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  1. Zahlen, bitte!

    I usually go for lunch in restaurants in the city centre in former East Germany and I usually pay between 5.50 e.g. for a chickpea and potato curry and 9 euro e.g. for Bun Bo Nam Bo or a falafel plate.   I'm not sure how you define restaurants though; maybe these are bistros rather than restaurants i.e. usually I order at the counter and they don't have tablecloths.   I have noticed that prices in quite a few places have gone up in the New Year e.g. a nice Thai-style vegetable curry that was 5.50 last year is now 6.50.
  2.   According to the linked info contracts signed from 1st of March will have a 1 month rather than 3 month notice period and they will automatically roll over for 1 month at a time, not one year, if I understand it correctly. Insurance contracts are excluded. I am not a lawyer, and I detest working out and jogging, though I do both intermittently, but not at a gym.
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

      Yes, as they weren't sure whether Murph was a customer or a delivery of spuds 😉   I was also asked for ID this week at 5 guys at Alexanderplatz and the doorman was also walking around and reminding teenagers to put on their masks when they go ... while they were still eating! Obviously a petty bureaucrat who missed his calling as a ticket inspector on the S‐Bahn...
  4. I was on AG a good few years ago so I don't know if it's still the same but they would pay reasonable travel expenses to get one or two job interviews per month. You can do your interview in the morning and then sightseeing/shopping before getting the train back. It's also good experience for learning German, hearing different dialects etc!   I had interviews in Furth, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Wurzburg and maybe a few more
  5. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      Hmm, also the first rule of gambling 🤔 
  6. There is also a super polite form of passive which is:   Ware es moeglich meine Haare schneiden zu lassen? Would it be possible to let my hair be cut?   Again, avoiding the whole Sie/du minefield.
  7. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Apparently there is a deal with unions not to have any forced layoffs before 2030 so it would not be so easy for VW to let 30,000 people go. I'd guess the intended audience for the CEO's was the incoming government.
  8. Nintendo switch

    Another point in favor of consoles is that they are more social. You can play online pc games with people all over the world, but you're still sitting at a computer by yourself, whereas console games allow more social interaction and a shared experience with the people in the same room.
  9. Nintendo switch

    Console games can also be educational. Zelda, for example, has lots of puzzles, though it also has cartoon style fighting. Human Resource Machine is a great programming game available on Switch, also on other platforms. The Switch also has some sort of kit for building robots out of cardboard iirc.
  10. Suggest work options for my wife

    If she has administrative skills she could consider: 1. International schools may have vacancies for admin/librarian etc 2. Call centre/tech support ‐ not the best type of work but possible if she has reasonable computer skills  Tbh, I don't know any native English speakers who have done Ausbildung, except perhaps in childcare for working in a kindergarten.
  11. How to resign!

    You have to give notice formally in writing for it to take effect but it may be no harm to tell your team leader informally beforehand,  as it gives more time to find and train a replacement.
  12. When did German TV decline?

    How come no-one has mentioned Tatort? I've only recently started to get into them. I guess they're sort of an acquired taste. They can be all sorts: social commentary, black humour, soap opera etc.   Football coverage is also pretty decent, but the commentary annoys me. There are two commentary channels usually on ARD, one (the standard commentary) sounds like a guy sitting on his couch and trying not to fall asleep, who namechecks maybe one player in ten, the other commentary is the audiodescription which gives a lot more detail, but neither one has any personality, humour or analysis.   Kids tv is pretty good, particularly news for kids.   Comedy is sorely lacking. Occasionally there's a sketch show that's watchable.   There are a couple of quiz shows with fast questions that are pretty good.   And there seems to be an infinite number of execrable talk shows where people sit in a circle and talk about whatever it is Germans talk about when they're having coffee and cakes.