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  1. 21 hours ago, xcxvt said:

    Long story short, I bought mine on the 26th of September, and hired a 3rd party company to do the registration for me via the dealer. The dealer, being the only one I have contact with, only tells me that the registration is "in the works" and that "in Berlin, it takes forever". They are not giving me a direct contact to this 3rd party company.


    That being said, I have a few questions:

    1) Does anyone know how much you need to wait nowadays to get a new car registered?

    2) Since I financed the car, my instalments start on the 1st of November. Is there anything I can do to postpone paying them until I actually get the car?

    3) Is there anything I can do about the Zulassungsstelle to help speed things up?



    I bought mine sept 12 and had the car sept 22 of course i live in small town maybe thats why it went faster?. 


  2. To update my last post asking for infos-

    well I quit my job May 2020 (i think 🤔)

    After been written sick first a car work accident and then a surgery- total I was out sick almost 4 months with those things together. Just to be clear no- they didnt fire me! I ended it. I send my resignation to the end of June (still on sick leave). 
     July 1 to july 30 i was not on sick paper nor employed. 
    I asked arbeitsamt if I was eligible to get benefits right away since I was adviced by my drs to change the job. 
    It took for this from may to september but I was eligible for benefit without been blocked for 3 months since I was back in a new job Aug 1. 



  3. 2 hours ago, LeonG said:


    As far as I know, if you keep getting sick for the exact same reason, the KK keeps jumping in to pay while if they are new unrelated illnesses, your employer has to pay.

    In my experience this year was- sick for 6 weeks after a car accident and then right after that I had a surgery which put me for other 6 weeks or bit more sick also- so there were 2 totally unrelated things but after the 6th week insurance jumped in. 
    i thought since it was a different thing I would still get paid from bosses but it wasnt the case. 
    I think you need to let time pass if you dont want insurance to jump in.

    that was just my personal experience. 

    2 hours ago, LeonG said:


    6 hours ago, BobbyDigital said:

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find Sarabyrd's old post, but I saw what she wrote here...

    I ruptured my achilles in June and had a cast on until today. I did the stupid shots every day for 8 weeks, I'm not trying to take any chances, and the needle is really no big deal!


    That being said, I told the Dr today that I had some pretty strong pain in the back of my thigh. He sent me immediately to an internal Dr who did an ultrasound on my veins in my leg, and... yep! Thrombosis... I start taking the pills this evening. I'm pretty freaked out and I just hope that I caught it soon enough and that it doesn't make it's way to my lungs, heart or brain. 2 weeks ago, I had noticed some cramping in my calf, but I thought it was just normal pain... now I'm wondering if it had started there and made it's way up to my thigh in the past 2 weeks.


    Not really sure why the shots didn't prevent it, maybe I should get my blood checked out more.


    I'm 41, by the way.

    I had a clot also last year after falling down on my knees! My whole life change after that. I wonder why they didnt keep you in the hospital after they found you clotted even with the shots?!.

    I was sent to genetic testing right after I got second clot. This is started when I got 40. Genetic testing said i have no mutations or faktors showing anythint but

    regardless i am been kept on blood thinners.


  5. My first car in Germany was a Kia Venga- awesome small kind if van/suv 

    7 years we had it never showed to need anything even if we did inspections and tüvs and all. We paid 13,000 eu and after 6 years sold it for 6,500 with 45,000 km 
    I would buy a Kia again- infact we are looking for the Hyundai Kona lets see.

    For work I have driven a polo and an audi- both so smooth to drive with 😀 but wouldn pay those prices. Just my personal opinion of course.


    I would consider gas usage- taxes-
    insurance and basics around buying a car. 


  6. I had a German friend that is 50% handicap- was living at home until She turned 20 and moved out to a WG to go to

    college and She was still 
    insured under her moms insurance (it was private). I think she mentioned she was allowed to be under her moms insurance until turning 24 or until she was finish with school.


  7. 17 hours ago, Ruhetag said:

    I guess I haven't been keeping up with the news, so I missed that Vodafone bought Unitymedia.


    With my Unitymedia contract, I'm paying about €60/month for fone, TV, and Internet (100 down / 5 up).  However I see that Vodafone's contracts are are cheaper and faster.  €40/month Combi package (250 down / 25 up).  Of course Vodofone won't just come out and tell me that I am now paying more than I need to.  But I feel I should be getting the cheaper price and the faster speeds.


