Call for app developers

    I taught for this company a few years back: Everyone there speaks English, some better than others. Perhaps someone would have a few minutes for you.
  6. 21st Century Steam Power

    Perhaps the most effective method is to simply reduce the amount of energy being consumed, e.g. spend less time posting opinions via a highly energy intensive device. I include myself in this, by the way. We expend much too much time and, yes, energy trying to find ways to make energy production cheaper/cleaner/easier/more politically correct. Just switch the damn thing off once in a while! I'm going to do that as soon as I finish this sen...
  7. Using a German cell phone within the U.S.

    Same question from me for use in Canada.
  8. What should be included in a remote work contract?

    Afraid I can't supply you with the correct language, but absolutely ensure that everything is defined. Who will pay for the computer equipment you use for work? Internet/telephone costs? Increased electricity costs? These should all be covered by the employer, but employers will try to get out of it if they can. Don't accept a verbal agreement - cover your a$$ with (signed) paper.
  9. FWIW, our apartment block in T'Hof has cable serviced by Vodafone. We get all the basic cable channels including BBC World and Al Jazeera with no receiver, just plugged into the back of the TV, which has a built-in tuner. Checked again yesterday, no problems with the Beeb or AJ.
  10. "Right before left" traffic priority

    So calming that it took nicholas-corwin 13 years to complete his response
  11. Coldest hands ever...
  12. Thanks. It isn't a large bill, but the cheekiness is a bit galling.
  13. Possibly an absurdly naive question, but I didn't find an answer using the search box: Are doctors allowed to charge for administering COVID vaccine (BionTech)? I received a bill from my GP today for "Berautung / auch telefonisch" (They called me four weeks ago to ask if I wanted a vaccination) and "Bes. Hygienemaßnahmen Pandemie". I'm privately insured.
  14. If you're shipping the bike as a gift from one private individual to another, it is a gift and not a commercial shipment. Just list the value of the bike on the normal customs declaration.
  15. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

    Gwyneth Paltrow...