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  1. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    The first Ford factory outside America was in Cork as far as I know. But you are right in general, there has been little or no auto manufacturing in Ireland in the last 40 years. 
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Also to maximise usage of space, they made their aisles the bare minimum width, which was awkward for people with buggies. I think they underinvested for a long time to maximise cash flow and it eventually caught up with them.
  3. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Tesla is now 18٪  cheaper than when MM made the last comment 😄
  4. The War in Ukraine

      Nobody wants their country to be turned to rubble, but some things are worth fighting for. Nazi ideology is not one, so your comparison is worthless.   Nobody is going to argue that Nazi Germany should have kept fighting.
  5. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    Gohlis and Eutritzsch are both fairly quiet.
  6. Elderly Welfare Recipient Sanctioned for Gift

      It makes sense to an extent but if applied across the board, I think it would drive up wages and prices.   If the bakery worker now has to work 10 hours a week to get 1000 euro, then he or she might do that; reduced supply of labour means cost of labour goes up so the price of bread goes up.   And because everybody has a guaranteed basic income, they can buy more bread or nice cakes anyway ‐ meaning demand goes up, so price also goes up.
  7. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      This is the right answer. Salmo salar is the nice sort of Atlantic salmon. The Oncorhyncho-whatever is Pacific salmon and not as nice at all.
  8. Zahlen, bitte!

    I usually go for lunch in restaurants in the city centre in former East Germany and I usually pay between 5.50 e.g. for a chickpea and potato curry and 9 euro e.g. for Bun Bo Nam Bo or a falafel plate.   I'm not sure how you define restaurants though; maybe these are bistros rather than restaurants i.e. usually I order at the counter and they don't have tablecloths.   I have noticed that prices in quite a few places have gone up in the New Year e.g. a nice Thai-style vegetable curry that was 5.50 last year is now 6.50.
  9.   According to the linked info contracts signed from 1st of March will have a 1 month rather than 3 month notice period and they will automatically roll over for 1 month at a time, not one year, if I understand it correctly. Insurance contracts are excluded. I am not a lawyer, and I detest working out and jogging, though I do both intermittently, but not at a gym.