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  1. Powerline recommendations

    My experience with the Develo units has been very good but I have a Fritzbox and continue to be impressed with their products. Given the option today I would probably go for the Fritz ones as the prices are fairly similar, in the past that was not the case. @oscar 63Are you also using the Wifi option and if so how is it working?
  2. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Yes indeed, and  It is not just trade secrets and IT! The Chinese in particular are guilty of stealing, copying and or ripping off copyrighted and patented products.
  3. Powerline recommendations

    I have problems with wifi and use powerline adaptors, currently Develo dLan 500 duo+ to 2 rooms in my apartment which have been running trouble free for a couple of years, at least, I am well pleased with them. The have a built in pass through power socket so you don't loose one and 2 Lan sockets. I can stream HD TV without problems.I previously used some from TP-Link but had to replace them at about 1 per year due to hard failures. Develo  have do have higher speed versions these days.
  4. Retiring soon. What to do about health insurance?

    Personally I think the German social contract is a considerably better than that of the UK. Yes you do have to continue to pay health insurance after retirement but at least  I don't have to wait 2 weeks to see a doctor or suffer for hours in an ambulance outside A&E! German state and company/private pensions seem to be generous compared to the UK and better regulated, my final salary pension with HP-UK has never been increased (for anyone ever B&%t&$*#) pre- 1997 contributions are not legally subject to inflation proofing in the UK.    
  5. Retiring soon. What to do about health insurance?

    Wrong! UK pensioners only get foreign health cover free from the NHS if they were resident and employed in the UK when they reached retirement age and were eligible for a UK pension and subsequently moved abroad in the EU  and some other countries with reciprocal arrangements. If you are/were working and resident abroad when you retire even if you receive a UK pension you must comply to the local laws regarding health insurance the NHS do not pay for insurance or treatment in this case.
  6. What is the fine for a car accident

    Says who??? A cyclist  braking hard and falling of their bike is, I believe, a far cry from  "nearly killing" them.
  7. Retiring soon. What to do about health insurance?

    As I understand it if you have  public health insurance after retirement it costs much less. For private the cost remains the same but you might get an addition (pittance) on your German state pension (assuming you contributed). I also believe in both cases the cost remains pretty much fixed for pensioners as does the t&cs i.e. they can't reduce/change the cover or charge more as/if you become a higher risk. On the other hand you can't change it either e.g. private room in hospital if you do't already have it.
  8. Firefox browser problem

    OK I think the reason I was not getting the fix was due to using a profile not in the default location. As soon as I selected the default profile the fix showed in about:studies, though still not for my "custom" profile. This morning Firefox updated to 66.0.4 which seems to have fixed everything, I was able to reinstall the add-ons. After giving chrome a try I'm still not happy with it so will have a play with opera for maybe a long term replacement of Firefox.
  9. Firefox browser problem

    Did that yesterday, but still no fix, restarted Firefox several times plus a reboot this morning.
  10. Firefox browser problem

      "allegedly" ???
  11. Firefox browser problem

      I did took a look at chrome, long time ago, but it was not possible to delete browsing history etc. on close, which was a big no no for me. Is that still the same?
  12. Firefox browser problem

    This is what I found here but when I do the "about:studies I am not seeing anything, as of now!
  13. Firefox browser problem

    Yes, unfortunately I did not know that before doing a restore from an image backup to try and recover all my add-ons which got disabled. It worked but only for a short while and in the process of troubleshooting the add-ons got deleted so even if they come up with a fix I will need to reinstall everything. I can still go back to a version that has my add-ons but it is not up to date with respect to bookmarks and all attempts to restore the latest bookmarks backup fails. My confidence in Firefox is at an all time low, this, for me, is just the latest cock up they have made in recent times. Not too sure about Edge but may give Opera a try, anyone else have experience with alternative browsers? Update:- BTW Firefox claims to have rolled out an interim fix yesterday, it has still not rolled in my direction.
  14. It maybe that your location is planned to be upgraded for the higher speed at some time in the future and that a new subscriber will initially be put on 100 Mbps rate. You could double check by trying 1und1 who use Telecom lines and see what they are offering for your address, if they do have 250 Mbps then you have the option of switching and/or telling Telekom you will switch if they won't give you the higher speed.
  15. My toast is never evenly toasted

    I get an uncut white Kastenbrot from my local baker, makes great thick cut toast.