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  1. I suspect the buyer does not have a legal leg to stand on, not sure what was in the contract but if sold as seen then buyer beware. On the other hand if I bought a car that did not get me home I would be real upset. What kind price are we talking about here is the 2800 repair cost a significant proportion of the selling price?
  2. Telekom or MNet?

    I have always found M-Net very good with service, they even sent someone to install the rooter when I switched from 1und1 a couple of years ago. Also when I switched they did all the Kündigung for me, just had to wait till the 1und1 contract expired, (no early termination, or charges). As per @El Jeffo 50 mbps meets all my needs including HD streaming.
  3. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?

      Not sure there is much between all of them! Hermes dump all their packages in our not particularly secure hall where the post boxes are and the DPD ETA is a joke, always at least 2 days late. Same problems with Fedex and UPS except they are more expensive. As far as I am aware all, even main, post offices purely act as agents for DHL, they do not have actual DHL employees.
  4. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?

      As suggested earlier it is simple enough to track online where you package is or was last. If it has gone missing as opposed to hanging around waiting for Swiss customs then you can make an insurance claim, details and contact on the DHL website.
  5. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    Similar situation in the UK between my mother and uncle who refused to sign a release of money (to be divided 50/50) from my grandmothers building society account after she died without a will. It was more than 10 years later that my mother got her share, it seems my uncle finally signed the release voluntarily. As far as I am aware nothing could be done to force the release of the funds.
  6. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Typical, you are so wrong now you won't accept it and can only respond with a quip and I won't play any more.   How old are you???
  7. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      Huh, you write a "rant" (your word not mine) which I described as unfair, you put words in my mouth and claim I used you as a scapegoat and I should stop whinging. Not content with that you go off on a further nasty rant about my capabilities as a dog owner for which you have no idea. You Sir Prick are paranoid and I strongly advise you to seek help, perhaps a "Therapy Dog".   For your info I have spent many years avoiding dog shit and I have no intention to start picking it up.
  8. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Yes, furthermore you have changed my text  and falsely claimed it was a quote from me!!!!!!!! I just happen to believe that when it comes to children, mothers, fathers close friends and in fact the majority of human kind, dogs take a very second place.
  9. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    With the best will in the world a dog is just a dog. In an emergency, for me at least, people always come first! I think your comments were very unfair.
  10. New words or sayings

    Why order a tea at Dennys it was one of the very few places I found in the USA where you can get a halfway decent coffee.
  11. New words or sayings

    I have had dealings and email contacts with the USA over many years and I don't think that is new. The education system over there is not great on literacy and things like letter writing. Nothing to do with intelligence I have met some of the brightest people in the USA  who struggle to put a few words together in an email.
  12. New words or sayings

      I don't agree, certainly if someone was specifically emailing you then I believe Dear John would be appropriate but for example if I mail an information request to someone where the name is not known then I believe Hi is in order. The alternative, Dear Sir or Madam is way to formal.
  13. Cleaning person/Putzfrau recommendation wanted, please!

    I'm looking too, our current person has been offered a full time job and so will no longer be available after August. If you find someone who wants more hours please let me know by private message.
  14. Reliable way to receive international mail

    I stand corrected, though I'm sure in the past they used to say otherwise.
  15. Reliable way to receive international mail

    Further to the advice from @lisa13 another tip is to leave a blank line between the street and number and the PLZ and city, particularly if you are printing or typing the address, apparently it improves the machine recognition hit rate. E.G. Herr F. Bloggs Scheißestr. 123   12345 Bralin Germany*   * the country should be written in the language of the country from which the item is sent. i.e. don't use Deutschland when sending from the USA.