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  1. Earth leakage breakers perform the same function as the more modern RCCBs (Residual current circuit breaker) which is to switch off if a person or animal is being electrocuted, hopefully before there any serious damage to health, see here if you want more.
  2. Actually they are circuit breakers which will automatically switch off if the current rating is exceeded or an earth leakage is detected and can be manually turned off for maintenance. Fuses are no longer used they were basically a piece of wire that will burn out and cut the supply when the current is greater than the rating of the wire but bad luck if you stick your finger in a socket! Unlike in the picture many old properties have not had their electrical systems upgraded. I my case I have a single 16A circuit breaker for all lights and sockets for the entire apartment and a 3 phase supply for the kitchen appliances (common for older cookers). I believe earth leakage breakers are mandatory and must be installed but beyond that any upgrade is down to the landlord and might justify a rent increase.
  3. To the greatest extent smokers are poisoning themselves, with so few people still using tobacco, passive smoking has fallen to extremely low levels. That is not the case for ices and particularly diesels their users are poisoning me.
  4. Amazon account created using my name/address

    Not if they send it by post or their own carriers, I checked the last 2 under €100,- orders I had with Amazon and the best I got was it will be delivered "Today" (on the delivery day).
  5. Amazon account created using my name/address

    Maybe but to my mind it still seems like a lot of effort and risk for apparently a small return. Also from memory the email about the dispatch of an Amazon order does not include tracking or carrier info. and they use different companies including Post and their own people, you would need to hang round the ship to address all day.
  6. Amazon account created using my name/address

      My feelings exactly, wish I could set up my for email verification.
  7. Amazon account created using my name/address

    Thanks for the tip, although when I looked into it they send the login verification code to you mobile phone, which I don't like at all, to easy to loose a mobile. You certainly raised some very interesting questions, what I found particularly worrying is that Amazon would allow the setting up of an account in your name and address but obviously using a different email and different presumably bogus bank account and then shipping an order to a different address, you would have thought that would have rung some alarm bells. Even more worrying I can't help but wonder what would have happened if the scammer knew your bank and account number and used it for the bogus account. I used to run my own business and my bank details went out on every invoice. The odd thing is that so far the scam was for such a small amount.
  8. Fiber optic wired internet

    I am connected by fibre with Mnet in Munich. It comes into the cellar but from there the connection is over the copper telephone lines to the individual apartments that subscribe. We have a Fritzbox, provided by Mnet with telephone available via wire and Dect and Internet over Ethernet and Wifi. Our subscription is for 50Mbits and I am getting it or very close to it, no problems with downloads or HD streaming.
  9. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    Like this maybe?
  10. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    UK also joined the club
  11. Street checked by die Polizei

    I have been stopped 4 times since I moved here in the late eighties, of which 3 times were for alcohol control while driving (1 x in a mass-control late at night and 2 x pulled over by a police car 1 of those in the afternoon, on none of these occasions had I been drinking), the other time was on my bicycle and the check was very thorough (they radioed in my passport details wanted double confirmation of my address etc. All were claimed to be routine check-ups never got any more than that.
  12. Strange, do you get an error message when you try and save the changes (I am assuming you mean changing a document)? Are you specifying a valid location/folder for the save? Have you tried to do a "save as" and select a different format, e.g. word 97-2003 to see if that works?
  13. I'm still running Office 2007 and everything is still working fine, I reinstalled also from original CD some while ago after updating to Win 10. I have an Access database program that I used for business up until about 2013 but it did not work properly with Office 2010 and above and given I no longer needed it except in the event of any tax enquiries (must retain last 10 years), I never bothered to try and fix it. I have never seen the retired message but for sure I no longer get any updates for it. I think unless you absolutely need a new version of office and everything you want is working OK, stay with 2007 and don't worry about it.
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    For that matter nor is the production of most electricity (nuclear, coal and gas), so if you make hydrogen by electrolysis there is a double whammy but I guess it would mostly be produced direct from hydrocarbons, so agreed.