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  1. Does a Fish Fart?

    There is actually an old Greek joke about that: "How does the red mullet fart?" ... … … ... "It doesn't fart, this is why it is red!"   (I am sorry, I could not resist… By the way, this fish tastes absolutely amazing)
  2. Very short-term job in Munich

    Thank you for the comments. Yes, he does have health insurance in Greece and I believe he also has a EHI card. Will ask him right away, but I think that should be the easiest point to fix.
  3. Very short-term job in Munich

    Thank you for your answer, I had totally forgotten about the health insurance part. Is this also required from mini-jobbers?   Some additional info: He already has a stable job in Greece and will be using his vacation to do that (it is fine for his employer), so he is already working his butt off. The plan is to take an unpaid sabbatical leave for two years and join her as soon as his German improves. What happens after these two years remains to be seen. The things we do for love…   EDIT: His girlfriend is Greek.
  4. Very short-term job in Munich

    A friend of mine is chasing his dream of relocating to Munich from Greece to join his girlfriend. He has been learning German non-stop and occassionally visits her and attends language classes. Ideally, he would like to find a job he could do every time he is there (say 2 weeks every 2-3 months) to cover some of the costs and improve his language skills.   Does anyone know if this is possible at all? We are talking about jobs without high education requirements, like delivery service, waiting tables, etc. Does he need to be registered in Munich? Does he need a bank account or can the money be deposited to his girlfriend's account / to his account in Greece? What about any complications with the tax office?   Sorry if it has been asked before, but I could not find anything directly related to my question.