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  1. How to repair a Rolladen

    This post is a general repair guide to replace the wall mounted Belt-Winder or Aufschraubwickler.   The belt-winder is the mechanism that takes up the slack in the Strap and has the locking cam used to hold the strap in place. The belt-winder comes in two versions; an external model "Aufschraubwickler" which is usually mounted to the window frame, or an internal version called an "Einlasswickler" which is built into the wall. In either case, the other end of the strap comes out of the belt-winder and connects to the Belt Wheel "Gurtscheibe" inside the Rolladen housing above the window.   For reference to the parts and names in English, check out this link:   There are several versions of the Aufschraubwickler available depending on the length and width of the Strap you need. Also note the color of the housing and the Strap as these are available in different colors too. The Aufschraubwickler includes the rewinding mechanism and has the Strap built in so you don’t need to buy a separate Strap.   To repair a broken Strap you have two options; either buy a new one or buy a repair kit. If you elect to repair it, then you will need a Strap repair kit called a "Gurtfix". I won't go into detail here as the pictures on the package are pretty straight forward as to how the repair is done. If you want to replace it, just buy the Strap (check the width, length and color) and make the replacement using the instructions below. Frankly, I found it was just easier to replace the entire Aufschraubwickler.   If the spring in the Aufschraubwickler has broken and it won't automatically take up the slack, you'll have to replace the entire unit since the internal parts are not available seperately. These parts can be purchased at your local hardware store (Baumarkt, Obi, etc) and are not expensive. The Strap repair kit is around 5-10 Euro and a new Aufschraubwickler runs around 10-15 Euro. In either case, you’ll want to take the old Strap and/or Aufschraubwickler with you to make sure you get an exact replacement.   Tools you’ll need:   (1) Philips and/or flat tip screwdriver (2) Permanent marker (3) Drill (if new mounting holes are required)   Here's how to do it –   Although this can be done by one person, I suggest you get a friend to help. A second pair of hands will come in handy in holding the Rolladen in place or taking up the Strap slack while you’re making the repairs. The term "Rolladen" referes to the entire unit, a "shutter" is one of the indiviudal panels which makes up the Rolladen.   1) Remove the Rolladen Cover: How this panel is held in place will vary depending on the model you have. Typically the front panel above the window frame on the inside will just snap off, however check for screws. Be aware there may be some sort of insulation material (Styrofoam) behind the panel so be sure to note how it was installed so you can put it back exactly the same way. The covers are often very soft plastic, so use care when you attempt to pry it off with a screwdriver as you may mar the plastic.   2) Remove the Shutter Brackets: The Rolladen should be all the way DOWN. If it's not, CAREFULLY let it all the way down (get someone to take the weight off if necessary). Once it's down, and depending on the width of your Rolladen, there will be several Shutter Brackets that connect the end of the last shutter to the axel. These need to be removed so you can rotate the axel without the shutters attached to it. There should be a screw at the end of each Bracket that's screwed into the Axel. Use the permanent marker to mark on the axel where each of the Brackets are located and then remove the screws and set them aside. Note: Do NOT remove the Shutter Brackets from the shutter.   3) Remove the Old Strap: Now that the Rolladen is free from the axel, you can rotate the axel to access the end of the Strap connected to the Take-Up Wheel. Note how the end of the Strap was connected to the wheel; there's a small hole through the last 5-10mm at the end of the Strap that is either screwed to the wheel or fitted over a retaining stud or possibly fed through a slot in the wheel. You will probably have to "unwind" the axel to get to the end of the Strap if the Strap is rolled over itself.   4) Replace the Belt-Winder: Remove the old Aufshraubwickler/Einlasswickler and install the new one. Depending on the model you have, the holes may or may not match, so install accordingly.   5) Connecting the Strap: Now that the new Belt-Winder is in place you need to connect the end of the Strap up into the Rolladen housing and on to the Take-Up Wheel. Feed the Strap up through the slot in the housing and make sure not to twist it. (Note; you may want to have someone hold the Strap so it doesn't keep trying to rewind itself). Feed the Strap over the top of the Take-Up Wheel, around the back, and bring it towards you under the bottom of the Take-Up Wheel. Now connect the end of the Strap to the take-up wheel stud or re-screw it in place. Grasp the axel and rotate it to wind up the Strap as far as it will go and hold it in place.   NOTE: When you wind up the axel, pay attention to WHICH DIRECTION you rotate it. The Strap should wind OVER THE TOP of the Take-Up wheel, NOT under it.   6) Reconnect the Shutter Brackets: Rotate the axel just enough to reconnect the Shutter Brackets to the axel. Line them up with the marks you made and re-attach them to the axel.   7) Roll up the Rolladen: Now that the Strap and Shutter Brackets are re-connected, you can pull up the Rolladen by the cord as you normally would. The individual shutters may bind a little, so go slow and ease it back up. Let it back down and roll it up a couple of times to make sure the shutters don't bind and that the Strap is in the right position within the housing. If everything looks good, you’re almost done.   8) Reinstall the Cover: If there was any insulation, replace it and then put the cover back on. That’s it!   Key Words: Rolladen Strap = Rollladengurt Strap Repair Kit = Gurtfix Strap Rewind Mechanism = External; Aufshraubwickler. Internal; Einlasswickler Take-Up Wheel = Gurtscheibe Shutter Bracket = Rollladen-Aufhängungen Shutter = Rollladen