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  1. Didnt pay out of pocket for the tests they did or the visit to the praxis to see the dr so I wouldnt know rates. I would call and ask if I were you but I would assume you are insured- just use what you have- thats why you pay for it for when you need it?.   
  2. Not that I like to scream I visited one a few years back but I did and I havent had any issues finding new jobs after that. Only issue I have had after is negotiating the extra insurances.   
  3. Financial compensation of remaining vacation days

    No, no left over from last year 2019 I just didnt take any this year but an thinking am walking away like that  yes 30 days I have a year
  4. Financial compensation of remaining vacation days

    No no big company- its a family and I guess its not punishment but we both parties didnt talk about it. what happens to those 30 days?  And no i do not think they will compensate in cash 😬
  5. Financial compensation of remaining vacation days

    Quit my job- last day is june 30th altough am on sick leave... didnt take a holiday days this year so far! totally forgot to mention it before quittiing bosses didnt say anything either. I guess its my fault
  6. Car affordability - best brands, age

     I will be waiting to read that new thread 😛
  7. Activities for toddlers

    There is music school most run by the city but of course also private- where they sing and move. Like in the States you have them in the libraries. There are usually read a longs in the libraries too. Sports (turnier) also in public school gyms- those usually go for 1 and half hr. Lots of fun they sing and do sports. Arts and crafts   These are all things available here but am not sure all are in their normal function due to the situation plus once school is finish these courses are also finish until end of August.  Coolibri i think its a family magazine where you can see also whats in your area. 😀
  8. I hope it works out! 😀 you gotta try and see what happens  and no no wealthy here! 😬 keep us updated  
  9. I asked for 13,000 - it was 2 years after arriving in Germany and I had a residence that was renewed yearly. I was making 2000 a month 😬 i got this credit and was linked to a zahlenschutz in case of loosing my job and death or sickness I dont remember. That extra I paid to secure that credit was so worth it!. That insurance paid that credit for 6 months. When i was forced into taking integration course. Anyways just a bit of jnfo. 
  10. Sucks! First credit I got When I first arrived here was with Santander that was not my bank though! 😬 Now i bank with IngDiba and Sparkasse i find Ingdiba has lower %   
  11. Wow the Interests 😳%  sorry you guys have had no answer. Have you tried other banks? Or u just bank Sparkasse?
  12. Unemployment benefits if you resign

    Do you mind recounting the story of the process of quiting your job and what proceeded after that? 😀🤭 Just sent my letter today so am gathering all my infos (besides the most imp I know will be blocked for 3 months). You quit and then what was your next step?. be gentle people 😂 thanks!
  13. Bosses on the back ;) surgery getting me fired?

    Interesting! Thanks no chance to ask for a week holiday in between the 2 she was very clear she did not wanted me to have a gap. I was never sick this long so I didnt know the why of that. I am sending my resignation anyways this week. He told me to hold it until he could find how they could benefit them selves and me 😂 I almost burst into laughter.  How else do they want to be benefited? The woman that crash against me has paid them my salary for 6 weeks and now my health insurance is paying me so ill say its a win win all one way 😀  
  14. Bosses on the back ;) surgery getting me fired?

    After accident I was sick for 6 weeks (end april 24) my surgery was straight after that (april 27) and still on sick leave.  My insurance say they are right after my boss called them.
  15. Bosses on the back ;) surgery getting me fired?

    No gap no overlaping total different sick codes