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  1. Microsoft - early Image Editing Programme

    Try this:
  2. Betriebskosten issue

    @PandaMunich, others have said it here, I can only reiterate: "You are a treasure!" The world needs more like you.
  3. Betriebskosten issue

    Better yet!
  4. Betriebskosten issue

    Thank you so much for the links. The number of lowrise and highrise units are, in fact equal, but it seems a 2/3 majority is needed when it comes to repair and maintenance work. Looks like I'm out of luck and out of pocket.
  5. Betriebskosten issue

    Bumping this thread. We own an apartment in a Wohneigentumgemeinschaft consisting of two lowrise (4 and 5 floors) blocks and one highrise building (12 floors). The three blocks are not connected, aside form being part of the same WEG. We've just received notice that the elevators in the highrise need renewing/replacing, and the costs are beings hared out among ALL the units. We have neither access to, nor use of these elevators, but are looking at a one-off special fee of nearly €800. Do any of you lovely TTers know if we have any legal basis for contesting this? We don't have legal insurance. Any constructive advice greatly appreciated.
  6. The English Teacher's Corner

    I'm becoming outdated and am often led into confusion...
  7. The English Teacher's Corner

    Not that I doubt you, but I'd love to see your source. I've always understood there is a distinction between, for example, a verbal and a written agreement. Cambridge dictionary defines " verbal" as "spoken rather than written". Of course, now the Oxonians will jump all over me...
  8. Pretty hard to change lanes, with or without signalling, in a U_Bahn. I once saw a car driver in SF berating a streetcar driver for not steering around his illegally parked car. SFB
  9. Drivers and hand signals

    Isn't that why we have an abundance of overly complex laws, to relieve us of the burden of thinking for ourselves? Common sense...isn't.
  10. First step would be (unless you've already taken it) to find out if there are any Fernwärme pipes in your vicinity. I asked some years ago, but the nearest pipes to my building in Berlin were more than a kilometre away. If the pipes aren't already in your street, it isn't a simple question of just connecting your building/house.
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

  12. I can imagine that you'll need to register in order to get accommodation in Munich. But I can also imagine it will take more than 6 months to get a registration appointment. Good luck.
  13. What's your favorite German music?

    Einstürzende Neubauten - Dingsaller

    On your recommendation I, too, ordered a case of Camembert and was pleasantly surprised. Juicy and full, but not sweet. My only complaint is that the wine seems very volatile. When I open a bottle, half of it evaporates before I can pour a second glass. My wife agrees, smilingly and unsteadily.
  15. I don't know how common this is in Europe, but in Canada you would be crazy NOT to hire a building inspector before purchase. Look at: The website is only in German, but Deepl is your friend.