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  1. Traffic Fines- out of the country

    Mmm...have you actually contacted Stadt Hamburg?
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    "I will never get used to Germans obsessing over Black Week. It is really annoying." It is indeed. They will never understand that it should be "Week of Colour".
  3. new dual citizenship law

    Where did you hear that, Krieg? I'll be happy if it's true. Well, I'll be happy if it passes...
  4. Money-Saving Tips

    @Fietsrad: "What about the police? They do next to nothing..." Now let's be fair. They're very busy guarding embassies and doughnut shops. The thinking seems to be that cameras are a good replacement for boots on the streets.
  5. Money-Saving Tips

    "...the car is supposed to wait for the cyclist, assuming the car is turning right and the cyclist is going straight. " Absolutely. I'm talking about situations where the driver has done their due diligence and a cyclist tears down the road and swerves in front of the already-turning vehicle. In so many cases, the cyclist (perhaps) has the right-of-way, but is dead or seriously injured for asserting it.
  6. Money-Saving Tips

    "The "problem cyclists" are not cyclists, they are €bikers (motor vehicles) 😕" "I would say it's the spandex brigade on racing/gravel bikes!" Most of the "problem cyclists" I see in Berlin are normal people on human-powered city bikes who think it's perfectly fine to cut off an already turning vehicle just because they have the green light. Next are young parents with kids in cargo bikes who seem to think the kids will serve well as a bumper when they run a red light. And before the other entitled cyclists jump all over me, I've been cycling for many decades in cities much more dangerous than anything Germany can offer. I wear a helmet and stop at red lights. Sometimes I even wave a driver through when I have the right-of-way. A little give-and-take can go a long way.
  7. Money-Saving Tips

    "How can anyone cycle in a big town, like Berlin?" I cycle almost every day year round in central Berlin. The car drivers are far less problematic than the entitled "cyclists".
  8. Money-Saving Tips

    "Winter is coming. 😁" Yes, it seems to do that every year. And...?
  9. Money-Saving Tips

    Methinks someone in the shop made a BIG mistake. The location sounds like Zweirad Stadler. I just looked at their website and the most expensive pedals I found were Look Keo Blade or Shimano Dura Ace racing pedals for €170/pair:
  10. Money-Saving Tips

    @Fietsrad: Oh, come on now! You must have a link.
  11. Late Anmeldung/Registration Fine

    @murphaph: You had to ummelden an outhouse?!? :-)
  12. International cycling groups

    @catjones: I don't know where you came up with that idea (perhaps chatgpt), but it's dead wrong. I was an early internet adopter. I just happen to use it very critically, as I would any tool. And, by the way, people HAVE gotten lazy, or lazier.
  13. International cycling groups

    No offense, but chatgpt is nobody's friend. It is at best unreliable, at all times a threat to intellectual (and other) property, at worst another step along the way of our complete abdication of personal responsibility for anything and everything. When did laziness become a virtue?