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  1. Converting a driving

    Funny that you mention this, because I was sitting in the car of my friend in Uruguay and he stopped in front of a Tarantula. By far the biggest spider I have ever seen. We were driving in the countryside.
  2. Converting a driving

    Did you tell him that here cars actually stop in front of the red light or zebra crossing 👻? That’s why they need to redo the test.
  3. einburgerung

    @Berlinexpatnine: I passed the C2.2 level, but the expression “sich in die Nesseln setzen” is unknown to me. I’m living 16 years in Germany as well and grew up near the German border, but never heard of it. Tricky is the difference between “maßgeblich” and “maßgebend”.
  4. German Passport - Non EU

    That’s because you can’t compare VHS with e.g. Goethe Institute.
  5. How to date as an almost 40 expat?

    Not if the lady is Russian/Ukrainian 😀.
  6. How to date as an almost 40 expat?

    Does it actually count as a date 👻?
  7. How to date as an almost 40 expat?

    OK, this thread isn’t about tripping or stumbling 👻.   You can meet single ladies at wine tastings if you like wine or visit yoga classes. Book clubs. Just some ideas.
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

    If you use Master Yoda’s grammar rules, they can’t detect any violation, my young Padawan :).   ”Fell foul of their code sending message block me, how the Yoda, were able to?”    
  9. Or the re-inauguration of the Saturday Night Shindig:
  10. Odd news

    Dozens of people stuck on highest pub in Britain for third night:   PS- I guess as long as they don’t run out of beer, people are fine :).
  11. How and when did you learn German?

    Wow, apparently more Dutchies on TT than expected 👻.
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I hear you. Pretty weird. In England you can actually start with 7 players:
  13. How and when did you learn German?

    Ohne Moos nix los. Stolz wie Oskar. Nicht alle Latten am Zaun haben. Pinkepinke. Ein Knöllchen bekommen.   If you know these expressions, you are still on C2 👍.
  14. If they would send me an offer in Berlin, I would write down: not suitable due to lack of decent Weißbier 👻.
  15. Fortunately, I have no experience with the AA, but don’t believe they know the broad IT market. IT people know the market and suitable employers much better.
  16. Be glad you don’t get up early since it was -3% around 09:30 👻.
  17. 3G in Restaurants?

    Psi, Omega? In my next life I want to become a virus: you meet lots of people and you see a lot of the world 👻.
  18. working as an employee and a freelancer at the same time

    OK, when can I start 👻?
  19. What's got you flummoxed today?

    First female Swedish prime minister resigns after a few hours:   Wow. That was short. Who’s next?
  20. 3G in Restaurants?

    FTFY. According to Spahn.
  21. Buying property in Germany - Transferring money from US

    Parents can give €100K as a gift, tax-free, only if it used to buy a house or apartment.    Annually, they can give €6604 per child tax-free. Germany is far more generous. In the Netherlands we also have capital tax.Ouch. 
  22. Buying property in Germany - Transferring money from US

    Don’t move to the Netherlands then: a child can inherit €20K tax-free from the parents only. With €550K you talk roughly about €93K tax. 
  23. Politics Gen XYZ

    Johnson compared himself in that speech to Moses.   Peppa Pig World? Is he serious?
  24. Greek doctors cheat on cheating antivaxxers

    The doctors need to pay off their holiday home in Halkidiki 👻.
  25. What made you smile today?

    Here is some more:   So, now you know what to expect until the score 11,111