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  1. Train Fine

    Thanks first to Karin Berger in another thread who suggested switching off javascript. The site is very nearly unusable atm. Anyway, I just wanted to update on this topic in which tldr; I was OP and was issued a fine for not having a train ticket. I followed the advice I was given at the DB info counter and waited for the letter to be sent out. It has now been over a year and I have not received any letter and so I have not paid the fine or for the emergency ticket I was issued. As I understand it, I'm not technically in the clear until another year has passed, but I'm less worried about it now than I was at the time. I uninstalled my DB apps and reinstalled with a different email account and since bought tickets using the app with no difficulties. Nevertheless, I still prefer paper tickets for trains and concerts.
  2. Train Fine

    I was travelling from A via B to C with the train. I had the ticket from A to B and was intending to get a ticket at B to get to C. (I actually wanted to buy the direct ticket to C from A, but A was outside Germany and the machine only allowed as far as B).   The train from A to B was late and the train from B to C was already on the platform. The train was IC (Intercity).   I tried the machines on the platform but they only had local tickets. So I jumped on the train and told the conductor I would buy a ticket on the app.   I tried to log onto the app on two devices with the train wifi but it did not connect so the conductor took my passport and gave me a 'Fahrpreisnacherhebung' with 'Preis Weiterfahrt' ca. 65 euro (this corresponds with the price of a ticket afaik) and 'erhoehter Fahrpreis' 60 euro (which I think is a fine or admin fee). The ticket says DB will write to me.   Now my passport has my name and date of birth but it does not have my address, and so the piece of paper I got from DB on the train says 'ohne feste Wohnsitz'.   So I have a number of questions.   1. If I appeal on the basis that I tried to buy a ticket but had connection problems is there a chance that it could be reduced that I just pay the ticket price? Or is the fine/administration fee (erhoeter Fahrpreis) always due? I checked the appeal process online, and it is necessary to give an address, which brings me to the next question.   2. If I do nothing and they don't find my address, what happens next? I know that this is technically a straftat, so there could be legal consequences. Could they pass my info to the police? Also, is there a time limit after which the straftat expires i.e. statute of limitations? Also, If all they have is my name and date of birth, how can they be sure that they get the right person, and not someone else with the same name and date of birth?   3. If I do nothing and they don't find my address and they pass my info to a debt collection agency, what are the consequences then? Could it end up costing more in that case?   I actually went to the DB Info desk and asked if I could pay there and they said they did not have access to the status and they could not process it, I should wait for the letter. But if I wait for the letter and it does not arrive, what do you think is the most likely outcome?   I don't mind paying the fare on principle, but I feel the fine is somewhat unjust as I made every effort to get a ticket within the few minutes I had. I could just pay the full amount at this link, but I would like to avoid paying more than necessary.