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  1. Coronavirus

    I did not mean to suggest that the breweries should be offering the vaccine but that the city/state could use such event and gathering locations, that are currently closed in the lockdown, for localised vaccine rollout.
  2. Coronavirus

      Not necessary there are plenty of beer halls around here with nobody able to use them, I would have no problems having my jabs at the Hofbrauhaus. Maybe they could even offer a Mass as an incentive to those who are worried about side effects.
  3. Coronavirus

      If you had more sub-centres located in the city people would not need to go there by car, and those without cars would not need to risk possibly lengthy travel by S-bahn and then a service bus. You have to register centrally online in advance to get an appointment for the vaccine anyway so it should only require much checking of documentation. I accept that a single large centre can offer efficiencies of size but not much use if people find it inconvenient to get to it and fail to honour or postpone appointments.
  4. Coronavirus

    Yes much the same here. On the other hand a single vaccine centre out in the suburbs seems a bit light for a city the size of Munich. I am sure they could find suitable accommodation in most quarters of the city for a more convenient local sub centres once they have sufficient supplies available, lets hope.
  5. Coronavirus

      Hmm, you don't seem to understand what the term sour grapes means. It comes from a fable or fairy tale where a fox is unable to reach high enough to eat a bunch of grapes hanging from a vine, he then tells the other animals that they must be sour. Hence the term sour grapes means decrying something good because you can't get it, nothing to do with eating something sour or were you perhaps mixing it up with the US saying "eat crow", which is not what I said! Seems to me that pretty much sums up the German and French governments initial approach to the AZ vaccine.
  6. Coronavirus

      I am not using this topic for points scoring but it is very important to debunk the assertions made by our anti-British Irishman who has suggested in this thread that the UK government took a gamble on the use of the AZ vaccine. With Germany now planning to rollout the AZ vaccine more widely we need to know the truth not toxic comments made to support a very different agenda!
  7. Coronavirus

        Family the same for me, you may not care but I have a real problem when my mother in the UK got her first jab before Christmas while my mother in law here in Germany had to wait till the end of Feb. and my younger sister and all my friends in the UK have now had a jab and I have not!        
  8. Coronavirus

      Exactly, and if @Krieg wants 100% certainty he would never take any medication or vaccines or indeed cross the road.
  9. Coronavirus

      No they did not. The UK initially approved the Bion-Tech vaccine and began a rollout with it earlier than the EU but that was just a quicker approval of the trial no different data, then some while later the same with the AZ vaccine, which to push the point yet again, was also given EU approval for all 18+ age groups. Germany and France in a huff of sour grapes, I believe, over initial delivery problems from AZ sadly decided not to use it on the 65+ age group and both countries are now back tracking on that.
  10. Coronavirus

      Just what is the big difference between someone who is 65 and someone a year older? Not a lot or anything! Suggestions that using the AZ vaccine on 65+ was a huge risk is absolute BS. Even the EU approved its use on all age groups over 18 same as the Bion-Tech.
  11. Coronavirus

      I do accept that the decision to delay the 2nd dose by up to 12 weeks is/was a gamble albeit based on experience with other vaccines, but you are wrong with respect to the trial data. I remind you that the EU approval for both the Bion-Tech and AZ vaccines for all over 18 came only a week or so after the UK, the trial data was the same, only the bureaucracy was different! The local decision by both Germany and France not to use the AZ vaccine on over 65s was a very silly mistake imho, and has had the ongoing result of handing encouragement to the anti-vaxxes.
  12. Coronavirus

    Actually in Europe both Belgium and the Czech Republic have higher death rates (deaths per million population) than the UK!   Bottom line is you can't win the Loto if you don't buy a ticket. The EU didn't buy a ticket!
  13. Pleasant surprise, sadly and to state the obvious, much too late to influence brexit, but would be good to have some say again for the future.
  14. Coronavirus

    I am aware of a local outbreak that was caused by an Afghan asylum seeker who continued working at his job with a small building company despite he and his family having been tested positive for Covid, later claiming he could not afford to isolate. Many of the employees were infected and some were very ill, the company had to close for 2 weeks and the Afghan got the sack!
  15. Coronavirus

    If it is in the Daily Fail it can't be accurate! They just make things up to suit whatever agenda they are currently trying to promote, been doing it for years.