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  1. 6 hours ago, catjones said:


    Researching the value of a company and buying shares of ownership is not even close to gambling.  People who make that comparison do not understand how markets work, even as they affect their daily life.  Buy any bread lately?  Electricity?  Petrol?  Get paid for work you do?  All market driven.


    I thought he was specifically talking about Tesla shares.


  2. 13 hours ago, MikeMelga said:

    Here is an explanation why dividend-driven investment is not the best option (depending on fiscal policies):


    Here is a quote that highlights my point:





    It depends also on risk-aversity. If financial fraud is uncovered, or if business conditions change quickly, a company's reputation and stock can quickly head towards 0, and leave shareholders holding worthless paper and wishing the company had paid out dividends in the past.


  3. I meant when you buy a prepaid you need proof of address.


    Also ebay gives the seller the address and the buyer the bank or PayPal details as needed but the user interface is not the most intuitive. I've been using ebay for over 20 years and I don't think I ever had to contact anyone outside the platform.


    Although when I started using it, I had to sent cheques or cash through the post :lol:.


  4. On 4/17/2020, 5:08:48, jeba said:

    No, you can get e. g. a prepaid without being registered. They don´t check your registration status if you give them a German adress.


    I had a similiar problem a few months ago. I had ordered and received something from ebay which wasn´t as described. Seller agreed to take it back then stopped communication and his ebay account was deleted. After opening a case with ebay they at least refunded me part of the cost (€ 50) out of the goodness of their heart.


    Afaik, you need to show proof of a German address which is typically an Anmeldebescheinigung.


    But I imagine if you're a scammer it's probably not that hard to pick up a sim card secondhand if you're planning to scam people.


  5. Don't want to disbelieve the OP but there is usually no need to phone or whatsapp when you buy on ebay as the info is stored by ebay and revealed when you need it.


    If you go outside of ebay and try to contact the seller and make the transaction yourself, then you break ebay's terms and conditions and you are no longer covered by the paypal protect etc.




  6. What spiderpig and Maxine said.


    But figuring out the machines is not so easy as they are not user friendly and the translations are not good.


    If Deutsche Post put in a few more of the machines, along with a supermarket style weighing scales and maybe the odd chart with postage rates, they could probably fire 100,000 counter staff and save a few million.


  7. COVID 19 is turning out really well for Tesla.


    First of all Elon Musk's billion dollar fraud trial related to Solar City got postponed.


    Now Fremont county has ordered the factory there to basically stop production. Ok, that might seem like a bad thing but if there are fewer Teslas being made that makes them a rarity and therefore should push prices up, right?


    And as they currently lose money on every car they make, if they stop making cars then they must start making money, right?


    And as a 100 billion dollar car company, they must have lots of other factories, right?


  8. 23 hours ago, MikeMelga said:


    Here are some examples:


    On the long run, I think the energy business will be worth more than the car business, especially to industrial customers.

    On the downside, unless they keep a good technological gap, it is easier for competitors to match them than to match the cars.

    On 11/29/2019, 8:50:32, MikeMelga said:



    Some figures at above link for Tesla's revenue by segment.


  9. On 2/29/2020, 9:53:00, BradinBayern said:



    According to insurers in Norway, Teslas are involved in more accidents and cost more to insure.


    Tesla's insurance is only available in California, insurance is regulated at state level apparently so it would take a long time to roll out. Or, like the boring company and solar roof, insurance may turn out to be another of Elon's shower thoughts that should pribably have stayed in the shower.


    This week GM announced a battery breakthrough, announced up to 20 new ev models, a new battery plant and a 2 billion dollar investment, and figures for the first 2 months of the year show Tesla sales are steady in the US but being overtaken in Europe, Japan and China  - yet the stock price still went up $100???!!!



  10. 40 minutes ago, BradinBayern said:


    Half of the Tesla figure is accounted for by a tax change in the Netherlands.


    As mentioned above, sales for this year have fallen off a cliff, but that may be partly explained by the lagging supply as it takes time to ship the cars from America. The first ship with new Teslas of this year has apparently just arrived, so the figures for March will be more indicative


    Edit - figures from Italy for January 2020 as an example



    I think the European market is very different in that many consumers, especially in the larger markets will tend to prefer a brand from their own country if possible so Tesla's initial dominance will wane as domestic automakers expand their offerings.



  11. 3 hours ago, BradinBayern said:

    Telsa Y to ship early


    The Tesla Y is expected to become Tesla's best-seller and will eventually be built in Grünheide. 



    Shipping announced for the day before the Solar City trial is scheduled to start :lol:






    7 hours ago, fraufruit said:


    Wrong again.



    the rest



    After 3 years they had 31 roofs in California, despite receiving almost a billion in bailout funds from New York.





    Tesla does not have roofing installation partners yet, but Musk said he's open to creating a "Tesla-certified installer" program, and enlisting outside roofers to help improve the installation process. That move could get the product to market more rapidly; it eliminates a potential labor bottleneck and leverages the sales capabilities of established companies. According to numbers through April, Tesla had installed just 31 roofs in California, the leading state for residential solar installations. 

    The in-house installers are targeting an entire roof installation in eight hours, which would be seriously speedy.

    When asked when the roof would be available at mass-scale, Musk replied, "That’s now, actually." But then he noted that anyone can place an order now, whereas actual production was still ramping up. He wants to get to 1,000 per week at some point in the near future."


    Wake up and smell the snake oil.


    And, oh yeah, stock down another 10% today.