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  1. Coronavirus

    I just caught on the news this evening that Horst Seehoffer has tested positive for covid despite having had both vaccine shots (Bion-Tek), can't find anything further on the net, anyone else have more details?
  2. Might be a very good idea, for your security to remove/edit out your email address and just say PM (Private message) me, which means you still get an email via the forum but your address is not disclosed.
  3. Coronavirus

      For those of us here, me included, who have an appointment for the 2nd AZ shot after June that is a concern but to be honest it would be no surprise to see the EU screw things up again, they will most likely decide at the last minute that they do need to re-order and expect delivery last week.
  4. Only in America...

      I grant you that the people and geography may change but I always found it very depressing when making a tank stop that after driving 12 hours or more and it was just the same old MacDonalds, Pizza Hut and Burger King etc.
  5. Coronavirus

      But only if there is a lock-down, you wear an FFp2 mask and get vaccinated, then you can have a really good laugh!
  6. Coronavirus

    Interesting to see what the people of Hartlepool thought of an anti lockdown candidate in their recent by-election   Quote:- Steve Jack, Freedom Alliance, No Lockdowns, No Curfews - 72 and for comparison Quote:- Jill Mortimer, Conservative Party - 15,529 The Incredible Flying Brick, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party -108
  7. Coronavirus

      Yes it seems that Bion-Tech has never made a profit and its investors are looking forward to some large returns based on their high priced vaccine sales and patent licensing.
  8. Coronavirus

    That has to be a joke, talk about cherry picking the data. Ignoring France Italy and Poland to name just a few, and even then it is only the UK that shows any really significant reductions, the rest are much more likely to be due to lockdowns than seasonal and herd immunity.
  9. Coronavirus

    I never mentioned the word, I was trying to point out that whether people or nations, help should go to where it is needed most.
  10. Coronavirus

      Waiting for more data, not your usual approach at all! Given, in Europe, that only the UK is showing any significant reduction in Covid new infections, hospital admissions and deaths at this time despite one of the coolest springs for several years would suggest(and is supported by some initial research) that the effect of its vaccination program has been very significant and the efficacy of both the Bion-Tech and AZ vaccines is high.
  11. Coronavirus

    @murphaph I believe it was you who reported that India would not be exporting an order of the AZ vaccine to the UK as it was deemed to be needed locally.     On that basis there would never be any international aid sent to nations in need because of famine, earthquake and other natural and unnatural disasters.
  12. Coronavirus

      If I were taken to hospital with a heart attack I would not expect my treatment to delayed while the doctors were treating someone for a cut on a finger. Standard practise you treat the sickest first and that was the UK!
  13. Coronavirus

    I think it is worth pointing out that the RNA type vaccines are a new technology which has never been used on humans before prior to Covid. They look to have a very very promising future over and beyond the current use against Covid but there may yet be unforeseen issues that have not yet surfaced. It should also be noted that in terms of delivery and storage the vector vaccines are much easier to handle and currently, at least, much cheaper, so I don't think they will be going away any time soon.   We can only hope that the EU will no longer be purchasing any vaccines, given the mess they made of Covid!
  14. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      Of course they are being monitored, they most likely to have refused the covid vaccination so cannot tracked and controlled using the Bill Gates chip.
  15. Curious to know how NHS 111 operatives were able to euthanize callers with covid symptoms???