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  1. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Perhaps he has a writer block 🤗? Remember that his replies are lengthy and written in an essay-style. Hope to hear from him soon.
  2. What made you laugh today?

    Saufen ist einfach Männersache (Binge drinking is simply a man's business):
  3. What made you smile today?

    A Scottish paratrooper veteran of 97 years old jumped with a Red Devil outside Arnhem to remember operation Market Garden. He landed safe and enjoyed it. He was asked if he would do it again. He replied: "Not tomorrow." 🤗Prince Charles was present as well.
  4. Why are you happy today?

    Today, big commemorations took place in my hometown Arnhem (A Bridge Too Far) to remember operation Market Garden of WW II. 7-8 veterans made it incl. a veteran from Scotland who returned here for the first time after 75 years. He felt very welcome.
  5. A new thread would be filled immediately, e.g. with Prince Harry in his Nazi-costume.
  6. 1BR close to LMU

    IMO, a student should take any reasonable offer and not be too picky on the location. Public transportation gets you almost anywhere within the first 3-4 rings in 30 minutes. I live in Schwanthalerhöhe and work "all the way" in Neuperlach-Süd. Takes me 30 minutes from door to door. Englisher Garten is triple A status.
  7. You have to be German in order to define these rules :). Personally, if I would have an accident walking to the canteen, I would tell the insurance I just finished lunch. 
  8. Help deciphering 1901 German handwriting

    The J in Jenny is written the same way like the J in Julius, so that's enough evidence to me :).
  9. Help deciphering 1901 German handwriting

    Jenny must have been an odd name for the 19th century. It can't be Rentner since there is a clear dot in the word and it's unlikely that a pensioner became a dad in the 19th century :). Rentier is like a Privatier in today's world.
  10. Twat of the day

    Yeah, amazing. You probably meant that your ex-mother-in-law stood in the goal of Malta 👻.   Another fishy match was Dinamo Zagreb against Olympic Lyon: 1-7. It was de last match in the group phase of the Champions League 2011/12 and Lyon needed 5 goals difference to keep Ajax from their back. Ajax was out. 
  11. Twat of the day

    In 1983, Spain needed to win against Malta by 11 goals difference to proceed to the European Championships in 1984. Holland was leading the group. Spain won 12-1 and Holland was out. Very fishy.–1_Malta
  12. What made you smile today?

    I watched the documentary Diego Maradona. Really well done with all ups and downs. In Napels he wanted a Ferrari and house. He got a Fiat and an apartment :).   Strangely enough, they missed the world's most famous warming up:
  13. Hamburg Cruise Days warning

    The Harmony of the Seas uses 250,000 liters of diesel fuel of the most polluting kind!
  14. Planning for retirement

    Go to Portugal more often on holiday, e.g. during October or February: she will turnaround 🤗.