    I guess I'll make a phone call tomorrow, but I just wanted to check here first if anybody had a UM contract and changed it over to the more generous Vodafone contract?  I'm concerned that they will give me a run-a-round about having an existing contract and the BS cancellation period..etc...



    Isnt this expensive? 😝 ok what do I know about speed and so... not much!

    We pay 29 eu month for homeline and internet. Phone useless we never use it. 
    Tv we pay extra with sky and so on I guess when you add it up its the same 😜 btw with o2


  8. 1 hour ago, HH_Sailor said:


    30 days ?

    If your annual vacation allowance was 30 days and you leave 30. June,

    then your entitlement would be 15 days. (30 days / 12 months =  monthly allowance.

    Multiply by 6 for Jan-June)


    15days is three weeks (for a 5 day a week job).


    So you're entitled to 3 weeks pay as you didn't take vacation leave.


    Depends how much you want to push it - but without a lawyer reading the contract,

    as a layperson I see you down by 3 weeks pay (taxed of course).


    Or were there an additional 15 days left over from 2019 ?


    No, no left over from last year 2019

    I just didnt take any this year but an thinking am walking away like that 

    yes 30 days I have a year


  9. 12 minutes ago, HH_Sailor said:


    Your HR (if a large company) should add your 1/2 year's vacation allowance in cash

    to your final salary check. Being on sick leave does not affect your vacation days.


    Had you been on vacation- and got sick during the time off,

    then with a simple sick note from the doc ( during the vacation / sick time)

    would get your vacation day allowance back UP.


    You can't be "punished"  for being ill whilst on vacation.

    No no big company- its a family and I guess its not punishment but we both parties didnt talk about it.

    what happens to those 30 days? 

    And no i do not think they will compensate in cash 😬


  10. 40 minutes ago, HH_Sailor said:


    Ditto :P (Let me guess - timing chain and everything connected to it?)


    But I sold my Peug only 2 weeks as it reached 13yrs old and 120.000Km.

    It was simply time.


    About to lease an e-Golf

    But that's for another thread (and my own reasons)

     I will be waiting to read that new thread 😛


  11. There is music school most run by the city but of course also private- where they sing and move. Like in the States you have them in the libraries.

    There are usually read a longs in the

    libraries too.

    Sports (turnier) also in public school gyms- those usually go for 1 and half hr. Lots of fun they sing and do sports.

    Arts and crafts


    These are all things available here but am not sure all are in their normal function due to the situation plus once school is finish these courses are also finish until end of August. 

    Coolibri i think its a family magazine where you can see also whats in your area. 😀


  12. 4 hours ago, OpRez said:


    Many thanks.You are way wealthier than we are. I don't think we will stand any chance but we will try. Thanks again for taking the time to answer with your story and best wishes of serenity and prosperity (and money, because yes! we kinda need it ;))

    I hope it works out! 😀

    you gotta try and see what happens ;) and no no wealthy here! 😬

    keep us updated



  13. 41 minutes ago, OpRez said:


    Thanks for the info! If I may: did you have a work contract, pension, salary of sorts when you asked and got credit?


    My wife and I are freelancers 100%, not a huge income, 1 year of activity, no properties, I am seriously fearing that - regardless of our ability to pay the credit, which we would have - no bank is ever going to go past the hypocritical small talk. Unless COVID19 made them be a bit more adventurous.

    I asked for 13,000 - it was 2 years after arriving in Germany and I had a residence that was renewed yearly. I was making 2000 a month 😬 i got this credit and was linked to a zahlenschutz in case of

    loosing my job and death or sickness I dont remember. That extra I paid to

    secure that credit was so worth it!. That insurance paid that credit for 6 months. When i was forced into taking integration course. Anyways just a bit of jnfo. 


  14. 42 minutes ago, OpRez said:


    Yeah, the interest got me like "is this even legal?" Of course it is, smiles the world of capitalism ;) For freelancers especially it's usually like "sorry, you're worthless to us".. which is a story in a story..


    Anyway, we only have Berliner Sparkasse, one account for my wife and I.. so we have no other bank at the moment.


    First credit I got When I first arrived here was with Santander that was not my bank though! 😬

    Now i bank with IngDiba and Sparkasse i find Ingdiba has lower %