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  1. E-car tips

    Tesla cars could be completely driverless in 2 years:    
  2. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    There are companies that do that. The school works with the company to select a suitable tour, but the tour company organizes the bus, the ferry, the tickets for shows, guest families for the kids etc.   I doubt if there are kickbacks as such, but the teachers presumably don't have to pay full whack.
  3. E-car tips

    Tesla are not that safe. They do well in crash tests but they have other quality problems that can be dangerous.    
  4. E-car tips

    Tip #1 Don't buy a Tesla.   They're built in California so they never even tested them for rain, never mind snow.
  5. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      The big cities in the former East are probably comparable with western prices but if you look at smaller towns and villages away from the cities there are much lower prices for renting and buying.
  6. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      I'm not sure of your point. Look at a map of afd votes in Germany or tennis courts in Germany. There are differences between east and west.   If there is a map of Plattenbaus in Germany it would presumably have higher density in the east.
  7. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      Disagree. There are cultural differences that may or may not be due to DDR/GDR.   Like the 'Rabenmutter' phenomenon is a western German thing, but it might be due to the different role of women innCatholic as opposed to Protestant states.   If you read James Hawes' "The Shortest History of Germany" he makes a compelling case that Germany east of the Elbe is quite different to west of the Elbe, and has been for hundreds of years.  
  8. Finding an apartment in Leipzig   Here's the article. It seems I was mistaken and there are also Plattenbaus in former West Germany.
  9. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      Plattenbau are basically slabs of cheap looking concrete stacked on top of one another. You'll only find them in the east and ex-eastern Bloc countries. The walls are thin and the ceilings are low.   There's an article on wikipedia about them I'm sure.
  10. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    Wogetra are a housing cooperative, rather than a company. They seem to be some hangover from the DDR. Plattenbaus are mostly the apartment equivalent of a Trabant and a lot of them have been demolished over the past few years as people don't like to live in them. They probably have plenty of vacant apartments.
  11. Car drivers bully bicycles in bike path?

    Btw, I think most drivers don't deliberately drive closer to helmet wearers, I think it's an instinctive reaction to whether a road user looks vulnerable or not.
  12. Car drivers bully bicycles in bike path?   This is a report about the study. It was a sample size of one and the guy cycled around Bath in the UK and found vehicles overtook over three inches closer when he had a helmet.   It tallies with my own experience as a cyclist. I also found that when I cycled with a child seat drivers tended to give me even more leeway.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Why then did she get the postponement? UK would be leaving tomorrow with no deal if not for the postponement?   Mind you, no deal could still happen, but I think it would be more likely due to the shambolic incompetence and indeciveness that has thus far characterised the UK's position, than any sort of geniusly devious perfidity.
  14. Sign fell on my car

    There are some roadworks on the street outside our house. I parked near a barrier and sign. The wind just blew it over onto the car and there's a couple of 2-3 inch scratches on the bonnet.   Can I claim for this from the city?
  15. St. Patrick's Day - where's the best music?

    I was in Berlin for a few days at the start of the year and sampled a few Irish bars. I particularly liked the Celtic Cottage in Steglitz. They'll have live music but I couldn't tell you more than that.