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  1. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation   Looks like GM are going to eat Tesla's lunch in the next few months. Might be a good time for Musk to step back from the auto business and spend a bit more time with his new twitter toy.
  2. Train Fine

    I was travelling from A via B to C with the train. I had the ticket from A to B and was intending to get a ticket at B to get to C. (I actually wanted to buy the direct ticket to C from A, but A was outside Germany and the machine only allowed as far as B).   The train from A to B was late and the train from B to C was already on the platform. The train was IC (Intercity).   I tried the machines on the platform but they only had local tickets. So I jumped on the train and told the conductor I would buy a ticket on the app.   I tried to log onto the app on two devices with the train wifi but it did not connect so the conductor took my passport and gave me a 'Fahrpreisnacherhebung' with 'Preis Weiterfahrt' ca. 65 euro (this corresponds with the price of a ticket afaik) and 'erhoehter Fahrpreis' 60 euro (which I think is a fine or admin fee). The ticket says DB will write to me.   Now my passport has my name and date of birth but it does not have my address, and so the piece of paper I got from DB on the train says 'ohne feste Wohnsitz'.   So I have a number of questions.   1. If I appeal on the basis that I tried to buy a ticket but had connection problems is there a chance that it could be reduced that I just pay the ticket price? Or is the fine/administration fee (erhoeter Fahrpreis) always due? I checked the appeal process online, and it is necessary to give an address, which brings me to the next question.   2. If I do nothing and they don't find my address, what happens next? I know that this is technically a straftat, so there could be legal consequences. Could they pass my info to the police? Also, is there a time limit after which the straftat expires i.e. statute of limitations? Also, If all they have is my name and date of birth, how can they be sure that they get the right person, and not someone else with the same name and date of birth?   3. If I do nothing and they don't find my address and they pass my info to a debt collection agency, what are the consequences then? Could it end up costing more in that case?   I actually went to the DB Info desk and asked if I could pay there and they said they did not have access to the status and they could not process it, I should wait for the letter. But if I wait for the letter and it does not arrive, what do you think is the most likely outcome?   I don't mind paying the fare on principle, but I feel the fine is somewhat unjust as I made every effort to get a ticket within the few minutes I had. I could just pay the full amount at this link, but I would like to avoid paying more than necessary.
  3. Train Fine

      Some local train lines don't have tickets available on DB afaik, in which case you would have to use the machine.   Personally, I find paper tickets as less stressful anyway, as I don't have to worrry about the battery running out on my paper ticket, or wifi being down, or not remembering the password to my paper ticket, or not having suitable ID etc.
  4. buying a new computer

      Lichess doesn't require much cpu.   The analysis can also be done in the cloud.   If you're playing bullet or hyperbullet and  you're worried about every microsecond it might make a difference, otherwise you'd probably be as well off with a Raspberry Pi.
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    If the Tesla senses the car is about to crash, it diconnects the autopilot so the driver is wholly liable 🤣
  6. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Won't happen. Too many people like driving.
  7. Train Fine

    I didn't feel I was robbed, though I was naturally annoyed.   My questions on here were more to do with the consequences on having received the fine, rather than the rightness/wrongness of receiving the fine, which some people seem to focus on.   I still have not received any post from DB.
  8. Train Fine

      My starting point for the journey was not my home, in fact it was a neighboring country. I assumed that I could buy the ticket from the machine, like you can in Germany.    I assumed then I could buy the ticket from a machine at the second train station, but as explained the two ticket machines I tried only had local tickets.   There was no problem with the wifi, the problem was my account was locked with no way to unlock it. If the wifi was not working, then the conductor could have sold me a ticket.   But in general, you can't get a ticket from the conductor since 1st Jan 2022, according to the piece of paper they gave me.   They took my passport because that is standard procedure. Germans would usually show their id card with their address.   I had my anmelde bestaetigung with me and would have shown it if asked. I did not realize the conductor had no specific right to be shown it, as slammer points out above.   Here is a summary of current rules, as you seem to be unaware of them.   Edit - above is for long distance DB travel. Local train companies can have different rules, and these can even vary city to city or between different zones in the same network e.g. buying a ticket on the train may be allowed in one zone but not in the next.
  9. Train Fine

      I did not enjoy the trip because of the ticket problems.   Weather is pretty irrelevant in an air-conditioned train, but please accept my insincere thanks for your phony good wishes. ;-)
  10. Train Fine

      I think there is an option like this, to pay it under Vorbehalt, this might be the safest option.   I'm in MDV Mitteldeutschlandverkehr area and local trains here often have machines on board so you can buy a ticket. Is it different in other parts of Germany?
  11. Train Fine

      They did not ask for address. I gave them my passport and they took at least my name and date of birth.   If they took my passport number, I'm not sure how they could link that to my address. The Auslander Register probably has my passport number from like 2 passports ago, but they could probably just match on my name anyway.    But as I mentioned above, it's not clear whether they have the right to use that database.
  12. Train Fine

      I tried to buy a ticket from my original point of departure, then at the changeover station from 2 machines on the platform, I asked the conductor as I was getting on if he could sell me a ticket and I made several attempts on the app on two devices while on the train.
  13. Train Fine

      Yes, I'm registered in Germany. But the Einwohneranmeldeamt data is stored only locally, as far as I know there is no centralized database with the information so I would be surprised if they can find it that way.   There is also a Foreigner Register   where my data was entered many years ago, even though they should not have been collecting EU citizens' data. So it would be interesting for me from a data protection point of view to see if they can go that route.   I don't think what you say about not being allowed to board a train without a ticket is right, though. I've been on S-Bahns where there is a ticket machine on the train, so it is surely legal in that case.
  14. Train Fine

      Yes, this is right. The conductor was standing beside me after 9 minutes while I was trying to log in to the app. It was throwing up Captchas and then showing a error code 429.   I went on the app later and tried to get a password reset but it does not send so it seems that account is completely locked up and I can't get a new one with the same email address so I created a new account with a different address since then.   But all that is neither here nor there, like you said, everyone has a sob story, but if you can't show a ticket, the conductor doesn't really have any discretion.   Btw, thanks to everybody who replied.