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  1. Translation of the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung form

    That's possible, although I think it would then be abbreviated as Ber./Abt. I talked with a tax-consultant client of mine and she suspects it's not an "official" abbreviation. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Translation of the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung form

    And, no, it has nothing to do with BER the airport
  3. Translation of the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung form

    Hi everybody, I'm translating a business agreement from DE to EN and have come across an abbreviation which has stumped me. Does anyone know what "Ber.-Abt." means in the context of Kostenstelle (cost centre)? I suspect the second part stands for Abteilung, but all my googling, deepling and old-fashioned dictionaries have not helped with the first part. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Arbeitsamt thinks I was employed when I wasn't

    After a few years in Germany you should realise that the Finanzamt rarely sends out forms unrequested unless they're demanding money. They would prefer to berate/punish you for not doing what you didn't know you were supposed to do . In your place I would gather up all relevant documents, copy them and make an appointment to see your friendly neighbourhood Beamter*in in person, despite the Corona situation. Good luck!
  5. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    My young lady became quite upset when I asked her to explain how to turn on my computer: "Which little button? There are many buttons and switches here." "Are you joking with me sir!?!?"
  6. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    They're at it again. Twice this morning a young lady with an Indian subcontinent accent called. First time, my wife picked up but couldn't understand the accent. Second time I picked up. Interestingly, the number had a Berlin area code and she spoke (bad) German before asking me if I spoke a little bit of English. The number displayed was: 030 855 5674.
  7. Mieterverein doesn't answer, what now?

    The laws may well vary from state to state, but our last two owners' meetings (in Berlin) were done completely in absentia, only through limited power of attorney. The usual rules of qurom applied. Granted, there were no major issues on the agenda.
  8. DHL to America during Covid

    Not quite the same, but I sent an XS Päckchen to Canada recently, €9 online, dropped off at Packstation, arrived 2.5 weeks later. Wife sent M Päckchen 2 weeks later, same procedure. No problems, but no tracking possible.
  9. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    My understanding is that only publicly-insured individuals receive the invitation automatically. Those of us who, willingly or not, are privately insured have to request an invitation from their doctor or insurance company. I'd love to be corrected on this point.
  10. Alternative for Flash-player

    Adobe has ended support for Flash. In the last weeks, Microshaft, Firefox, Ubuntu et al have sent notices to users warning that they should uninstall Flash player as it no longer works. Some other players can still play flash video.
  11. Elevator out-of-service

    The fact that no elevator is specified in the rental contract unfortunately makes your case very weak. Although the non-functioning elevator is there to see, the landlord is not withholding anything that you're paying for. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.
  12. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Er, problem with French cidre, or just with Rewe's version thereof?
  13. This was the best joke during COVID time.     If only it had been a joke ...
  14. I can do you one better. We were in a coastal town in Portugal some 20 years ago (sorry Mike Melga). My wife tucked into her caldeirada (fish stew) and pulled a 2 inch fishhook (luckily without barb) out of her mouth. When we took the server to task she said, "Well, you know the fish is fresh."
  15. How did you pay? If you used a credit card or paypal, you should be able to get a refund for products not received.