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  1. Dumb question we don't have a shortage of vaccines so don't need to ration them, what is in short supply is icu beds and staff to man them!
  2.   Everyone who has been fully vaccinated more than 3 months ago are in the high risk group and need a booster. Everyone who are not yet fully vaccinated are in a very high risk group. Anyone who is not vaccinated is either dead or very lucky and in some cases both of those!
  3. Look, here is a tragic example of what can happen, none of these hamsters were vaccinated:-
  4. What I am aligned with is that xxx billlion jabs can't be wrong, with what you are aligned with I can't believe you have a head left to knockout, though clearly your brain is gone.
  5.     @yourkeau That is exactly what you were doing which is why I suggested  you resist it and stick to supporting your argument.
  6.   Yes and possibly even stopping me infecting an unvaccinated person who would die from it.
  7.   Most likely Father Christmas and the tooth fairy, but you @yourkeau IMO should resist making personal attacks when someone questions or  contests data you post.
  8. The loonies are in the UK too:-
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

      The UK is looking hopeful too the infection and death rates are dropping rapidly. They claim  63% of over 12s have been boosted, early days but seems to be working!
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Maybe I was lucky but I had no trouble claiming my various pensions. I had kept my opted out UK company pension up to date on my address changes over the years and always got the yearly trustees report so claiming that was quite straight forward. Also I had a very small non-contributory one from my first ever job but had absolutely no paperwork for. The company was still in business and I was able to register as a former employee on their website 6 months or so before the pension was due they subsequently sent me an offer of a yearly pension or a cash payout. I also had a a German company pension but all I had for that was a piece of paper with confirming the amount to be paid on retirement. I was not able to contact the management company on the telephone but was able to get a new number from the company that took over the company I worked for and was able to claim the pension. My understanding is that there are very strict controls in Germany on private/company pension schemes so they should be safe, Not sure how things are in the UK but I believe the government will fund a limited pension in the event a real pension scheme (as opposed to an investment plan) goes broke. A lot of people in the UK have been ripped off after transferring their pensions into dubious investments often on the advice of people who were paid large commissions for the transfers so the pension providers are now very strict about what you can do with your money though they themselves also charge enormous amounts for transfers. Usually combining several pension plans into one is not financially viable due to the costs involved.
  11. BREXIT positives and negatives

      I took a cash payout and early pension from my final salary (+AVCs)  opted out UK company pension, the original company I worked for was bought out twice ultimately by HP in the nineties. UK pensions,  where contributions were made before 1997, are not subject to a legally required inflation increases though most companies do give them, HP has not increased my pension in the entire 15 years I have been getting it bar#t+*ds.  Needless to say I don't buy HP products or recommend them to anyone else. Having said that at least I am still getting something but feel for those who have been ripped off even worse!
  12. BREXIT positives and negatives

      I still have hope that there some socialist and radical thinkers left in the Labour Party and with Sir Keir keeping the loony left under control ...who knows..
  13. BREXIT positives and negatives

    I really do not think even bojo can survive this, we can but hope that his parties will take down his Party with him. They are all in it throw the lot out and make sure the ERG are never seen again!
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    Had an interesting conversation with my insurance agent yesterday, it seems I have to sign off on an automatic change to my accidental injury policy which has now been upgraded to include side effects from any vaccination. Naturally it will cost more, €0.08 per month which suggests to me that the insurance industry, who really know about risks, are not expecting too many claims.
  15. Train tickets on board purchase

    Business opportunity open a bakery in the station!