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  1. Winter Fuel Payment    
  2. Tollwood Winterfestival - your opinion

      So after watching that I am still none the wiser as to what they are, looks real good but what are they made of?
  3. Winter Fuel Payment

    Unhelpful moan sorry but:- They wouldn't give it to me  although I applied for it they refused saying I no longer had a strong enough connection to the UK despite having only a British passport and being a regular visitor and with all my close relatives living in the UK.
  4. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Why? Please don't tell me the NHS ships prescription medication to Ex pats.
  5. Only in America

      Is it just based on the childrens earnings or do they consider assets and savings etc? I also have an ageing German mother-in-law.
  6. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Not sure I agree with that, it really does not matter what kind of brexit has been delivered or what a true brexit actually is. The bottom line is that brexit was/is a stupid dream and the people who voted for it made a very stupid mistake and are finally waking up to that!
  7. Only in America

    Yes much the same in the UK, not quite so expensive, the care home is 1200GBP per week and if her money runs out the state will pay, unlike here in Germany the children are not liable. Plans to cap the costs of elderly care in 2023 at 85k GBP in England have been delayed in the recent budget by at least 2 years.
  8. Only in America

      Sadly my mother in the UK has now had to move to a residential care home for the elderly, just interested to know how does it work in the USA? Is care for the elderly covered by medical insurance or is there any state/federal funding to help pay?
  9. Only in America

    USA ⚽ Well I guess just about good enough to hold an off form England to a 0-0 draw but awesome..NOT
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Actually just 76,000 from Hong Kong which is only 3,00 more than those coming illegally in small boats across the Channel! Also bear in mind that that 500K figure is net migration, actual immigration was 1.1 million which means approximately 600,00, ("educated, speak English")  people left the UK and BTW net migration with the EU is now negative!
  11. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    From memory each email came from a different address and the target of the spam was not an address I use any longer for communications with others and since I am the manager of the email  addresses associated with my domain name and can delete email accounts at will it just seemed simpler to dump it and add a new one with a different name.
  12. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

      I had exactly the same some while back but ignoring it did not stop them sending ever more threatening emails, like "reminder pay up or we will send the video to all you Facebook contacts" which seeing as I am not on Facebook would have been quite a trick, I also don't do bitcoin. In the end I had to delete the email account (not an important one) to get rid of them, my spam screen was not picking them up!
  13.   I can certainly sympathise with you on that, it is ok if you are active and moving about   but if you are sitting doing office or computer work for long periods of time it is like the cold eats it way into your bones. I am able to just comfortably heat my office at home with the door closed during the day but nothing else till the evening.
  14. The War in Ukraine

      You should say that to your doctor the next time you are ill, you may well find yourself being given an enema for a bump on the head!
  15. The War in Ukraine

    That got closed too if it is the one I'm thinking of.