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  1. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Interesting, what about telephone costs though, I don't doubt these call centres have a flat rate but even so making thousands of calls from the sub-continent to Europe can't be cost free?
  2. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    I think it is called Bradford!
  3. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Warning they have started up again, first time this year. Maybe those arrests in the North of England shut them down for a while but got 2 yesterday apparently from German 0361... code, much more sophisticated this time. Typical call centre delay before any audio from the caller but no background noise or mention of Microsoft/Windows, otherwise same old story. This time though a very slow English speaking lady without any apparent sub-continent dialect, could be electronically modified. I am amazed that there is anybody left in the world who would fall for this scam and why telephone numbers where they have consistently failed are not deleted, who knows. I am consoled by the thought that maybe the potential scammers are being scammed into buying useless lists of telephone numbers.
  4. Bought counterfeit clothes

    That is worthwhile even if they can't get your money back, if possible get them to send a complaint to the sellers bank which could result in the account being closed but for sure will cause the seller problems.
  5. Bought counterfeit clothes

    I would say yes to both, with the exception of not just an email but a " per Einschreiben" letter. Of course the seller might still refuse to pay you back and you might then have to go to court. Regardless I would proceed with your visit to the Zoll and also complain to the platform (if online/any) on which you saw the goods advertised. Depending on the method of payment there could be possibilities there also.
  6. Bought counterfeit clothes

    When I ran a wholesale trading business we were required by law to replace or refund the price for defective items. In my book counterfeit would count as defective. Just for interest is the price you paid a normal one for wholesale?
  7. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    The Laxy Wheel is a must see.
  8. Berlin -> Isle of man TT course

    It has been a few years since I took a vehicle to the IOM but I understand that ferries to and fro from Liverpool are fairly limited these days. The only way to experience the TT course is on a motorcycle, preferably during TT week when they make some sections one way, driving it in a car just doesn't cut it.
  9. ADAC battery replacement

    That kinda assumes all vehicles are -(negative) earth/chassis, that never used to be the case, is it true now?
  10. ADAC battery replacement

    My wife had the ADAC change the battery in her car when it started dying (the battery not the car), that was 5 years ago and it is still going strong (car and battery). Last time I needed to replace the battery, for my motorbike, they would not let me have a new one without handing in my old one first, not a big deal with the motorbike battery but a real pain if the same applies for a car battery and the car is stuck with a dead battery in an underground garage. Let the ADAC change it for you and avoid the hassle would be my advice.
  11. @jebaThe quote in your previous reply is NOT from me!!!!!!
  12.     Yes I fully agree with that. I would not leave for less than 30k and no renovation. Your landlord will be unlikely to sell to someone who needs live in the property without vacant possession and will consequently most likely get a reduced price for it.
  13. ISP Contract Troubles

    When I changed from Iund1 to Mnet, the new ISP handled the contract termination, everything was included in the service I just signed the papers. Mnet did not send me the router  and of course start billing me till the 1und1 contract ended, over 9 months later. I thought this was standard, are you sure Vodophone did not offer this service, though clearly they have not implemented it!
  14.   If you mean the pre 13A ring main config. that was much older than the 1960s, more likely pre-war. Our family house built in the early 1950s had 13A my grandparents house from the 1930s had those 5/15A sockets. I don't think there was ever regulations requiring an upgrade, certainly as you mentioned still in use much later.
  15. While a fused plug, as per in the UK, is essentially a good idea, in practice it is not so helpful. It does not  provide protection against earth leakage (what happens usually when someone gets an electric shock from a faulty appliance etc.) and typically nobody ever changes the max. rated 13A fuse supplied with the plug, to a lower one rated for the attached appliance.