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  1. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

    I get chinese herbs as medicine prescribed from Holland before from Switzerland. Havent had a problem yet.  a german dr. Sends the prescription directly to them and then I get it.
  2. Take daily injection to avoid blood clot

      I had a clot also last year after falling down on my knees! My whole life change after that. I wonder why they didnt keep you in the hospital after they found you clotted even with the shots?!. I was sent to genetic testing right after I got second clot. This is started when I got 40. Genetic testing said i have no mutations or faktors showing anythint but regardless i am been kept on blood thinners.
  3. Minimum Apartment size for couples

    We live in a 55qm apartment (couple only no kiddies) We own it- dealing with the auslanderamt in the early years was never a problem regarding size. Heard many stories that it would be a problem. Never was! We know its small- we like living tiny! Although we are not tiny people 😛
  4. Crazy Medication

    Have you ever tried tea tree oil on your toe nails! Works wonders 😀 of course do what you are told but worth a try for sure...
  5. My first car in Germany was a Kia Venga- awesome small kind if van/suv  7 years we had it never showed to need anything even if we did inspections and tüvs and all. We paid 13,000 eu and after 6 years sold it for 6,500 with 45,000 km  I would buy a Kia again- infact we are looking for the Hyundai Kona lets see. For work I have driven a polo and an audi- both so smooth to drive with 😀 but wouldn pay those prices. Just my personal opinion of course.   I would consider gas usage- taxes- insurance and basics around buying a car. 
  6. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Me too they canceled end of march and it took this long to get it back.
  7. Help for a disabled friend of my son.

    I had a German friend that is 50% handicap- was living at home until She turned 20 and moved out to a WG to go to college and She was still  insured under her moms insurance (it was private). I think she mentioned she was allowed to be under her moms insurance until turning 24 or until she was finish with school.
  8. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Update- my trip to Ibiza in april was booked with Expedia. They refunded the hotel right away when everything got shutdown and EUROWINGS just refunded this week.   
  9. Unitymedia is now Vodafone

    Isnt this expensive? 😝 ok what do I know about speed and so... not much! We pay 29 eu month for homeline and internet. Phone useless we never use it.  Tv we pay extra with sky and so on I guess when you add it up its the same 😜 btw with o2
  10. Didnt pay out of pocket for the tests they did or the visit to the praxis to see the dr so I wouldnt know rates. I would call and ask if I were you but I would assume you are insured- just use what you have- thats why you pay for it for when you need it?.   
  11. Not that I like to scream I visited one a few years back but I did and I havent had any issues finding new jobs after that. Only issue I have had after is negotiating the extra insurances.   
  12. Financial compensation of remaining vacation days

    No, no left over from last year 2019 I just didnt take any this year but an thinking am walking away like that  yes 30 days I have a year
  13. Financial compensation of remaining vacation days

    No no big company- its a family and I guess its not punishment but we both parties didnt talk about it. what happens to those 30 days?  And no i do not think they will compensate in cash 😬