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  1. Coronavirus

    As I understand it a cycle ride is also allowed. Please correct me if wrong.
  2. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Just an update, as of today the refund is not yet on my bank account. I have emailed the travel agent and await a response, bit worrying.
  3. Coronavirus

    Ah, so now a hard border would be OK would it?
  4. Coronavirus

    Careful with that approach, it seems that "battle hardened"  immune systems may be the major problem which is why children are far less subject to the worst consequences of the virus.
  5. Coronavirus

      So was it those "working poor" who would have benefited from Obahmacare?
  6. Coronavirus

      I believe in the drug business dealers who fail to pay for the goods don't go bankrupt, they go dead!
  7. Weinstein convicted

      I confess I can't explain it either, prior to the trial from what the media had been reporting  it seems he did not have a leg to stand on, none the less a jury including 8 women and a lady judge found him not guilty on all charges except one of not proven. I can't help but wonder if there was more behind this than meets the eye, as the accused claimed, either that or we are dealing with a case of Salem witch trial  like female hysteria which I would hope is highly unlikely.
  8. Weinstein convicted

    It would seem the evidence was not convincing or perhaps true. Bear in mind Scotland's law allows a verdict of "Not proven" but even that was used only once vs the multiple not guilty verdicts.
  9. Neighbor Laws and Construction, public/emergency access

    I would think the property you live in must have a right of way on the road even if it is a private road. So whilst the road may need to be torn up whether by the developers of neighbouring plot our the city they must surely allow some form of access even if restricted. Have you or your landlord received details of what is planned?
  10. Coronavirus

    Yes, probably just an excuse to stop something that their religious fanatics don't like. I am not aware that you need an ICU bed, ventilator or even a stay in hospital for an abortion, though you might need all of those as a consequence of having a backstreet one!
  11. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      Was it not possible to reply to the email, stating that you were unable to contact them by phone?
  12. I think with a manual there might be a chance that the left foot would press on the clutch pedal and at least disengage the drive if not bring the car to a halt and or if not then a stall. My mother drove, until we finally persuaded her to stop, till she was 93, always a manual despite never mastering changing gear. She did not take up driving till she was over 40 and always changed either too late or too soon, terrible driver, never had an accident though or drove into a wall by pressing the wrong pedal!
  13. Could be, however,  in that scenario following the initial mistake of pressing the wrong pedal apparently the drivers' reaction is to press down even harder on the gas thus compounding the mistake and any /collision/damage!@crissaegrim watch out for those older drivers.
  14. Coronavirus

    Given that this thread has been hidden and no regulars believe anything j2 posts, I would say don't delete them as they are worth the laugh.
  15. On the other hand a fairly common accident scenario particularly with older drivers of automatics is to press on the accelerator pedal by mistake instead of the brake with obvious results. On a somewhat similar subject on the few occasions when I have driven an automatic I always default to left foot braking, which comes very naturally to me after many years of riding old European motorcycles with a left foot rear brake. I fact I was never so comfortable with modern motorcycles with right foot rear brake and left foot gear change, left foot braking is programmed in I guess.