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  1. Coronavirus

      Well I may not be a Nobel Laureate but after spreading around the world and infecting over 31 million people I can't see any evidence that the virus is becoming weaker, sadly. Doubtless though our own Noball nominee will dispute that.
  2. Road construction next door

      Not sure that would help much, once a route for a new road has been decided who owns the land it cuts through is beside the point, the owner is not required to give their permission, compulsory  purchase orders and all that stuff.
  3. Road construction next door

      Were you not made aware of these plans when you bought the property?
  4. Coronavirus

    Same old BS that came out when Covid was still only in China. Wake up balti Spain has recorded 680 Covid deaths since Monday, France had 154 deaths yesterday and the number has risen every day from 38 last Monday! The pandemic isn't over, it is still out there and getting bad again.
  5. Coronavirus

    With respect to deaths (oh sh*t) as of the figures for yesterday:- France +154 Spain +90 UK +27 All well above their recent rolling averages and rising!  
  6. Coronavirus

      With new infections increasing pretty much everywhere across Europe and already hospital admissions   and deaths are again rising  in France, Spain and the UK it looks to me like another @balticus prediction has bitten the dust! From bojo
  7. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    Same here, maybe with the new DG we can hope for a change!
  8. Coronavirus

    Yes, and there are still people deliberately avoiding or trying to avoid (not covering the nose) wearing them on the U-Bahn, sorry to have to say (I have mentioned this before) but it is still predominantly younger women and teenage girls!
  9. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Well it took longer than the promised 7 days but I have now received the missing €50,- from the refund. Thanks Lufthansa, I promise never to fly with you again!
  10. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    When I was a student I interviewed for a summer job pumping petrol at a service station. The manager asked me if I could add up 5s. 8½d and 6s. 6d (it was a pre decimal time) I replied happily yes, it was only later I realised he had wanted me to give him the actual value of the addition (i.e 12s. 2½d. I got the job anyway.
  11. What are you cooking today?

    OOps Just wanted to add to the apple chutney recipe that the 1/2 pint of malt vinegar is an Imperial pint not a US one, i.e. 10 fl ozs instead of 8 fl ozs. Which means 284 NOT 235 ml.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Too many it seems, given the income from them has been reduced by at least €150 per month since the brexit vote!
  13. Need Malt Vinegar today (Saturday)

  14. What are you cooking today?

    Apple Chutney recipe, I translated it from my mothers original hard copy into German for my wife but have added back in some important points in English. If anyone needs clarification please let me know.   Apple Chutney Zutaten (Ingrediants) Macht ungefähr 4 Gläser 1.8 kilo (4lbs) kochen Apfel, geschält und entkernt. 1 große Zwiebel 340 g (¾ lbs) Demerara (brauner) Zucker 235 ml (½  pint) Malt oder Pickling vinegar 2 Teelöffel Salz Vorbereitung (Preparation) Die Äpfel in Scheiben schneiden, die Zwiebel hacken und mit Zucker, Salz und Essig in einen großen Topf geben. Kochen (Cooking) Langsam zum Kochen bringen und 3 bis 4 Stunden köcheln lassen, Ohne Topfdeckel  Die Mischung sollte dann dick genug sein, damit sie nicht schnell zusammenfließt, wenn ein Löffel hindurchgeführt wird. (The mix should then be thick enough so it does not flow together quickly when a spoon is passed through it). .Verarbeitung Gießen Sie es in ein erwärmtes Glas und bedecken Sie die Oberfläche mit Wachspapier, bevor Sie den Deckel schließen.
  15. Need Malt Vinegar today (Saturday)

    Update The malt vinegar and the other things I ordered arrived last Tuesday via DHL, now also have a stock of cheddar, Yorkshire tea Crunchies and Flakes.