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  1. Recommendations for a 3-6 month stay in Germany

      The last 5-6 winters have been relatively mild but before that there were a few years with lots of snow and some cold snaps when it stayed below 0 for weeks at a time.   According to the stats bureau there are about 700 Yanks and 500 Brits living in Leipzig and there are Irish bars with quiz nights etc.   Property prices  have gone up a lot in the recent past so it might not be as cheap as you expect, though you will certainly find something for 1000 a month.   I don't know of any areas to avoid but there are some grim Plattenbau estates  like Grunau that I wouldn't like to live in.   If you like mountains then you should look further south e.g. Jena, as Leipzig and surroundings are all very flat.
  2. Data protection act and CV

    How does the company you work for not know what you do on a daily basis? And anyway, they don't need to describe every last task, just give a general job description, projects worked on etc  
  3. Data protection act and CV

    Can they not just update with whatever you've been doing at the company for the past few years, and then ask you to approve it's ok?
  4. Streaming Laws in 2019

      See zwiebelfish's answer above. This is the case she was referring to!5405008/?goMobile2=1557792000000     "Das ist laut EuGH beim unerlaubten Streaming geschützter Werke aber gerade nicht der Fall. Auch das Streaming offensichtlich illegaler Angebote gilt also von nun an als rechtswidrig. Das Urteil erfasst nicht nur die Nutzung eines Geräts wie des Filmspelers, sondern auch das Ansehen der Programme via Computer oder Smartphone direkt im Internet."   So its a question of what is "obviously illegal content".   Note I am not a lawyer nor have I wings to fly.
  5. I read on another thread that management in Germany tend to favour locals for promotion, then Germans/Swiss/Austrians from further away, then foreigners. Hopefully that's changing a bit as Germany is trying to absorb more qualified foreigners, but I think there is an element of truth to it.   Generally speaking, it's probably true in most countries, but if you look at say FTSE companies, you'd probably find more non-nationals at board level than at DAX companies.
  6. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    Perhaps the parents have made more effort to keep the story in the news, but the facts of the case make it interesting and terrifying at the same time. I can't think of virtually any other case where a kid went from tucked up in bed to disappearing without a trace.   The case of Inga who disappeared from Stendal 4 years ago hasn't made anything like the same media impact:   There was a 2 year old in Limerick who apparently walked almost a mile from his home in the middle of the night and was returned safely:  
  7.   Realistic: 6 hours, as the craftsman would sit around drinking tea and rolling cigarettes while letting the apprentice do all the work ;-)   Theoretic: in 12 hours (lowest common denominator), they'd do 5 rooms, so 12/5 = 2.4 hours = 144 minutes, as Krieg already said.
  8. E-car tips

      I expect in two years time it will still be another 2 or 3 years away ;-)   Tesla announced results today: 13000 fewer cars delivered than expected; 700m loss, 10 times what was expected; cash burn 10m per day; share price down 5% etc.   But on the upside they have some new type of leafblower with a cable...
  9. E-car tips

    Tesla cars could be completely driverless in 2 years:    
  10. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    There are companies that do that. The school works with the company to select a suitable tour, but the tour company organizes the bus, the ferry, the tickets for shows, guest families for the kids etc.   I doubt if there are kickbacks as such, but the teachers presumably don't have to pay full whack.
  11. E-car tips

    Tesla are not that safe. They do well in crash tests but they have other quality problems that can be dangerous.    
  12. E-car tips

    Tip #1 Don't buy a Tesla.   They're built in California so they never even tested them for rain, never mind snow.
  13. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      The big cities in the former East are probably comparable with western prices but if you look at smaller towns and villages away from the cities there are much lower prices for renting and buying.
  14. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      I'm not sure of your point. Look at a map of afd votes in Germany or tennis courts in Germany. There are differences between east and west.   If there is a map of Plattenbaus in Germany it would presumably have higher density in the east.
  15. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      Disagree. There are cultural differences that may or may not be due to DDR/GDR.   Like the 'Rabenmutter' phenomenon is a western German thing, but it might be due to the different role of women innCatholic as opposed to Protestant states.   If you read James Hawes' "The Shortest History of Germany" he makes a compelling case that Germany east of the Elbe is quite different to west of the Elbe, and has been for hundreds of years.