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  1. computer printer - which to buy?

      Really??? How many people really print photos these days? I rarely do and I'm an old fogie who still remembers when all photos were hard copy. With the high quality of colour displays these days from mobile phone up I believe the need is minimal. That suggests to me that the vast majority of all those  inkjet printers out there are used predominantly for general printing because they compete very very favourable with laser printers on purchase price if not running costs. Tank inkjet printers also compete  favourably on both purchase price and running costs with equivalent laser printers. QED!
  2. Where to buy Cheddar cheese

    Well Cheddar and beer do go together.
  3. Where to buy Cheddar cheese

    Somewhat off topic but I recently found bottles Schweppes Ginger Beer at our local Edeka.  in the past I have only ever seen cans of Ginger Beer occasionally in Thai shops or online. . Tried and liked it, quite fiery you can definitely taste the ginger, no idea how long they have had it but it was the first time I have seen it, hope the continue to stock it.
  4. Schmerzbestrahlung (Low dose radiation therapy)

    So far I have had 3 of the planned 6 treatments which take about 20 seconds with usually a 30 minute wait, the appointments do not start on time. No improvement yet.
  5. DHL Simply refuses to deliver

    Sounds like DHL must have taken on some former DPD delivery people!
  6. computer printer - which to buy?

      As usual you over assume too much, I did not have the faintest idea of what "" is let alone what the hell painting houses had to do with computer printers so I was most grateful for the explanation from @Metall As for quote "one of the three remaining pro-Inkjet printers in the world" 52 Billion USD sales world wide in 2022 says otherwise.
  7. Miles Car Sharing falsely debited fee from account

    You certainly have the right to instruct your bank to take the money back "Lastschrift widerspruch" if it comes to the worst but don't forget to tell Miles clearly in advance that you are going to do it  and why by recorded delivery letter, you don't want it to become a bad debt. Don't leave it too long though I believe there is a time limit.
  8. computer printer - which to buy?

    You lost me on that post!
  9. I've told you so, but in vain...

      Yes a bit like the 2 suspects in the Salisbury nerve agent poisoning, The Kremlin claimed they  just ordinary tourists and made a big who ha with interviews on Russian TV but then silence when photo and video footage was found of them being presented with medals by Putin some years earlier!
  10.   Just for clarification Commerzbank has a photo-TAN/app verification requirement for all transactions (not sure about paper UBs these days) except those directly using  a card /with or without pin), which is as far as I know much the same for most if not all of the banks (certainly the same for my UK bank). I would be a bit strange to have to verify taking cash out of an ATM with a banking app when the card and pin have already been used. Commerzbank also have a mobile banking app which can be secured bio-metrically in addition to their traditional desktop online banking but I only ever use it for checking my balance so no idea how comprehensive it is! Pretty much regardless of what security measures are employed the weak point is making sure it gets to the right person whether that is a card or login information for an app etc. Sending 2 separate letters is typical but clearly is open to criminal activity in the postal service or somebody with access to the recipients letterbox, either way it is a matter for the local police as you would think the offender must be quite local! Not sure these days but in the past the police did take such fraud seriously, when I ran a business there was a couple of times when the police requested the original signed (in those days) card machine payment slip in the hope of getting a finger print from the person using a stolen card. I would think there is a fair chance of getting the stolen money refunded, if the OP can prove the card and pin were never received you would hope the bank would take responsibility.
  11. I've told you so, but in vain...

      Take your pick, the policemen in the Whitehouse or the gangsters in the Kremlin! I know whose side I'm on, how about you?
  12. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    For sure, I had to look up what "ants on a log" is, sounds disgusting but probable tastes wonderful.
  13. €49 Ticket is here

    I don't know about Berlin but here in Bayern the put on service buses.
  14. €49 Ticket is here

      The Flix bus routes certainly compete with the ICE/ICs on price but not in terms of the comfort or journey time.  I suspect if you plan your journey the €49 ticket may also compete with the bus routes both on price and comfort though not perhaps for journey time. Hoping also that the €49 ticket is available from ticket machines, eventually if not now, it was certainly very attractive to be able to buy the €9 tickets for friends visiting from the UK for a week in Munich, super saving compared to tickets to/from the airport and and 7 days of tickets in the city centre.
  15. Peanut butter shortage - help!

      I saw that too, makes me wonder, being a child of the 1950s I don't think I had anything peanut until I was about 8 (when my uncle gave me some peanut butter on bread, loved it ever since) , certainly we never had them in any shape or form at home and I can't think of any sweets that contained them that I liked, only later did I discover peanut brittle. I don't believe I was particularly unusual at the time so strange that peanut allergy has become a recent problem when it is a much more common in snacks etc.