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  1. Zulassungsstelle duration in Berlin

    I bought mine sept 12 and had the car sept 22 of course i live in small town maybe thats why it went faster?. 
  2. We have the same as you but so far we have done taxes separate- might try next year to do it together.  once you upgrade the parnershaft to the real deal that will mean you will be officially in every country- my understanding.  Am not an expert 😂 so i dont know
  3. Unemployment benefits if you resign

    To update my last post asking for infos- well I quit my job May 2020 (i think 🤔) After been written sick first a car work accident and then a surgery- total I was out sick almost 4 months with those things together. Just to be clear no- they didnt fire me! I ended it. I send my resignation to the end of June (still on sick leave).   July 1 to july 30 i was not on sick paper nor employed.  I asked arbeitsamt if I was eligible to get benefits right away since I was adviced by my drs to change the job.  It took for this from may to september but I was eligible for benefit without been blocked for 3 months since I was back in a new job Aug 1.   
  4. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

    I get chinese herbs as medicine prescribed from Holland before from Switzerland. Havent had a problem yet.  a german dr. Sends the prescription directly to them and then I get it.
  5. Take daily injection to avoid blood clot

      I had a clot also last year after falling down on my knees! My whole life change after that. I wonder why they didnt keep you in the hospital after they found you clotted even with the shots?!. I was sent to genetic testing right after I got second clot. This is started when I got 40. Genetic testing said i have no mutations or faktors showing anythint but regardless i am been kept on blood thinners.
  6. Minimum Apartment size for couples

    We live in a 55qm apartment (couple only no kiddies) We own it- dealing with the auslanderamt in the early years was never a problem regarding size. Heard many stories that it would be a problem. Never was! We know its small- we like living tiny! Although we are not tiny people 😛
  7. Crazy Medication

    Have you ever tried tea tree oil on your toe nails! Works wonders 😀 of course do what you are told but worth a try for sure...
  8. My first car in Germany was a Kia Venga- awesome small kind if van/suv  7 years we had it never showed to need anything even if we did inspections and tüvs and all. We paid 13,000 eu and after 6 years sold it for 6,500 with 45,000 km  I would buy a Kia again- infact we are looking for the Hyundai Kona lets see. For work I have driven a polo and an audi- both so smooth to drive with 😀 but wouldn pay those prices. Just my personal opinion of course.   I would consider gas usage- taxes- insurance and basics around buying a car. 
  9. Is any of you guys in this situation where you have booked your holidays for march abd have to fly?  Are you cancelling or still going? 😬