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  1. Coronavirus

      I don't doubt it, from memory the doc. told me you can check how healthy your lifestyle is by counting up various unhealthy things you do or don't do e.g. alcohol, exercise, overeating, fast food etc. (all of which have scores) when you have the total if you smoke you have to multiply it by 3! Strangely I don't recall vitamin D and fresh air were listed as having positives.
  2. Coronavirus

    Has there been any studies on smoking and covid?  I seem to recall that it was suggested, in the early days of the pandemic, that smokers would be  more liable to infection and be worse effected and I wonder if this is indeed to case?
  3. Coronavirus

      Same here, through my account at the Impfzentrum but maybe if you got from a doctor the only option may be via an Apotheke?
  4. Coronavirus

      My guess is it depends what is meant by optimal, whilst the study shows the longer interval increases the level of anti-bodies it also shows there was a decline in the period between the doses. Quote:- For the longer dosing interval, researchers saw antibody levels fall noticeably between the first and second dose when tested in the lab. In particular, neutralising antibody levels against the Delta variant were poorly induced after a single dose, and not maintained during the interval before the second dose.   So although the longer interval can give a desirable outcome it may also leave the recipient more open to infection between doses which is not optimal! Leastways that's how I read it.
  5.   They also used to regularly use a landing pad at Bogenhausen hospital, at least they did when I was in there for a couple of weeks, but that was 19 years ago so somewhat surprised that the OP reports it has become an issue in the last 4 years. I live under the flight path of rescue helicopters coming from the south and have not noticed any massive increase in flights in recent years, only the police helicopter at night over the Krone-Park, area though no idea if this is training or the real thing.
  6. Coronavirus

    I don't want to be negative, although right from the very start of this pandemic I have found little to be positive about, but here we are in the height of summer and it looks to me like the situation is much worse than it was 1 year ago following the relaxing of the first lockdowns! New infection rates are high or rising everywhere in Europe since the most recent lockdowns have been relaxed and vaccination has not proved to be an effective alternative. Currently the UK has nearly 90% (88.5%) of eligible adults with the first jab and over 70% (72.1%) with both but despite that and improved treatments, since the relaxing of lock down restrictions,  new infections have risen back up to winter levels and although hospital admissions for covid are lower, it is still significant, currently around 6k, deaths have risen too. Not sure at what point herd immunity should come in but with fewer eligible for vaccination it seems not to have happened yet! Much the same seems to be happening in the rest of Europe but possibly with worse consequences due to lower vaccination rates. With travel becoming less restricted it seems likely the spread of covid variants will not be contained and even with plans for a 3rd Bion-Tech jab it is not clear how effective that is against the delta variant or new ones. Are we looking at the situation worsening further at the end of the summer and the inevitable prospect of further lockdowns in the winter or has there been any progress on improving the vaccines?
  7. Yet Another Pension Problem

    I do get that but in comparison to the cost of my private Krankenversicherung it is insignificant, but again thanks.
  8. Yet Another Pension Problem

      I assume that does not apply to those who are insured under a private German Krankenkasse since the premiums are not based on income or subsidised on retirement, is that correct?
  9. Coronavirus

      Ah so that is where you got your sh*t fetish from
  10. Coronavirus

    You have obviously never been on a farm, they use dung on everything that they grow, including the grass they feed to the animals! Don't you wash things before you eat them or is your diet entirely fast food?
  11. Coronavirus

      Is picking them enough or do you need to eat them or otherwise ingest them? What about in winter?
  12. Coronavirus

    Don't worry about staying on topic John, you are probably an excellent example of Long Covid causing Alzheimer's symptoms, I bet you can't remember even having had covid let alone a time before you lost your marbles. Everything is fine just take a long nap and all those pesky short term memories will be long gone by tomorrow.
  13. Coronavirus

      John I'm very disappointed that you would think there was any way I would get married in a church! It was a relative of my wife who got married.
  14. Coronavirus

      I was in Austria for a wedding on the weekend, we had to show our covid Ausweis (covPass app.) just about everywhere , restaurants, cafes, hotel, bars, gondola and in some places also a registration, very strict! Only the church failed, very crowded, no social distancing, no masks and people singing but of course god will look after us-NOT!
  15. Coronavirus

    For those of you who have issues with the non-covid related facts or fictions published in various newspapers and online, please open a new thread on the subject and stop cluttering this one up!