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  1. Brexit and Credit

      I'm not sure either, I received letters from the kreisverwaltungsreferat just prior to 31-3-2019 and 31-10-2019 basically saying they would contact me again regarding what I needed to do once the brexit deal and arrangements were clear but I have had nothing recently. If you have an established bank account and regular income  it should not be a problem applying for credit.
  2. Bought fake item on eBay - seller won't refund

      In fairness to the OP it is not all usual practise to expect a refund from the seller before goods are returned, see how far you would get with Amazon on that.
  3. Ikea recalls coffee cups - and not at all fondly

    New Ikea company motto:-   Our customers are our most impotent asset!
  4. Union Membership

    I was a IG Metal union member for many years, they helped me get a much improved severance payment from a company where I had been employed for 15+ years. My experience was very positive, German unions are not at all like the old style UK ones.
  5. The way I read it was that orphans benefit can not be claimed for over 18s but those who are getting it can continue to receive it if they pass 18 and are still in education.
  6. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      IMO guns concealed and otherwise are very bad news even in the hands of the police! Returning to an earlier subject would unisex toilets (with urinals) not resolve the issues? I am well aware that there are times when women will use the mens toilets quite happily rather than waiting in a long line for the womens, so why not just have toilets.
  7. Not 100% sure on this but I believe the age of the surviving spouse is taken into consideration as well, if under 50 (I think) the pension may be reduced  in respect to their ability to earn a pension on their own behalf. Edit:- after further research that age limit is 47 if the surviving spouse is Not raising children. Children under 18 may also be entitled to an orphans benefit of 10%.
  8. Opening a new bank account

    Oh, that is pretty damming! My own experience though has been mostly positive and I have had an account with them since they took over my Dresdener Bank account (several years now). I do like the online banking app which is available in English both for PC and smart phone and I am able to get foreign currency over the counter (not ordered in advance) debited to my account at a couple of branches in Munich. On the negative side online banking is clearly having an effect on the staffing and services offered at some of their branches, I was very surprised recently to find a local branch no longer had cash over the counter when I needed a sum larger than the daily limit from the ATM, they were also not able to increase the limit on my debit/ATM card though they initially claimed they could (wasted about 30mins to no avai)l. On that subject though I believe they are not alone as I understand that the Sparkasse  also have cash issues and at some branches you may need to order even quite moderate sums a week in advance.
  9. where can I buy a dustbag for a Grundig EcoCylone A class

    Only the wares from behind the bar.
  10. where can I buy a dustbag for a Grundig EcoCylone A class

      Sorry  but I need to correct that, for some reason I had 300W in my head but in fact I checked it up and it is 900W.
  11. where can I buy a dustbag for a Grundig EcoCylone A class

    As indicated by others here this model does seem to be bag-less. That means that instead of being able to remove a bag full of dust and throwing it away you will have to empty some kind of container into your waste bin, a typically messy operation that invariably requires further use of the cleaner and you will need to replace an expensive Hepa filter periodically. I have to say I'm not a fan of these bag-less vacuum cleaners for those very reasons. Oh and by the way the spec. indicates it is rated at a massive 800W which is no longer allowed, the EC set a max. of 300W, I believe, which is probably why that model is listed as not available on Amazon. Never a great idea to buy things in pubs.
  12.   Not only that but booking directly is usually cheaper.
  13. Sofort payments with insufficient funds in my account

    Yes. One wonders if perhaps the OP is still in the mental hospital!
  14.   You would think though that by now the availability of "mules" should be drying up. The scam is well known and the offence for doing it is serious and even claiming you were duped won't get an offender off the hook.
  15. Sofort payments with insufficient funds in my account

    I'm with you on this, don't understand also. Maybe it would help if the OP would describe exactly what the "limit" was.