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  1. Which TV Cable do I purchase?

      You should be able to get an adapter with a screw in for the sat socket on one side and a regular push in on the other side for the coax cable to the TV, that way you only need one cable. I suspect the regular cable plus adapter will be cheaper than 2 cables with different ends, if you see what I mean.
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I don't think that would be anywhere near enough! Way back over 30 years ago I spent a couple of winters in New England in the USA and recall that just about  every open air long term parking spot (appartments, companies etc) was equipped with a power point so you could connect you car's sump heater (stops the oil freezing up in the very cold weather). How much more difficult would it be to do the same for EV charging here in Europe, come on think big.
  3. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I always thought that when a diesel ran out of fuel the injectors had to be bled before it was possible to get it to start again, in which case it would not be possible to " grab a can of fuel,pour it in and drive away again". Is that no longer the true?
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Not so many smokers around these days and those that are are dying out, sadly that may not be the case for diesel vehicles.
  5. Putting WD40 on anything electrical is not a good idea!
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I guess it depends on your definition of "worked". Yes there has been a reduction in the number of vehicles entering London's toll zone but both congestion and pollution are worse. Air pollution in London has been above the legal limit since 2010. The toll, (so called congestion charge) was introduced in 2003
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Hasn't worked in London though, more cars worse air quality!
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Well at least you considered it! For me from Munich the DB option looks much more attractive. Even assuming I could find a 100 euro ferry fare, which I haven't done yet, the additional mileage, time and toll charges in France makes driving a non starter.
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I always thought that was what the handbrake was for.
  10. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Understood, and yes a direct service would be even better but who knows with Brexit. To get the good prices you do need to book well in advance and even then sometimes you have to compromise on which days you want to travel, but in that respect it is not so different to the airlines. Unlike the airlines though it is a civilised means of travel even if it does take a little longer.
  11. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    There seems to be a major difference depending on the time of day, up to about 9 pm assuming you can reach the speed limit every traffic light seems to be at red, later they all turn green and driving becomes a breeze!
  12. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I think it would be an awful lot more friendly for the environment and air quality in your area, not to mention resale value, if you chose an electric or hybrid vehicle, or even public transport and bicycles. I can't believe anyone would consider buying a diesel vehicle for personal and family transport these days.
  13. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    Not sure what has happened to AEG, it used to be a good name but certainly the vacuum cleaner I bought from them had crap reliability and on top of that was clearly not designed for use by anyone over 5 ft tall and with power outlets more than 6 ft apart, total rubbish! Miele is the way to go if you can afford it, Bosch/Siemens if you can't.
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I remember that there was quite a long section of the A4 coming out of Slough (liked to be known as Slough Safety Town in those days) with linked lights that allowed you through the whole lot if you kept to the 30 mph speed limit, what was not quite so well known was that you could clear the lot even quicker at 90 mph (60 mph did not work for some reason). From my younger days on a motorbike.
  15. sick and tired of DHL..any alternatives?

    I've had problems with them all:- UPS returned a high value package to me 4 months after I had sent it to a customer in Greece claiming the address was unknown, the customer had paid in advance and for some reason did not tell me it had not arrived. The package was scuffed and very dirty, my guess is it fell down the back of something and was undiscovered for a long time, I got a full refund from UPS on that one. I shipped it again by DHL Express and it arrived 2 days later. Fedex failed to get a package to my mother in the UK before Christmas despite claiming it would be be delivered in 2 days, it took 2 weeks! DHL delivered and collected the money on a COD package in Germany and then refused to pay me, claiming the package had been lost and the contents were not covered by the extra insurance I had paid. Had to get the lawyer in on that (it was over a thousand Euro) fortunately the customer had retained the box with all the DHL stuff on it, that and a statement that they had paid the COD charge swung it for me but it took ages.   You pays yer money and take your choice but none of them are perfect in my experience.