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  1. Small claims courts in Germany
  2. What are you cooking today?

    Try: The Munich branch is near the bottom of the page. I spend far too much money in the Berlin-Schöneberg location.
  3. I would further correct it to read "...for those who think only of themselves."
  4. To be more pedantic, "Germans have successfully eliminated those in the 19th century." I'll get my parka...
  5. Financial options for expensive dental procedures?

    A few years back I had a crown done in Poland. It would have cost €1400 in Berlin, of which my insurance would have paid half. For the same money, my wife and I had a week's holiday in Poznan and I got a shiny new crown into the bargain. Very professional work, and the dentist spoke English well. I'll go back if I need more work. Check:
  6. With a property investment of €500K or more, you're eligible for a Golden Visa (permanent residence), not citizenship.
  7. " income and credit score would be good enough to get a loan for 100,000 EUR which is not much, I'd say." I was in Valencia two years ago and it was possible then to buy an older apartment in the city for less than €100K, in need of renovation/modernisation but liveable. If you're willing to look outside Valencia proper, you can find lower prices.   "I'm not ready to give up my US citizenship just yet." The new government has indicated changes to the citizenship laws, specifically allowing dual citizenship. This would remove a lot of the hurdles in the way of moving to Spain. This is what I (a Canadian ex-pat in Berlin) am waiting for.   Please keep us posted!
  8. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    I've taught for a number of law firms here in Berlin and can assure you that these two will be able to provide English-speaking lawyers specialising in labour law: (Prenzlauer Berg) (Hackescher Markt) IHO, an initial consultation fee is worth far more than the €3500 being demanded of you, not to mention the peace of mind. Act NOW and good luck.
  9. Switching radiators off properly

    Good information, but did you notice that you replied to a 7-year old post?
  10. Using Elsterformular for tax returns

    Reviving a dormant topic here. As a freelance English trainer, I've been making extensive use of Zoom in the last year. Do any of the tax experts out there in TT know how I should declare the licence fee in Elster's EÜR? Telekommunikation (line 49)? Gebühren (line 55)? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  11. Need a lawyer

    Unwitting newcomers excepted, of course.
  12. Need a lawyer

    Perhaps the misnamed optimista would get bored and go away were it not for those on this forum who insist on engaging with this troll.
  13. Six months for return of deposit is by no means unusual in Germany.
  14. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Just love pushing buttons! Wonder what this one does. Nice red colour...
  15. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Less to do specifically with Tesla, more to do with human folly: